The Game Awards 2021 And The Death Of An Industry

Not my own this time, given I have only played 2 games that came out this year (and maybe if the queue ever stops 2002’ing then Endwalker too, if that counts) – but we’re here to talk about Geoff Keighley’s TGAs! Every year this show is really bad with clear shilling and a thinly veiled money-wins-you-awards mentality but is usually so trash that it still is enjoyable. It’s like E3-lite, it’ll never live up to the potential of how hilarious and fun E3 could be (Konami 2010, for the obvious and best example) but it’s the next best thing and kind of the ONLY thing we have now for that sort of stuff.

This years game awards began with a like full minute warning from Geoff about “online harassment” and a fucking hotline about it, essentially telling you that anything remotely negative is racism or some shit and that you are evil if you were born lighter than midnight or have a penis and admit it. The first thing you see after that is Sting, you know, the guy few people under 30 are going to even know, singing some song from some netflix thing and then within 10 minutes a video about drag queen twitch streamers. I am completely serious.

In fact, this drag shit set the tone for the night. As with everything in the world now the TGAs just served as more proof the census is propaganda. Everyone is black, everyone is a tranny, everyone is a pedophile. Even the very uncomfortably sexualized real-child-like “dancing korean game” thing had a black korean girl which is fucking hilarious, though it was hard to care about the inexplicable darkness given the bigger issue that this weird pedo shit got a full like 3 minutes dedicated to it in the first place.

Everyone on the internet agrees it was that too, it’s not some “you only think that because you’re one of them”, no, it was clearly not just overtly sexual but the characters were not really done in a cartoony or anime style but felt more human especially in terms of their animation. It was creepy, almost as creepy as the tranny beat saber player that they used to advertise “Meta” Quest 2.

One of my favorite moments: Jim Carrey just lost his mind as always and this guy’s confused face, even masked, says it all.

Along with all of this you constantly got shots of the crowd; a bunch of people covered in masks, faceless Chinese in a crowd of faceless blacks and e-sports players and socially distanced seating (only in SOME areas!). Further pushing every single angle of propaganda possible short of saying to level up by getting 6 more gene therapy shots to stop killing grandma. Jim Carrey was even there and given his intense screeching, very similar to his twitter rampages of insanity over the last ~9 years, it was hard to tell what the fuck he was saying but I can only assume Trump ate 2 chili dogs instead of 1 like everyone else and it triggered him again.

The Game Awards was mostly a showcase of how little video games matter to the people we have let overrun the medium and the fanbase. Games are now made for people who do not like them, do not care about them, and want nothing to do with them – yet saw it as another place they could complain and get more attention. There were nearly no awards given out the entire show, and the few that were ended up so quickly thrown aside that you couldn’t even follow what was going on. Almost every award was not even given, but was randomly announced by Geoff sandwiched between a trailer for another game about blacks with guns or some super powered colored girl and a 6 minute award ceremony for someone putting a fucking sign language interpreter into video games because deaf people are fucking illiterate.

I think that stupid race mixing divorce game won GOTY but I couldn’t tell because the award was given like 30 seconds of attention and just cut off out of nowhere. FFXIV won the two categories it was in but some fucking suit from California got the award instead of the staff who actually deserve it. Nothing else really was ever up for grabs by any worthwhile games so there’s not much to talk about beyond that. Oh, right, some massive whore with no bra and a fully open chest dress with her tits 90% out also bounced her way up the stage to get an award and, no doubt, call the progressives to arms against all the evil White nazi sexists who will “sexualize” her in a couple days and how bad the gaming community is for doing so.


There was actually an entire 90 second video thrown in out of nowhere for the “gaming citizen” award which was all about colored people, peaceful riots, and a fucking “Lesson in blackness”. The only lesson I need comes from police body cams, genetic studies, FBI crime statistics, and a life growing up in a low income area of Los Angeles. Fuck the fuck off. This is not only NOT video games, but completely irrelevant to anything in this world outside of the sphere of reddit funko pop buyers who live in exclusively upper class white areas while simping on supposed minorities and black twitter circles where you brag about washing your fucking chicken with dish soap.

This entire show was distasteful, racist, ableist, sexist, every single ‘ist’ these people love to hate on – with the same typical irony you see from the media they adore. It made it hilarious for how cringe it was, how bad it was, how lacking in self awareness it was, and just how far away from the material it was supposed to be about that it got. This was not video games, this was politics, and that is all video games are allowed to be now. Not a source of entertainment, fun, or even an experience of other people’s lives, cultures, and worlds – but a stark reminder that if you are not a transgender black homosexual lesbian pedophile with purple hair who helps dilate xir’s partner who is under 12 and is a deaf who is too stupid to know how to read then you are no longer welcome, and neither are video games because this medium, like all others, must be dedicated to giving a voice to unrepresented minorities who are overrepresented in every single aspect of life already.

The only good part of this shit was when Deathloop won and a bunch of blacks stood up like they were gonna get the award and then two White people pushed past them to go to the stage, oh and “Jenshin Impact” which will surely have the botnet lovers in a fit, and watching this with a friend upped the entertainment value just enough to make it tolerable through the rest of it. There will be so much seething about this show from everyone on every side that hopefully some day it will just go away entirely.

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