24 FPS Stands In Solidarity

We have decided to postpone the Final Fantasy 7 Remake© Review scheduled for “soon, totally, absolutely soon, it’s almost done totally, yup, believe me”. To show our support and solidarity against brutal black violence against neighborhoods, police, and innocent people all in the name of new Jordans and Nikes, we have posted a plain white square.

While we understand Epic Gamers™ worldwide are excited to see the review, we do not feel that right now is a time for actually being less lazy and for now, we want to sit back and watch The Boog®.

3 responses to “24 FPS Stands In Solidarity

  1. Of course a weeb has dogshit political takes.

    In a just-world every cop and their defenders would be hung upside down from meat hooks.


  2. I understand, while I come to this blog to see an angry weeb rant about games and anime, I know that this is all way more important. Remember: White lives matter! No one is saying your lives don’t, or that you’re not oppressed too, but if your friend was being beaten to death by BLM protesters you wouldn’t have the cops mobilize to each of your other friends first, would you? That’s what it means.

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