Chuunibyou Quick Look – KyoAni Does “It” Again

What is “it”, exactly? A flop. This might sell, I don’t know, probably for the cute girls it’ll do just fine. But as a show, this is a massive disappointment.

Chuunibyou feels very uninspired and I don’t really feel anything watching it, as if it was just made to be made rather than made with any care put into it. The jokes were just kind of there, the cast felt like hollow shells just playing their parts, and the city and school didn’t feel alive at all even with all the people around. There’s some cute girls but sadly KyoAni recycling the exact same character designs and art style they’ve used in the past like 5 shows they’ve made really makes them not all that appealing and also helps add to that lacking feeling. It’s almost as if KyoAni is suffering from 8th Grade Syndrome and trying to make this series be something it entirely isn’t, while continually yelling that it is in hopes someone will believe them or that it’ll make the show any less of an empty shell made by people who, seemingly, don’t want to work on it.

It’s okay, but it just feels even more generic and empty than it’s cast, which is pretty sad. It just feels like they wanted to make something to try and play it safe while possibly making up for their last shows that had terrible sales numbers, and ended up with something entirely devoid of character, personality, or charm. It feels like the crew saw it as a chore to make, rather than a labor of love.

K-ON has a lot of personality and every cast member felt alive…this show is the exact opposite.

Also, really didn’t care for the opening one bit. Mediocre song and really terrible video with a few cute scenes in it being the only saving grace.

And I have to say, that girl with the hairclip just hanging randomly on her hair really legitimately makes me angry. The clip does nothing there, at all, it’s just fucking stupid and makes no sense, looks ugly, and seriously it’s just fucking stupid and extremely lazy character design.
I feel like I’m watching a placeholder rather than an actual show, and that’s far from a good thing. Sorry KyoAni, I don’t know what happened to you, but the past few shows you’ve made have been complete and utter shit, and this looks like it may very well end up the same way.

Felt like it took an hour to get through the first episode too, so instead of ending up hating this entirely…I’m gonna give it a chance and backlog it now and come back to it later when I might be able to think of it better for some reason. Cute character designs don’t make up for terribly hollow personalities, overly done generic comedy routines with no effort put into them, and a world that feels more dead than some of the areas in STALKER.

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