Update on Blog, me, something about Juggalos, and Vtubing!

Both are surprisingly short things to go over, but I felt like because I’m even less active here than usual I should update the few people who like to read my stuff what is going on.

First off about the blog; I still love writing and I still intend to continue, as always, writing reviews of anime and games (and other stuff), pick posts for seasons, and various other things. My typical posts are all still a thing I want to keep doing and there is no big reason I’m not in terms of “oh this blog is closing” or something. Nope, as I warn in the about me stuff – and as longtime readers know – I just end up not posting sometimes for a few months occasionally.

This time I have a real reason though other than just laziness! I’ve moved from California all the way across the country to the edge of the midwest, away from godawful Los Angeles and into a tiny comfy town. I couldn’t take it there (CA) anymore after moving back to it from Arizona. Doing this entirely just with the help of one single friend and no other support was a huge undertaking and as someone living with autism, agoraphobia, and panic disorder it was far from fucking easy…especially when the moving company was a massive shitshow – then also the change in people, lifestyle, finances, massive new weather to deal with (I flew in to 15 inches of snow when the last time I saw snow was on a camping trip like 15 years ago, and now it’s hotter here than in CA…), and so on has really left me very stressed, exhausted, and just needing some time to get myself feeling “at home” again – so the blog has taken a backseat. Along WITH the blog, watching anime also is something I just haven’t really done much of since I got here because I don’t like watching anime while stressed or I only pay half attention. On top of all that I’ve had a lot of personal issues to deal with so that too has added to my inability to watch much, let alone write stuff. Though I have consumed a lot of normie shit from Jeopardy to godawful Netflix produced competition shows.

I’ve also been very busy trying to catch up on Final Fantasy XIV – I love the game as I’ve mentioned before and with the Endwalker trailer (one of the very best game trailers ever, if you ask me) coming out it really made me super excited and I want to go to the fucking moon the moment I can, not months later, so I’ve been going through the really fantastic Shadowbringers expansion.

Along with all that, I have also started a new little “venture” I suppose – though I’d just call it an adventure because I have no intentions to become some big thing; but I have begun “Vtubing”. Recently, I ended up an unironic juggalo and very quickly that bled into my virtual life on VRChat wherein I made myself a juggalette avatar.

I just love ICPs music, the skill and thought put into it all but especially just how fun even their most violent or messed up songs are (which if you listen to it at all instead of just looking at the magnet meme you’ll realize they have comedy like that in all their music, they just make fun as hell stuff that also makes for very comfy listening), Shaggy 2 Dope is one of my favorite people (watch Shaggy and the Creep show, everyone loves it juggalo or not), and I don’t know I just feel like I finally found a place I feel good in and that is with some grease paint and a bottle of ‘go. Which yeah, I also fucking love Faygo now that I’ve gotten to try it…and literally keep a second full sized fridge stocked with it at all times.

From that, I decided since I really enjoyed this model and had a few friends interested in watching me play things, why not do it as a Vtuber? So now I’m the number one, as well as the only, juggalo vtuber! If you’re remotely interested at all my youtube still has all the old videos on it from the past like 9 years of using the account but has a new name/url; youtube.com/c/misamisavr . At the moment I am mute in all that content (so the whole juggalo aspect kind of doesn’t matter, lol), though I do talk in VRChat sometimes lately and I would love to start talking on youtube so that I could make things like video reviews of anime and games and kind of branch out. If you know me, you know I hate stuff like that because I feel like most people who talk about anime are fucking retarded, and so I might enjoy making something to fill what I see as a huge gap in knowledge and valid educated opinions. For now though, it’s videogames. Final Fantasy XIV, some playthroughs like of Katamari Damacy, Swat 4, Devil May Cry V, and many other things – and at the end of the month I’ll definitely be playing through all of Scarlet Nexus on stream (though without my vtuber model because I’m playing on console). I also have some really fun ideas that I probably won’t ever do that I intend to make in VRChat with some friends eventually.

The vtubing (and general youtube stuff more often) thing is just because I like streaming for a few people from vrchat – so we’ll see how it goes. I have fun with it and it’s been something that has helped me relax some and given me a bit of a ‘schedule’ to work with so I feel a little better each day, so I’ll keep doing it even if I only get a few views a video (just like how I barely get any readers and continue writing here, I just enjoy doing it). As a guy in his mid-30s who spends most of his time being a young anime girl on VRChat anyway, this is a relaxing way to spend my time without a brick on my face and motion sickness. This is not really cutting into my blog or anime time though, so don’t worry, it’s just much easier to play a game and happen to have it streaming than it is for me to consume anime when it comes to stress.

Basically, I’m just stressed out and also trying to settle-in to a very new home, so the blog has taken a hit mostly because my ability to watch anime has fully stopped. I do intend to watch at the very least a few shows in the coming season though – no idea WHAT – but I’d like to start again and get back to posting on here as well so I’ll do my best to force myself to at least get a few shows so I can start back into seasonal anime slowly and get back to 13-16 shows per season by next winter season and regular posting here.

5 responses to “Update on Blog, me, something about Juggalos, and Vtubing!

  1. As another update: I simply am not posting because I have nothing to even post. Because the move and other stress including health stuff I haven’t really watched ANY anime – actually not “haven’t really” – I literally have watched no new anime. I have played some new games but I didn’t want to review Scarlet Nexus until I do my other-character playthrough too to see the full story, and BF2042 has nothing to say about it…and I think that’s all I’ve played aside old stuff (FF/vrc/stuff for youtube).

    I still love writing and am continuing the blog – just have nothing to talk about cuz how things have been! I do say stress but in regards to anime specifically it is that but also heavily mixed with the fact there kind of isn’t any anime WORTH watching right now. It’s all very generic SOL (you know I love the stuff, but not when it has nothing of it’s own to it), bad comedies, and more isekais. Anime is hitting a point where nothing new is something I want to spend my time on, even continuations of shows like Demon Slayer just feel not worth my time.


    • That’s a shame but understandable, hard agree new anime these days just has so little to offer that you haven’t already seen a million times before and arguably better. Shows I was a big fan of i.e Aggretsuko just feel like they’re being milked for all their worth and have long since overstayed their welcome.

      I was looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the FF7 remake and Ghost of Tsushima DLC episodes but I can understand you needing to take a break from it all.


      • I’m keeping up with AoT this season at least and might have something that’d take me awhile to write though some kind of overall AoT review when it’s finally all done. Didn’t think about that until just now though so it’d be a long time and a lot of work as I’d have to try and recall and go through bits and pieces of the entire series, but I suppose I’d kind of like to review it whether I hate or love the ending given it’s been such a long time coming and something I ended up flipping so hard from hating and shitting on to loving. I’m also trying a few shows and at least one so far I like enough to keep watching and maybe review depending how it goes – that one about two police girls.

        Depending how many more I try out this season, maybe I’ll write a picks or at least a post-season small review of each thing.

        As for FF7 and Ghost of Tsushima DLCs – I just never intended to get them. I don’t really like going back to games I finished that long ago just for a DLC. It’s something I hate about modern games, even if I absolutely love the thing like FF7 Remake, I have no drive to go back to a game so much longer later just for a new DLC. It’s VERY rare that I will do that especially with a story-based game. I love Yuffie, I’d like to play that stuff, but unless I replay the entire game it’s doubtful I ever will see intergrade’s content and might just need to wiki the story from it when the next main part comes out or if the DLC is ever a few dollars or something near the release of part 2. If this DLC was out at the time I’d totally have gotten it and played it.

        With Tsushima it’s just the same issue really. I’d have loved DLC at the time but I was done with the game way before they ever bothered with it.

        I HATE games as a service. I want my game and whatever is available for that game while I’m playing it is almost always going to be my full experience – with the exception of like FFXIV because of being an MMO with updates constantly and being designed as a game you can play near infinitely.

        It’s possible I’ll get around to both (most likely FF7 yuffie stuff) but I have no clue when I’d bother. This is kind of the same with anime having new movies/ovas and shit way way way later, I just don’t care anymore by the time they bother to make them. Same for some season 2s even. If they had sold Yuffie’s chapter as a MGS Ground Zeroes type of thing where it was stand alone I’d absolutely play it and review it.

        Another issue is finances given I’m still making up for all the money I lost moving out across the entire nation, and most of my video game time is spent on FFXIV especially since nothing else worth a damn has come out but also because I fucking LOVE that game.


    • Yeah I’m okay, just a lot of stress from a big move for the most part and a lot to deal with too. Definitely glad I’m out of – and this far away from – CA finally though. And totally come by sometime, I usually stream in the evening on days I do, every now and then something comes up (like yesterday) and I end up afk and then just abruptly leaving, but usually I’ll go for a couple or few hours. Hopefully I start talking soon so it’s less boring for people lol.


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