Virtual Market 3 – Part 2: Neo Shibuya (Day, Night, Error) & Virtual Factory (Factory, Hangar) [VRChat]

On to part 2 of Vket3 and the appearance of the greatest dog, Hachiko, who has now become a GIANT statue! Part 1 is HERE.

Neo Shibuya [Day]

This is by far my favorite of all the worlds, not only does it look aesthetically really pleasing (though in that specific aspect Neo Shibuya Night takes the cake) but the fucking MUSIC here is fantastic. It’s pretty much straight up Persona music and it’s really damn good. I found myself spending extra time here both on my private trip and both trips I took with different friends simply to listen to more of it. The Neo-Shibuya worlds also have some of the best booths in the market in general, which makes it that much better.

The booths here were modeled to mostly fit in with a downtown look and many of them featured some of the cuter avatars in the market with a lot of great popping colors and designs. One of the most fun elements though was the camera station where you could take a picture with this camera and, as you can see in some of the images (usually with the pink hearts background), the image then shows up on Panasonic sponsored TVs around the area.


I actually ended up favoriting a couple avatars from here that surprisingly did not have advertisements on them – though I’d rather purchase the unity package and do some editing in the future, we will see.

The avatars here were mostly pretty “normal” style, fashionable, cute, fitting the theme of Shibuya.

There were also some nice shader focused booths that had stuff I’ve bookmarked to look into maybe buying later – remember, most stuff aside some avatars is pretty cheap (anywhere from 1 to 5 dollars, though avatars can go anywhere from 10 to 100 bucks) so a shader is like $3 and could really do wonders for a world or model.

Really fantastic world, definitely the best of the bunch and something to check out either first to get a feel for the whole Vket thing if you haven’t gone before – or to check out last to end it on the best note possible.

Neo Shibuya [Night]

The Night version is the same general layout, but this time with a cool very cyberpunk aesthetic to it. Visually this is the greatest looking world of Vket 3 without a fucking doubt. It’s just cool. Some of my favorite things about this world beyond the booths were actually the giant ads for this one big store booth as seen below, she was all over the place and it felt straight out of any cyberpunk movie or game.

Much like Day, it also features fantastic music. Last time it felt like a vocal Persona song, but this time it could totally be the tunes playing in a shop in the same game. Super relaxing and chill, actually while writing this I forgot I had the video on to remind myself about the world’s booths and avatar choices and just thought it was some nice music I had on my youtube music playlist going. Another world that is just great to be in.

This definitely has the same Shibuya fitting vibe of the Day version, but with a more sleek and night life style feeling to the booths and avatars available, along with more “street” styled things such as a graffiti walled storefront and a booth with skateboards.


It also has a really actually pretty cute and accurate anime-styled Fujoshi avatar that has no ads on it and is simple but in that fujoshi way, I know at least a few of my friends liked it enough to favorite it. I don’t have a picture on-hand but it’s in the video and I do put it on.

Neo Shibuya [Error]

Apparently I took no screenshots in the Error world, so have this picture of a cute loli in full body having a good sleep on a bed in some regular world.

The Error version is yet another great one, rounding out the trio of Neo Shibuya worlds. The most noticable thing here is, well, that it’s all glitched out looking on purpose giving it a unique feeling. It also features great music yet again.


The booths this time were more focused on the theme for sure and featured a lot of cool shader usage in the booth design as well as lot of cool shaders for sale. More than avatars this time around this was very much a look at cool effects and booth’s designed around the idea of glitching out. My favorite thing in this world were some of the avatar parts for sale though, especially the shoes and backpacks.

This is also the only world that I saw a straight up animation showcase in, which I did show all of in the video for this world. I imagine it’s cooler in VR but it was already pretty cool on desktop as well.

Virtual Factory [Factory] [Hangar]

I bunched these two together cuz they’re kinda the exact same thing two times, pretty bland in that way. The only difference is one has a gundam in the middle the other does not, but aside that they look aesthetically identical and the booths are fairly similar too, however the FACTORY is far more worth checking out as it’s got a lot more girl-robot type of things, while the hangar is almost exclusively mech models. THE VIDEOS ARE SEPARATE because of the different booths being so split between mechs and non-mechs in the two worlds, but the posts are not.

Video Factory:

As you might imagine, this place is the go-to world if you’re interested in mech styled avatars, robots, and other similar things like that. There are even little drones flying around in the world the whole time and some robotic scorpions walking around by…the 7/11. Because of course.

Video Hangar:

These worlds probably ran the worst aside the Pop Party, which oddly enough was the same case in the very similarly themed world of Vket 2. Something about the mech worlds just always goes wrong and makes them run like ass. However, still pretty cool. Not much to really look at too long or to use for someone like me, but for sure a great spot if you’re into this type of look.

Next time will be the last worlds, which still makes up basically half of all of them.

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