Winter 2022 Anime Picks & Early Thoughts

Last year I had a lot going on that kept me from anime, games, and this blog. Aside the fact most anime and games have been extremely lackluster lately there were some other issues related to my life more personally. Most notably moving across the entire country as well as dealing with actual seasons – well no, but learning unlike everywhere else I’ve lived there are two seasons in this world; snow and hot rather than just the hot. I was lied to about 4 seasons, but it’s still one extra that I was not prepared for whatsoever. Also a lot of time spent on FFXIV as it’s one of my favorite games of all time at this point and even starting a new character and going through the entire game again (and Endwalker for the first time) with someone. There were also some more relationship and friendship issues as always, and also a lot of visits to the hospital – for real things, not for a supposed virus nobody has proved exists or to get mRNA gene therapy that has never been tested without horrible results labelled as a ‘vaccine’ that doesn’t actually inoculate you.

And while it doesn’t take away from my time writing my blog, watching anime or movies, or playing games (maybe helps with that, though I’m mostly replaying) I also have been working on my juggalo vtuber stuff which has proven to be a fun hobby so I’ll be continuing to do it as it’s been enjoyable. I’ve played through several games now, reviewed a few things including the live action Bebop like I did on here and even a Taco Bell item, and am now playing through Blue Reflection again for the first time since it originally released. I do plan to make anime reviews and such on there too at some point, I think it’ll be fun.

I want to get back into anime though and so I decided to try again this season and start the new year right in regards to that stuff. I tried just under 10 shows and kept about 6, probably will fall behind on one or two like usual, but still that’s more than the LITERAL ZERO I’ve been doing for the last year outside of re-watching a couple things with people who hadn’t seen them before. I’ve also neglected this blog for all these same reasons and so I figured I should make a picks/thoughts post for winter.

Oh, and of course there is Jojo 6 but due to Netflix fucking up it’s release (not to mention the script for the subs is probably woke trash instead of accurate at all) I haven’t bothered. This is the last part of Jojo that’s actually tolerable too, so it kind of sucks to miss out on it, but oh well.

Akebi-chan no Sailor Fuku

I tried to watch this one because it seemed like a cute little SoL and I haven’t bothered with one in awhile, but the art is just intolerable. Really, it looks nice and then everyone’s faces are super long (including in a forward way – making them look like furries or something) and eyes and features are all droopy and shit. It sounds like a minor issue but when you’re actually watching it, it’s really uncomfortable and gross looking.

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Sakyou 2nd Season

Second season of something that sounds and looks fucking stupid. Isekai shit.

Baraou no Souretsu

Sounds fucking stupid. I hate Shakespeare outside of the always hilarious Romeo + Juliet with Dicaprio anyway.


Idolshit. Worse. Idolshit AND mobile game shit.

Delicious Party Precure

I have no issues with precure, but I rarely ever watch it and only have with finished seasons. I think I’ve only seen the original first precure and Heartcatch – both which were pretty great but not something I’d want to really sit through an episode a week of.

Dolls’ Frontline

I actually liked playing Girl’s Frontline for like two weeks when it came out, but I don’t care to watch it or play it or anything it again. It’s just another generic mobile game with cute girls and making an anime out of that is pointless and will not result in anything good and never has.

Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to

Isekai shit.

Futsal Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (why so many !)


Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha Part 2

Isekai shit.

Gensou Sangokushi

Sounds fucking lame.

Hakozume: Kouban Joshi no Gyakushuu

I really like this one! It’s no “You’re Under Arrest”, which is still a classic, but it IS one of the only other slice of life shows focused on two police officers. This is fun while also remembering it IS about police so they do have to deal with some serious and possibly for some even upsetting crimes at times, but it doesn’t let things sit too long on negativity. The two lead girls are really fun and have great entertaining personalities and there is even a supporting cast member voiced by hanakana! We need more positivity towards the police these days too, so the timing couldn’t be better – contrary to the retards whining about a police anime because some dumb black fuck drug addict blew his heart out overdosing on fentanyl while he was being arrested and this somehow proves police are abusive and hate black people. And yes, those people exist, I only knew this anime existed from seeing articles bitching about it existing because muh joy floy.

Kaijin Kaihatsubu no Kuroitsu-san

This one is alright, but not something I can really deal with sitting through 24 minutes a week of. It’s funny and basically is about the people behind the bad guys in Sentai shows/movies and even has some fun parody stuff in it. But the joke kind of gets old within 8 minutes of the first episode. I think this would do really well and be something I’d have watched if it was half-length or shorter episodes. If you’re into sentai stuff it might be worth checking out.

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 3

This show was never more than fine, and now at three seasons I don’t know how anyone can still watch it. The whole ‘teasing’ shit was old from the day it started and Takagi-san was late to the party to begin with and now it’s still late to noticing nobody cares anymore.

Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja

This one might be okay, but I didn’t try it and had thought it and Leadale were the same show until just now by mistake. So…who knows? Could be a fun thing for a non-serious isekai but probably is shit.

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen

I’m sorry, but Demon Slayer just completely lost me thanks to two things; that movie which was required viewing and how long it took to even come out, and then the fact season 2 when it finally did start was nothing but recap of the movie for like 8 episodes. I do not care enough to deal with that. It is NOT that good of a show especially after the part that ruined season 1 – plus I see they like found an excuse to give Nezuko massive tits and I don’t approve whether it’s forever or just for a one-off scene. Oh right, all the shit near the end too was just really lame in season 1 with the whole crew of generic shounen archetypes at the base being introduced and stuff, made me lose interest and then the length between it and now just nah. Maybe someday, but I doubt it, I’d sooner rather go back to MHA which I also have basically dropped.

Koroshi Ai


Leadale no Daichi nite

I’m actually really liking this one so far. While it is an isekai, it’s a completey lighthearted fun slice of life about a girl who was hospitalized for some serious issue (basically in a medicated coma it seems like?) when the power went out and killed her fully I suppose (what about the backup generator?) and is now her actual character in the VR MMO she was able to play. But now the whole VR game world is 200 years in the future from when it took place and she is insanely overpowered from being level 1100 and notorious for her strength. It’s kind of like if Bofuri had Maple get stuck in the game and she just lived her fun little life as a god among peasants and making friends with NPCs. I really hope this does not change into having some legitimate ‘story’ and becomes another typical isekai.




Lame shit for kiddos.

Princess Connect! 2

Shitson 2 of shit.

Ryman’s Club

More like HYMAN club cuz NOBODY would fuck a badminton player so it’s still intact ;)

Sabiiro no Armor


Sabikui Bisco

Sounds unbelievably stupid.

Saiyuuki Reload: ZEROIN

I enjoyed the first season of this waaaaaaaaaaaaay back so why not? I remember NOTHING except for the fact I liked it but hopefully that’s all I need to know.

Sasaki to Miyano

I’m fine with gay shit for fujoshi especially these days when vrchat has taken its toll on me over the years, but I’m just not interested. Most yaoi and yuri shows are always really awkwardly rapey and unenjoyable for it.

Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja

Sounds like typical modern JC Staff shit in the bad way.

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2

I mean it’s the final season (final FINAL season! It’s for real this time! Trust us! Maybe!) so why wouldn’t I? AoT is amazing and I love it and so I am excited to see where the finale takes us…though I have to say spending nearly 7 minutes on fucking recap in EPISODE 2 recapping EPISODE 1 FROM THE PRIOR WEEK is kind of fucking retarded and made me too upset to enjoy the second episode as much as I would have otherwise. I will say the new OP is fucking terrible, but the new ED is really great. I hope they change the OP at some point.

Shuumatsu no Harem

I had actually read some of this to jerk off to before and it wasn’t very good material, I figured the show might be better and it wasn’t especially because it’s censored to hell. If you want to masturbate just watch hentai – the art in this doesn’t even live up to most of that stuff anyway which usually is the appeal of ecchi shows as they have typically higher budget.

Slow Loop

Slice of Life with no point to it at all has been a little harder for me to deal with lately; stress means I need things happening or at least a point to the nothingness or some sort of interesting thing about it. This is me, like the one way at the top, trying another SoL since it’s been awhile. This one reminds me a bit of one of my favorite outdoorsy SoL, Encouragement of Climb, though not quite as good but with a similar feeling of a learned character helping new people get interested in a hobby (one that I grew up around this time!). Not only that, but we get little bits of cooking as well through the other main character! There’s also a side twist to it of the main two characters having just moved in together because their parents just got married and the most main girl trying to get used to it while being socially anxious. I like it, it’s got what I would want from a nothing-style SoL right now with just enough to pay attention to while still being laid back. This should be green but I took the picture just before watching the episode.

Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru

Every single girl in this show – main, supporting, background – is the cutest/hottest possible. Most are also modern gal types too. This is the most important thing so I wanted to put it at the forefront when talking about it. Beyond that, I like the main girl and the main boy is okay too, but really I guess my main draw is the girl. She’s fantastic to look at and is also a fun secret otaku. Is this going to devolve into some ecchi show? Probably, but in this case I guess I’d be okay with that as long as it stays fun and doesn’t go overboard with filling the show with nothing but fanservice given I do really find the lead girl appealing and don’t want her to devolve into nothing but a whore.

Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu

Just not interested in it. Unless it turns out as fun as something like Konosuba I don’t think it’s worth the time right now.

Tokyo 24-ku

These character designs look abysmal in the poster image and the story sounds fucking stupid.

Tribe Nine

NEO TOKYO EXTREME BASEBALL LEAGUE. No thanks. By the way the American Football League is starting again which is NFL without all the gay shit and black bullshit and shit rules, so maybe I can finally watch real sports until it inevitably ends up with the same shit anyway.

Vanitas no Carte Part 2


And that’s the season and my picks and some of my thoughts. Basically I’m watching 6 shows – so not that bad, actually, especially as a ‘light’ season to get into anime again after what was a year of 0 and a year prior to that nearly being 0 as well. I hope what I have liked so far stays good, but we’ll see.

7 responses to “Winter 2022 Anime Picks & Early Thoughts

  1. I saw you’ve abandoned MAL, I’ll not follow to the holy land of SPA websites for now.

    Just leaving some random thoughts here, in case you wanted to here them ;)
    I’m personally on an isekai run after moshoku tensei turned out to be really good and slime isekai did so much stuff right that bored me to death in other animes, especially shounen which dragged things on for far too long.
    After that I wanted more of the good stuff and finished shield hero and, uh, yeah the ending was rushed AF, also they could have put that in a second season and removed the last 2 EPs without any loss.
    I watched mugen train arc and the movie. And I just despise the CGI in it. The mugen train arc itself was actually able to drag a fight on for far too long. I did write some stuff about that on the MAL forums titled ” Was this as disappointing for you ?”, apparently the manga is just weak for that arc and should get better afterwards. But ultimately I can’t understand the hype completely, some stuff is just so slow or bad.


    • I have no idea what an SPA website is, but yeah I left MAL years ago (for the final time) once the moderation was – yet again – abusing their position to harass me openly and getting nothing done to them for it along with members of the community doing the same (and having the same immunity to rules as their moderator harasser friends) and I got tired of putting up with it. The place is a cesspool of fags and ignorant NPC progressives anyway, so even trying to talk about anime devolves into whining about racism and trannies and the other threads are nothing but tryhard failed “trolls” who don’t actually know how to troll and are just obnoxious and also immune to rules for some reason. It didn’t help that they continue to put known rule-breaking users into moderator positions due to friendships.

      I really felt like slime stopped being tolerable after the first like 12 episodes, I really disagree that it did anything different with the things that usually are boring – in fact it felt more boring than most for me. Those first 12 though yeah, it felt different and I really enjoyed it. Maybe not 12 specifically but 12-ish, but at some point it just became “another isekai” where it was hyper action focused and had some lame story.

      I never had any interest in Shield Hero at all so I can’t say anything about it really. I still haven’t gotten around (don’t know if I ever will) to season 2 (or the movie) for demon slayer, that episode of season 1 near the end where they kill the bad guy in a huge dramatic way then he’s fine the next episode really ruined my interest and it got edgy and shit too. I do think eventually I might keep watching but meh. As with all shounen stuff it ended up disappointing and boring for me.


      • Sad to hear that.. I mostly use MAL for tracking shows, as I lose track of what I did actually watch. And I like MAL for having ~0 dynamically loading, CPU intense shit when it’s ultimately a static website of text and images.

        Slime had some bad moments in the second half, but overall I just liked how fast it progressed, self aware it was and how they never did the “screaming really long to finally win”. I definitely got bored by the episodes where the MC was a teacher. And although I can see where it could derail into a senseless isekai, and I’d rather have no sequel than a bad one, I could still imagine that there is some story left to tell about their fight against the holy church. Shion did annoy though to no end, especially with the fanservice and her personality.. (Also let’s not talk about that dumb scene where the MC moves into the bar run by elves and later has to apologise to the girls. Like, he’s not fucking married to any of them. Felt like they had to do that to remain family friendly.)

        Slime feels kind of like one punch man, it’s on point (at least the first half), it gets shit done so you don’t scream at your screen why they’re so dumb. And its comfort food.

        Sadly after slime and moshoku there isn’t much that could be labelled on-par and a ton of isekai shit. I’m right now watching BOFURI and it is actually a funny and wholesome show. Shieldhero without pain but cute girls MC ? I didn’t like the start, but it turned out good. As for the isekais: From what I’ve heard only mushoku has an actually finished origin story, so it may be the only one that (hopefully) finishes it story.


        • I usually completely avoid communities that like things I do, be it anime, games, or anything else, but with MAL I always end up posting on the forums and having to deal with bullshit. Anilist’s site is overly flashy but at least their forum design is so abhorrent I’ve never even figured out how to use it and looked at it like one single time. MAL was always meant to just be anime tracking for me too especially with how much I’ve seen, but it just never worked out cuz of that.

          Even when I would stop using the forums there, just knowing I’m supporting a site run by the people it’s run by gave me a bad taste in my mouth, so I finally just left.

          Bofuri is one of my favorites, I would have recommended it if you hadn’t mentioned already watching it. There wasn’t a moment with it I didn’t love so even if the start was weak for you it’s good it turned out to be enjoyable later. Having VR myself it was really fun watching her get used to how it works and having some of the same retard-moments that all VR users have early on in using it – I forget the specific thing but one of my favorite moments is I think she tries to use her menu in real life while at school and this kind of thing is pretty accurate to how it is if you use VR a bunch for the first time. That made me really appreciate it and have fun watching her especially when no other VR anime has ever gotten any of it remotely realistic in a time period when we now have mass affordable consumer virtual reality so it needs SOME level of accuracy even if most things are anime’d up.

          I think isekai wise the only ones I actually like off the top of my head are bofuri, konosuba (I always forget it even is one), devil is a part timer, and tanya – I liked grimgar a bit but it wasn’t amazing. I’m sure there are a few I’m forgetting but overall isekai is trash, always has been, and needs to go away but probably never will, just like how idolshit has STILL not gone away. Isekai is one “anime” genre America has always done better; probably because we invented it way back with things like that film in the 80s about the aircraft carrier getting thrown into pre-war Japan and then stuff like Quantum Leap in the 90s.


  2. I did not LIE to you about the 4 seasons! You were here for spring and fall! You saw the leaves! You experienced the not-as-hot-as-summer! C’mooooon!

    Oh and that one with the gals I warn you, oculin says he’s been reading the manga and it apparently DOES devolve into a lot of fanservice.


    • I remember some shows that were full of fanservice that I still enjoyed and dealt with cuz they had more to them than the fanservice they’re just rare like that magical brigade one I forget the name. The one with the guns and magic and the scientist lady who just said “Sex.” and tried to fuck the mc. That was still a real fun show, I’ll at least try and see if it’s horny but also enjoyable BEYOND just horny cuz I don’t want to waste time with pseudo-porn that has fuck-all else to it.

      Chances just from the OP alone were leaning towards dropping it down the line cuz of it anyway, as it does seem very fanservicey in the opening and knowing the manga gets that way too makes me more yellow feeling about it but I was hoping to be wrong so I went with green. I don’t mind titties especially of girls this well designed and nice to look at, but I need more than that to spend 24 minutes a week with it.


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