A Certain MoeMoe Railgun S – Ep.14 – (and How I Came to Accept Touma)


Probably – no, easily the most powerful and incredibly made episode in the entirety of Railgun, Railgun S, and I’m willing to bet Index as well. Hell, one of the best episodes I’ve seen of anything in a long time. It’s another episode that was covered before in Index, however it just was not done REMOTELY on the same fucking level as it was here. As much as I hate Index, I’m not saying it for that reason – even huge Index fans are talking about how much better this was done here. It was just so fucking perfectly done. Every single aspect of it was above and beyond even the best other shit in the franchise and some of the best that I can think of in anime in general.

“Masterpiece” doesn’t even begin to describe it. It’s truly one of the very best things I have ever seen in my entire history of watching anime. It’s fucking so amazing I genuinely cannot describe it at all.It’s something you have to experience yourself – and then when you do you’ll be in the same situation I am. I have felt pretty strongly about some stuff in anime before and how amazing it was – but this is the first time I’m seriously just incapable of finding the words.It’s the first time I’ve ever felt this way over anything in any entertainment medium.


One of the most amazing things about this episode though was Rina Satou, Biribiri’s seiyuu. The performance wasn’t only perfectly spot on, but felt so fucking real every step of the way. It was to the point I wouldn’t be surprised if Satou was genuinely feeling exactly what Mikoto was throughout the episode. Afterall it is a character she’s grown to know and love very deeply after working as her for so long, and this was a really both painful and beautiful episode. Her performance was just outstanding though and, without a doubt, her best work ever. Not just as Mikoto, but against all her other roles as well. Hell, it was one of the most well performed scenes I’ve seen in anime period.


This stuff was way too horribly sad and painful to hear from her.

It wasn’t just the intonations, the shaky scared and hurt yet strong as you’d expect from Biribiri way of speaking she had; it was that you could really feel her breaking, you could feel her resolve to do anything yet at the same time her knowledge of being helpless, the desperation, you could feel all of it through her voice so genuinely and sincerely. The writing of the dialogue itself helped a lot too. Just hearing that stuff was so fucking difficult to listen to that I almost couldn’t bare watching – I know I’ve said things like that a lot lately with this show, but this episode had some parts I literally had to pause for a few moments because it really was just so horrible hearing her say these things and sounding so sincere about all of them that I couldn’t take it.

Of course, just seeing her like that alone was also amazingly impactful because they did such a perfect job of it, just look at her – this is something genuinely special and that isn’t done this well almost ever. The level of animation, art quality, cinematography, and directing in this episode is some of the best I’ve ever seen.


It was so fucking powerful and moving throughout the entire latter half of the episode that I can’t even explain it well at all. It’s one of those things that has to speak for itself, and oh it does it ever do that. I’d say the MOST amazing thing about it though is that it did all this on such a high level, yet managed to feel so real and natural. Most stuff like this in anime, no matter how well done, comes off as a little forced or done in a way that makes it feel less than realistic. This though, it felt real. It really did. Nothing about it felt less than natural, which made it so much more powerful as well.

I remember in Chobits when I was a kid and first watched it the dude boning his teacher said something that wasn’t original or anything, but it was the first time I had heard it at that age. He said that a woman is most beautiful when she’s crying – and it’s never been more true than with Biribiri in this episode. She was simultaneously at her most beautiful while also being so painfully heart breaking to look at, especially after everything she was saying.


I did have more I wanted to get into, but I feel like it’s best if I leave the post as it is now. I’ll quickly add though, Touma was great in this episode too – and I really do mean fucking great. It made me like him a lot more and, for just a second, I felt a bit like supporting the two of them as a couple. Yeah, the episode made me like him that much, so much that I’d genuinely be happy with them ending up together at some point waaayyy down the line of the light novels or whatever. It was a beautiful episode and his role in it was a huge reason for that; I still don’t feel that, as the sole main character in Index he’s a good character, but maybe in the light novels and definitely in Railgun he’s a good character and someone who, amazingly enough, I have to say I’m glad exists in the franchise after having watched the past few episodes.


Anyway, I really fucking loved this episode and every single aspect of it. I knew Railgun S was on a different level than a lot but holy shit. I’m going to stop here though because the mood I ended up setting by mistake is something I’d rather not ruin.

I hope you enjoyed this ep as much as I did. See you next week, and remember – be power smart and conserve electricity ~biribiri!

And yeah, I had some tears. Just a little though.

10 responses to “A Certain MoeMoe Railgun S – Ep.14 – (and How I Came to Accept Touma)

  1. And this is my second favourite episode. The reason 11 is my favourite is simply because of how subtle and nice it is. It was a turning point for the story and Mikoto. If the events of Index had shifted and the Tree Diagram hadn’t been destroyed, Mikoto would now be an outlaw and Kuroko would have to take her down. This episode, on the other hand, is so damn emotional and heartwrenching that I can’t say 11 is actually better, just that I like it more.

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if Satou was genuinely feeling exactly what Mikoto was throughout the episode” Reminds me of how the Seiyuu in Madoka Magica were not told what was going to happen, so every strained and sad line you heard was them legitimately feeling bad and worried about what was happening with the characters. I feel like Satou probably wasn’t told before hand as well.

    And yeah, it’s times like this when Touma feels less “generic shounen hero” and more “character who won’t let shit like this go down on his watch”. You’re right, while I still wish MikoKuro would happen(Kamachi two words: Alternate Universe. Have Railgun diverge, have them get together!), I can’t really be upset if TouMiko happens.


    • Well, with Rina Satou in this case she had to know simply due to working on Index – and that covering this already. She wouldn’t know the details or changes for Railgun S’s version of the scenes, but she knew the main aspects already. I still feel the emotions were completely genuine though, possibly even BECAUSE she’s already had to see Biribiri go through this before and now had to go through it way worse than last time all over again.


      • Yeah, that’s probably it. I was just saying that it reminds of that.

        She did do a really good job, all the seiyuu did. I find it odd she’s able to do Mikoto so well, btw, since I’m pretty sure this is the only character like her she’s played. She usually plays mature ladies, seeing as she’s an older woman herself. It’s kinda like how Saber’s voice usually plays “token sexy girl” characters rather than… well noble knights.


  2. Wow, I was really looking forward to this scene after reading the manga, and I have to agree, they absolutely nailed it. With this part in Index (the anime), it seemed sort of random because the Sisters/Accelerator had only been recently introduced and ultimately didn’t seem very important, but the entire buildup this season in combination with the execution of this episode made this absolutely phenomenal, both with the vastly improved visuals and outstanding acting. Once again, Touma is definitely a better character in the Railgun anime, and this episode certainly proves it. This is closer to how he seemed in the manga than the Index anime, so I can definitely believe that he is a much better character in the light novels as well. Definitely looking forward to Accelerator being punched in the face this week (because that’s how Touma solves problems).


    • I’m more looking forward to see how Biribiri helps in the fight against Accel, him inevitably getting punched will be nice too – but I’m more excited to see what she’ll do.


  3. I just gotta say, Nagai has officially become my new favorite director after seeing how this episode was pulled off. It was every bit as great as I’d ever want it to be. Without a doubt, one of my favorite moments in anime. The handling was essentially flawless, and one would be hard pressed to find a way to improve it any further. Infinitely better than how the Index anime handled it for sure, and the soundtrack, voice acting, and the overall animation quality even made it more enjoyable than it could ever be in a light novel. Putting so much effort into this scene was definitely an excellent call too, it is still my favorite moment in the LN.

    Once you start to appreciate the Touma x Misaka pairing more, they’re interactions afterwards are so incredibly fulfilling. I really hope that Railgun continues to build on to that pairing development as they do in Index. Seeing how this arc was included in this series, I wouldn’t be surprised if it decided to head towards this direction. Maybe I’m hoping for too much, but it’d be great if they included some of that in the upcoming fillers.

    Can’t say this enough (I feel as much a need to emphasize this as you do), I greatly appreciate what the production staff have done for this scene. Highlights like these are what I live for when watching anime. This is something I’d consider a gem amongst gems, and I count myself extremely fortunate for having followed an anime that has reached such magnificent heights.


    • I don’t have anything to really add aside stuff I already said in the post. But yeah, it’s definitely something I’d say – in anime overall – is one of the most well done episodes or scenes in a show ever. I don’t usually follow the deeper staff like directors, producers, etc – but I think I’ll keep an eye on this guy from now on. This entire season of Railgun has been fucking INCREDIBLE in terms of directing, and this episode, again, I don’t have the words for – it was beyond what I’d call a masterpiece – so I’ll hope he can take this skill into further seasons of Railgun but also into other shows.

      JC Staff has long been my favorite studio and I’m glad they have such a high profile example now of why.

      They do things nobody else can – and this just proved it again. JC Staff created an episode so fucking good that, if you ask me, it’s already an important piece of anime history. Stuff of this caliber only comes around in the medium VERY rarely – at this point there’s probably 10 or so total including this episode, and at least half of the others were also in JC Staff shows.

      I’m still just so fucking blown away by this episode, like I just can’t shake it at all (in a good way). I feel like I NEED to talk about it and really get out how fucking incredible it was – but I feel like there’s no way for me to communicate it properly. It’s almost frustrating but for all the RIGHT reasons, feeling bothered that I can’t explain how goddamn amazing something is is totally a good thing, and a very very very rare thing.

      I’ve never really felt much on a deep level from any sort of entertainment – but this was a situation where I genuinely did and I’m not going to forget that.


  4. love this epd as well. agree with the build up.. I’m actually surprise(to a certain degree) Railgun S is having such a good story. Glad i’m watching it!


      • XD ya man.. now if only the other index series were this good.. I cannot watch any other index series besides Railgun.. Says a lot about that franchise , or at least their targeted crowd.


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