Winter 2015 Anime Picks

I’ll be honest, there’s almost jack shit this season that’s even worth remotely touching. I hope you like red. This does NOT include shows already airing that will continue, just newly beginning ones. Also, I usually would comment on everything, but I just commented on those I’m interested in this time (with one exception), though from that it loses the fun of shitting on shitty shows, but sometimes this is how it is. It’s just that the majority of these are just a situation where it’s shit and there’s not much else to say, and a few make me genuinely angry or annoyed that they exist, so I didn’t think it was worthwhile going through every show separately this time. So this’ll be short and quick.

Click the images to see them in a readable size if necessary.

winter1Yeah. By the way both the Inaho and the already-confirmed-fine Princess have now BOTH been confirmed somehow surviving being SHOT IN THE FUCKING FACE. One uses a wheelchair to heal this wound because that’s what wheelchairs do, and the other just deals with it apparently. Bravo Aldnoah. You sucked so much ass and ruined all your potential very early on, then killed off the only thing that could have saved the show (muh cruhteo), and then did something to make it seem like there was some potential again at least for a unique experience in that the LEAD character was killed halfway through the show along with the lead heroine. Instead it’s all retconned and not even presented in a ‘twist’ fashion because they’ve just told everyone “lol they didn’t die” by billboard ads. It’d still be lame as shit and equally retarded – but they could have at least done this as a surprise in the new episodes rather than saying “heres some huge spoilers posted around Japan on giant billboards.

winter2Durarara was a good show – I wouldn’t say it was amazing or anything but I did enjoy it quite a lot, so I’m definitely on board for more.

Junketsu no Maria seems like it could be fun plus she’s hot. This is almost exactly what I said about Cross Ange which I ended up dropping immediately upon realizing how it was so bad it wasn’t even worth laughing at. Hopefully that’s not the case here.

Kamisama Hajimemashita is a season 2 of a series of the same name. I am very interested in watching it and the original season, but due to not having done it yet this isn’t something I’m able to watch yet – but very likely will. I can’t imagine I won’t like this show, but I gotta get around to season 1 first.






Sengoku Musou is an anime adaptation of Samurai Warriors (the Japan themed Dynasty Warrior games). I like the games, the show might end up shit though but whatever.


Rolling Girls I was extremely interested in for awhile. I figured it would be something along the lines of a slice of life upbeat fun version of Kino’s Journey essentially. So nothing like Kino’s Journey! But I thought it’d be about a group of biker girls going around the new ‘countries’ in Japan after this fictional civil war that broke them apart and experiencing the culture and society of each. I saw the newest PV recently though and it’s nothing but shit with overly exaggerated vibrancy and way too many and bright colors for no reason, along with a poor decision of trying to copy Trigger in every single way imaginable almost 1:1 copying their scenes, animation style, and effects – mostly from Killing le Krillin and Little Bitch Academy. On top of that the character art and animation looks extremely low budget, showcasing that they indeed spent all their budget on the retarded trigger-chasing. This looks like trash, but I’ll give it one episode – I will be extremely harsh on it though and if it’s not incredible in one episode I’m not fucking bothering.



Along with those, movie and OAV/special wise that I’m interested in:

Falcom Gakuen SC. I’m PTWing this for after seeing the first season.

Hana to Alice. This is a ‘maybe’ that’s very close to ‘nope’ based on the cover image looking to be awful rotoscoping. If that’s the case I’m not touching it. I’m only somewhat interested because this is a prequel to a live action film that I’m interested in watching.

Psycho Pass Movie. Based on the trailer and on how fucking awful season 2 ended up being, I have a feeling this will follow suit in shittiness. However, it’s just probably around 90 minutes and a “one and done” type of deal, so it’ll be something I can deal with sitting through unless it’s incredibly bad. I’m mostly interested in seeing Akane in the outfit on all the promo art, she’s extremely cute in it compared to her normal clothes. Too bad her personality is shitty season 2 Akane.

Santa Company. This might come out before the Winter anime season technically starts, I dunno, I just remembered it exists and isn’t out yet. I have a feeling it’ll suck ass but the art and character design are by the artist who did all that for the Dusk trilogy of the Atelier games, so that has me a little interested.

Kawai Complex Special. More hanakana readin books.

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun. I dunno, seems cute but I’ve never heard of it and know nothing. Sounds like something that should have a series but it’s just an OVA.

Sakura Capsule. This is about some moes who put a time capsule at a park then I guess come back some years later and dig it up? I dunno, looked like it could be cute and maybe touching.

– These are technically airing in the Fall season, but also in the coming weeks I’ll be watching the Attack on Titan OVA about Levi and the “episode 13” of ao haru ride.

I think that’s everything, which would be kind of depressing but Winter is pretty regularly a more empty ‘heres a bunch of leftovers we didn’t bother airing yet’ type of deal. Not to say there aren’t plenty of awesome shows that aired in winter, it’s just often a slower more empty season. Though this does feel a bit more lacking than usual.

I’ll be doing a lot of catching up on completed shows and probably some Japanese live action stuff – watching The Hero Yoshihiko has put me in the mood for more, and I do enjoy them I just don’t get around to them often. Speaking of which, I might throw together a review of seasons 1 and 2 in the future of Yoshihiko. Definitely something everyone should see.

3 responses to “Winter 2015 Anime Picks

  1. This season is dissapointing in exceptions of 3.Durarara 2.Kuroko No Basket and 1. Ansatsu Kyoushitsui

    Spring 2015 unlike this season seem very promising


  2. Uh, you should have put 3 check marks for Kurobas 3 instead?

    Also wow I didn’t know there was a Samurai Warriors anime gonna air. I’ll totally give that a shot. It’ll probably end up like the BlazBlue anime which I felt was not very good even considering I’d never played the games and didn’t know what the FUCK was going on, but I mean whatever why not?


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