I’m trying to watch at least a few anime this season so I can get back into keeping up with some throughout the year after I’ve dropped entirely off of doing so. This time I figured 3 or 4 would be good instead of jumping right back to 15 or more; the fact summer seasons usually are complete garbage also helped because it made it a lot easier to pick only a few as I’d probably still only pick a few even if I was watching loads still.

I went through anichart and did like a picks post but I will comment on some as well, especially those I’ve tried. “You put so little effort into this, I’m disappointed.” No. I did not. This season of anime is one of the worst I’ve seen in a very long time – everything is fucking isekais again like it’s 7 years ago. Stop this shit.

Slime 2

The first season of this show started out great and then about 12 episodes in became unbelievably boring and lame, so I never could push myself into finishing it. Also, MUH ISEKAI.

Kobayashi-san 2

I wouldn’t say I’m super excited or anything, but this was a fun enough show so why not? I still hate KyoAni but this is one of – the only, if I’m not misremembering – shows from them I can tolerate in the past like 6 years. I never loved it, always thought it was fine…and then Jashin-chan kind of destroyed what appeal this had to me because the comedy and the characters and designs were so much better there. But I can handle watching more of this, it’s relaxing enough and of course seeing more little Jimi (Kanna) is always fun. It could just be me misremembering but the animation seems pretty shit compared to the first season (and for sure compared to KyoAni – even their garbage shows) for some reason. I don’t think a fire a year ago is a relevant excuse either. As much as I love titties I can’t say I like the new character either, or that they added any new characters, just stop doing that and let things be what they are.

Tantei wa mou, Shindeiru

Muh harem.


Looks and sounds stupid.

Kanojo mo Kanojo

“Cuckoldry and infidelity is GOOD!” the long-nosed tribe is finally pushing themselves into anime and Japanese media…

Otome game whatever 2


Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha


Bokutachi no Remake



The awakening of anime to idolshit being over; idol quits her job and works at an aquarium with a fish loving tomboy. Fun, cute, and could head some interesting directions but I’ll be fine even if it’s just 90% slice of life in an aquarium with a little weirdness mixed in.

Peach Boy Riverside

Seems lame as fuck.

Sonny Boy



I have a lot of reasons for not wanting to watch this. Not least of all it being watched exclusively by people who masturbated to it for the past couple of years.

Seirei Sensouki


Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid



Gay sport for gays.

Tsuki ga Michibiikikbikbikibii ISEKAI dourhcuhguhgu


Scarlet Nexus

This isn’t red for a negative reason – the fact is the game is pretty fucking cool and I’m really enjoying the story (as well as the gameplay) and so I can’t risk watching and having it spoiled. Not only is the story pretty good but it’s split into the male lead and female lead’s personal stories which are DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT and is made around you playing both. Watching the anime I feel would at LEAST spoil the other character’s entire plot line. The game is good and perfect for being an anime, so hopefully it’s a good show, but I want to experience this through the game for now. I’ll review the game when I’m done probably but this is a story with all sorts of twists, time travel, divergent dimensions, and just crazy shit – plus visual-wise it’s fantastic not just design wise but the gameplay looks cool because you’re throwing cars and shit around…should mean a cool anime too.

Mahouka Koukou no Yuutosei


Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life : ISEKAI ni Tsukurou Drugstore


100-chan no innochi blah blah


Uramichi Oniisan

I tried the first episode of this one because everything made it out like it was a bit comedic but more along the lines of a somewhat (due to being comedy, just somewhat) more mature type of show looking at being middle aged and being in the children’s entertainment industry. Instead it’s just a REALLY lame comedy – the same joke repeats every 3 seconds in the first episode and I can’t imagine it is not just this throughout the rest of the series. “I am pretending to have fun and smile kids, but actually I’m dead inside haha” – it’s generic nihilistic npc boring lame ass normie fucking “comedy” where you laugh because Rick tells Morty “MORTY MORTY BURP BURPP MORTY HAHA MORTY THERES NO REASON TO BE SAD BECAUSE MORTY TRUST THE SCIENCE WE’RE JUST A MICROSCOPIC NOTHING IN A GIANT INFINITE UNIVERSE YOUR LIFE DOESNT MATTER MORTY BURRPP HAHAHA IM A PICKLE”. It’s literal garbage for redditoids.

Higurashi 2

Season 1 of this reboot was boring as fuck, absolutely negative-interest for this from me.

Meikyuu Black Company


Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi

Sounds like it was made for 7 year olds.

Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun

I thought this was a trap show and it seems more like it’s just a generic ecchi harem without a trap. What is the point?

5 byou de battle


Mahou Shitsou Madoka Magica

Madoka did not ever subvert any genres nor do anything original. Watch anime before you talk about it, retards.

Kageki Shoujo!!

Story about a girl working to be part of a┬áTakarazuka Revue style troupe and their specialized school for it. This one I was pretty certain I’d like and the OP assured me I would once it started. It’s also another one featuring an ex-idol who quit to do something less stupid. It seems like one of my favorite type of shows with two main leads being built upon by each other in a sort of coming of age way and then a lot of side cast that help that along and get changed along the way too. It reminds me a lot of something like Kaleido Star so far, which was a fantastic series.

Love Live


Night Head 2041

Looks like a netflix “anime” lol.





Getter Robo Arc

90% of the time I don’t like shows that are old or try to mimic old art and I don’t like giant robots 90% of the time either and right now is not the time for me to force myself into something I already feel zero interest in.

Tsukipro 2


Pretty All Friends Selection


One response to “Summer 2021 ANIME PICKS & EARLY THOUGHTS

  1. Kanojo mo Kanojo is apparently actually about a guy literally making more than one girl his girlfriend, which is a real chad move rather than some beta cuckholdry shit. I still have no interest in it, that’s the one my tweet was about. If it was a hentai I’d maybe be more inclined but it’s not.

    Arc is quite sadly very low quality animation, it’s low budget cuz no one can get people on board for high budget super robots shows anymore. OR real robots shows. Man, fuck. I’m gonna check it out because I’m already invested in the franchise, but it’s certainly not for someone who isn’t already. You’d be better off watching the GR OVAs first.

    As for Dragon Maid S2 yeah, ep 1 features a lot of what we both didn’t like about the first, the serious shit. I also don’t care much for this Ilulu, like yeah 800 year old oppai loli with massive tits. Her boobs are nice, certainly, but I just don’t find her that interesting of a character. She seems like she’s going to cause a LOT of unnecessary conflict as well. The most positive things I can say about her is she looked cute in that cheerleader outfit in the OP, and her name is fun.

    But honestly, the most fun I had with it was remembering that Fafnir is a gloomy turbo otaku.


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