Virtual Market 3 – Part 3: Castello Magica (x3), Sky Island (x3), & Kowloon Empire (x2) [VRChat]

Cramming 8 worlds into this final post! Previous part HERE.

Castello Magica [Hall]

So, apparently, the ‘canon’ within Virtual Market and by the creators of the actual worlds (not the booths, remember those are made by hundreds of different creators who applied for a booth spot), the Castello Magica worlds are actually the inside areas of the castle you are just outside of and see the gates to in Virtual Market 2’s Otherworld Marche area. Kinda cool that there’s that bit of continuity for no real reason.


The Hall has some pretty good avatars, another one where I favorited one and might look in to buying it later to edit when I have extra money depending how much it is. A lot of the avatars here I’d describe as “soft”, whatever that means, and it’s not a booby joke. They are simple but nice, but they don’t have any big impact to them, all soft and just ‘nice’.

The big sponsorship area for Dengeki Bunko is here as well. You’ve got Kirito fighting some bone thing I think was in the show once or in the OP or some shit, and Holo looking on while having some apples. Lot of posters for various light novels and some VR experiences with their light novel characters as well.

Castello Magica [Library]

The Library is pretty similar to the Hall. This time around it’s a bit more fun though with a heavier focus on the theme. Expect loads of maids, proper and prim students, and, well, bookshelves. Good avatars, adorable little booths, and a nice feeling similar to the library it’s meant to be.


It’s a cute place to look around with a lot of cute booths and avatars, but not much to say about it.

Castello Magica [Laboratory]

The Laboratory is one of the weirdest of the worlds of Vket 3, especially when you consider this is sponsored by so many big companies. When you see a loli in a cage with a demon looking down at her scared little face, remember 7/11 sponsored it. When you see that loli mutate into a furry-loli, remember Acer sponsored it.


This whole world was mostly just weird or creepy shit. I did like how well almost everything strived to fit the theme though – in fact I’d say the theme was most well kept to in this world.

Sky Island [Forest]

I don’t have any screenshots from here so have a cutie balancing on a 7/11 bike rack in full body.


I tried this one in public, maybe it’s the only one I did, I don’t remember. Either way, I don’t honestly remember much – maybe because I only went there one time while the others I revisited with friends (we just kind of forgot to come here). Didn’t seem bad though! The Sky Island 3 worlds were probably the most diverse in terms of theme though, with each world being a completely different type of place from the last in a substantial way.

Sky Island [Mountain]


There really isn’t too much to say about this world, it’s kind of lackluster in every way. Just not much going on visually or with the booths themselves. Even with how bad the Pop Party or whatever it’s called is in many ways, this one is just so boring it might be my actual least favorite, so here’s a mom-pose from a friend.

Sky Island [Sea]

You may have noticed in the videos that every single world not only has a 7/11, well this one has something special for its main advertisement. This features maybe the best thing I’ve seen in all of VRChat as well as the best advertisement you could possibly make, all thanks to the support and sponsorship from DoA…you know titty mouse pads? Well now they’re gigantic, and you can fucking bounce on them. Don’t worry, Marie Rose gets a booty bouncer instead due to her extreme flatness.


The rest of the world is fun as well (though not AS fun) with a lot of nautical themed booths and avatars. There’s even a stupid Super Bowl shark-esque avatar and a spider crab one.

There’s also a little couple minute submarine ride thing, a Giant Enemy Crab, and much more! A fun world for sure.

Kowloon Empire [Sanban Boulevard]

The Kowloon Empire worlds are a weird Hong Kong aesthetic with booths and avatars that are more Japanese inspired than anywhere else in Asia for some reason. This world was okay, but kind of whatever at the same time. Some fun booth items and designs (like pulling the front of a house off to go into the booth) though.


Kowloon Empire [Ketsuban Alley]

And finally, the last world, Ketsuban Alley in the Kowloon Empire. This has some weird stuff I didn’t care for (creepy doll baby thing) but also a lot I actually really liked. I wish the avatar riding the thing didn’t come out broken cuz otherwise it’s really cute and I wanted to use it, however I do have one of the others from that same booth favorited still.


And that was Virtual Market 3, pretty much. It was a lot of fun again and this time I was the one introducing my friends to it rather than the other way around, which was a different experience but just as fun. The next Vket will be very different though – I’ll have VR for it. I didn’t do a great job talking about the worlds this time but there were so many and I wasn’t prepared, by the time I really realized I had to talk about and record and get screenshots for all of them it was already closing a day later so, while this is after it’s already ended, it was a bit of a scramble anyway. Hopefully you enjoyed this look into the Vket event though. These happen every ~6-12 months so look forward to next time!

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