About 24FPS and Tallon

Sometimes you won’t see a new post for awhile on 24FPS – but this is very much a still active blog that hasn’t been abandoned. I just don’t like forcing out posts just to say I made one. So please follow if you like my stuff – there will always be something new at some point.

The Blog

2DComplex.com has been around for a long time now, mostly a shitty forum that was used for a short time and on the side of that my blog – 24FramesPerSecond (used to just be the 2DComplex Anime Blog some years ago) run entirely by me.

Sadly, I lost about 3 years worth of posts awhile back, and then again years after that, lost all those years again, and then again I lost the ENTIRETY of the past posts due to a shitty hosting site just deleting it all. So that’s like 8 years of shit down the drain! It sucks, but oh well.

Anyway, as for this blog, it’s kind of self explanatory; I like anime, a lot, and I like games almost as much and more recently I’ve come to love VRChat. I like to write about these things.

I use a lot of profanity because crude language is simple and direct language – the whole point of saying something is to get across information clearly – not to try appearing intelligent by making what you’re saying indecipherable – and there’s nothing that gets across emotion along with that information like vulgarity. I also use a lot of CAPS – this isn’t intended as “yelling”, I just hate italicizing or bolding things because it looks stupid and is annoying to do. I also am aware I overuse dashes – I don’t care.

If you’d like to contact me, just do it in the comments.


I’ve been into anime since I was eleven or so, although I never really got into things like DBZ – I was more of a fan of Sailor Moon, CCS, YuYu Hakusho, Slayers, a load of stuff that the video store slowly started getting (on VHS!) like Bubblegum Crisis and whatever else aired on TV like the movies on sci-fi every weekend. I never became one of those types who thinks it matters or that any years of anime are better than another or that seeing more makes you a ‘superior’ fan- instead, being into anime so long has made my tastes really varied and open to anything and anybody. What I like or dislike anime-wise is entirely a show-to-show type of situation rather than based on random variables like if it has ‘enough moe’ or ‘enough blood and tits’ or any other dumb shit. Though I do have a big problem with people who follow the idea that they actively refuse to try shows out of their ‘comfort zone’ or who only watch old or “manly” anime. It’s all just pure ignorance and only serves to hinder the potential of the medium for them.

My favorite studio is JC Staff, which I am a massive fanboy of mostly because I happen to come off as one when simply defending it for it’s factual historical impact on the industry and it being a powerhouse of masterpieces. Luckily it’s died down drastically recently, but all the same here’s a list to back up the fact they are the best thing to ever happen to the industry: http://pastebin.com/nHDs03yy

I’m also a pretty big collector, not just figures and other merch, but I own a lot of DVDs, BDs, manga, doujin (all clean! I’m 2pure), and even visual novels. Actually, I’m pretty pointlessly proud of my VN collection because a lot of them are rather rare or even just impossible to find ones (even in Japan), and almost all first limited edition presses

My favorite game of all time is Star Ocean 2 (albeit I hate every game that came after it and what they did to the overall canon) followed directly by the Xenosaga trilogy (2 might be terrible, but it’s necessary), third favorite would be Trails in the Sky – and some other extremely close favorites would include the likes of the Atelier and Tales franchises. I’m also very fond of the Yakuza series. I play western games as well, they just aren’t something I love nearly as much.

On a more personal level, I suffer from agoraphobia, autism, panic disorder, and social anxiety, so that might give some insight to why I come off the way I do.

If you’re interested, here is my MAL profile: http://myanimelist.net/profile/TallonKarrde23

My Youtube


8 responses to “About 24FPS and Tallon

  1. “It’s not wrong to sexualize any gender ever. Women are objects as much as men are and vice versa, neither group has the right to complain and feminists shouldn’t exist – especially when we’re talking about cartoon/anime and video game characters.

    So I’d say if you think it’s wrong to sexualize women then you should believe this show is also bad for sexualizing males – but if you don’t care with women then you shouldn’t care here. Basically be consistent, and oddly most people aren’t on this topic.”

    It took me a few clicks to get here but I did-
    THAT is a post you made on some forum in my Anime List, that I completely disagree with and find extremely insulting. People are not objects, they are people. Women are hugely sexualized in media (including anime), and it causes people to lose of sense of what is real and women in term become “objectified.” By that I mean become things, disposable, dehumanized things..That can be treated as such. Oh and I’m sorry “feminists shouldn’t exist” is just pushing misogyny. People who believe in the equal rights for women should not exist? what?? My belief is that neither should be sexualized, because that is degrading and disgusting. Although these characters..they’re not actually real..ya I know, but pop culture is called that for a reason. It plays a huge role in setting standards of beauty and encouraging certain bodily disciplinary practices. We identify within it, so how could you say both women and men deserve such a thing?? I find your comment along with many others wrong and simply disappointing.


      • Gonna have to agree with him on this mostly.

        I do think feminists shouldn’t exist, or at least that they shouldn’t have to. We should live in a world where dipshits only think of women as inferior beings, and we also shouldn’t live in one where those same dipshits are in charge. You’re thinking all feminists are all “What? You found a woman sexually attractive? MISOGYNIST!”, I can tell just from the fact you made a statement like that. Really, what feminism is(supposed) to be is standing up for women’s rights and to tell of those dipshits I mentioned. The thing is, the world is a piece of shit when you get right down to it and these things unfortunately need to exist. That said, I also think fanservice centric shows(to a certain degree) and sexualizing fictional characters is okay and I think some people need to get off their high horses.


  2. Hi! I’ve added you to my blogroll with a banner and since I can’t find any fitting banner to use on your site, I’ve customized one myself for you using your header. I hope you don’t mind me doing so, or otherwise, you can always send me the banner you want me to use in the dimension of 174 x 60. I look forward to more updates from your blog!


    • Thanks for going through the trouble of making one for me, I used to have some but they are out of date since I started the new blog. That looks good though! That reminds me, I need to actually get around to setting up my blogroll too, I’ll make sure to throw you on there too.


      • I see, it’s no problem. If you happened to have some new ones made next time for your current blog that you would like me to use, you can always send them to me, but for now, I’m glad that you’re fine with the one I’ve made! And thank you, I’m delighted!


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