Summer 2019 Picks/Early Thoughts

Been awhile since any posts aside that last one I just did, even longer since a seasonal post – but this summer season has a lot of shows that cater specifically to me and so it is one of the best Summer seasons of anime in awhile. That is to say, this season has a lot of lead characters that are girls with big fucking titties that I somehow hadn’t even realized until a bunch of shows I was interested in for other reasons ended up being even more than I was hoping for with heaving hotties – and that are actually fun unique concepts done well. This will serve as a picks post mostly but the type for after I’ve seen episodes, not the ahead of airing one but it’ll be based on pretty much just the first episodes (unless I take even longer to write this than I’m thinking – or if I wait for everything I plan to try to air) and will – of course – only cover things I’ve actually tried and not everything of the season.


This has (apparently) been being hyped up all over by people, personally I only saw CR desperately pushing it in every way they could and throwing all their money into marketing it because they think it is The Next Big Thing™. Having looked into the fan hype though one of the most repeated things from people who aren’t a corporation trying to make money off of the show though is that it’s amazing because the MC is far from the norm for a shounen and other comments in a very similar vein. Thanks to CR I went into this with low hopes but middling-to-high expectation, and knowing they had kinda set me up to hate it because if you go into something with an “I know this is gonna suck” mindset you tend to feel like it sucks.

However, with Dr. STONE I can say pretty certainly that it just actually fucking sucks. For starters the amazing lead who is praised for not being your typical shounen protagonist…is your most typical shounen protagonist. He is perfection personified, there is not a single thing about him that is not the absolute most amazing 10/10 that it can be. He’s a super-genius, for awhile he’s the only surviving human after like 3700 years or something because he’s so fucking intelligent that somehow his brain broke him out of his stone body before anybody fucking else (he also tracked how many days passed by counting constantly during all 3700 years because he’s smart and that’s how that works!) and, of course, he’s managed to survive fine and create a perfect never-ending system of supplies, shelter, and clothes. Clothes which he made sure to put E=MC2 (imagine that’s a small 2) on because he is just THAT fucking smart, yes that is actually a thing his clothing literally has that on there and he made the clothes himself. He also already solved the problem with bat shit or something and un-stoned a bird I think, but by that point I stopped caring really but no I’m pretty sure it happened.

The very first scene in the show is the ugliest fucking character design in the last 20 fucking years of anime (the main character) being a super-intellectual doing super-science with a super-science-machine in his normal high school science class where everyone else looks like a normal person and is doing normal school science. But, being totally far from the norm of a shounen protagonist, Mr. Flawless Perfection – aka IQ Champ – just has a giant machine that can break apart anything into its original forms because he probably invented this thing when he was 2 months old because fuck he’s smart and he’s NOT your average shounen protagonist.

The art is the most generic run-of-the-mill shounen art imaginable, the character designs are absolutely fucking atrocious, the writing is trash – CR is pushing this as having “an amazing cast with some of the most ‘human’ goals making them continue forward” such as “I had a crush on a girl in high school and now because of that I broke out of stone after 3700 years (after IQ Champ a little bit) and will help him find a way to save her because I wanted to go on a date’, the pacing is terrible, the writing is horrible, it’s just all around bad.

Oh right, the writing I won’t harp on too much cuz this is getting long for one show – but I’ll say this much; the lead character already has several catchphrases he states about 10 times EACH in episode 1 alone. I googled him up and it even says on the fan-run wiki that “he is known for his catchphrases”. Truly a great thing. “Ten Billion Percent” apparently is one but his big ones this time were really “Big Oaf” and “Now this is exciting!” or something along those lines which he said every fucking second.

Nothing about this is different, in fact it might be more of a generic shounen than almost anything else that’s come out in a long time. I think what people are being confused by is a lesser version of the problem that exists with Madoka fans. The people saying this isn’t your typical shounen/doesn’t have your typical shounen protagonist are confusing “shounen” as meaning “battle shounen” the same way Madoka fans believe, due to lack of experience or knowledge or anything much in their brains regarding Mahou Shoujo, that it’s a ‘deconstruction’ or is doing absolutely anything at all out of the ordinary for the genre only here it’s a little in reverse. Dr. Stone is not a battle shounen, well, yet at least but from a quick glance just to verify it of the manga this does apparently end up with evil big bads for le based science boy to defeat with science FUCK YES SCIENCE I LOVE SCIENCE but I won’t eat GMOs or question anything I’m told because I’m a lefty-oops I got off track – but people who think it isn’t the same as the rest only think so from a complete ignorance of anime and the genre it is in. As for the character “not” being your typical shounen protagonist, this is also a misunderstanding of what makes a shounen protagonist typical to begin with – just because he isn’t whooping ass doesn’t mean he’s different (not to mention non-physical mcs in this type of thing are not that unusual anyway).

I really don’t like it and I almost feel an active disdain towards it rather than most shounen which I’m fairly neutral to if I don’t like them. I think I might even say I really hate it.

Sounan Desu Ka?

This is the first of the booby shows. Okay, it’s not a booby show in terms of being some ecchi or harem thing with tits or else I probably wouldn’t be watching, but two of the 4 leads has big fuckin juicers and one is even a short haired tomboy from the track team and is a wonderful thing to look at. This is ALSO the first of the “who thought to make this an anime?” weird shows that all happen to share the big booby lead trait.

This one is about 4 high school girls surviving on an island. There’s fanservice, there’s comedy, and there’s some (so far) pretty basic survival information. My biggest complaint, which isn’t really one, is probably that it bothered to spend time (and treat the characters so amazingly retarded that they don’t know) on explaining that sea water is salt water and that you can’t live off salt water. These are high school girls, even 3rd graders know this. It was the one moment where it felt too stupid even for a comedy anime and it kinda bugs me still. Other than that? Genuinely pretty fun and all the girls seem likable so far. It really has a unique way to come at comedy given the situation, so I’m hoping they continue to make full use of that.

Though, to be fully honest, I’m still a little disappointed that this IS a comedy – for some reason I expected it to be a serious story about these girls figuring out how to survive until they’re rescued, not that but via jokes. There was a game back on like the gameboy or the NES or something, I don’t remember, maybe even gameboy color or advance, but it was a survival game where you are alone on an island and it’s played completely straight and serious and I enjoyed it a long long time ago. This was sounding like that to me and I guess it got my hopes up. Still, a nice fun half-lengther and thanks to that length it doesn’t overstay its welcome. I’d rank this as third best of the booby trilogy of Summer 2019.

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

This is the second bazonga series that is also a unique weird concept. It’s about a titty gal wanting to lose weight and get fit. It’s probably my second ranked of the titty trio. It’s got really great comedic moments, some good fanservice, really attractive character designs, and it’s got fucking beefboys hog smogging and grunting like they’re having a bad dragon shoved up their ass. It’s fucking hilarious. Really in terms of just comedy this would be the best of the 3 but I just happen to REALLY like the character of the #1 Bobbo Babe show of the season.

Anyway, yeah, this is a comedy about a gal (and then as the show progresses more girls, ep 1 includes 1 other already and 1 who is in the OP involved so we know she’ll get into it later too – a cute gal with a much smaller chest) who is worried about being a chungus, so she joins up with a new local gym but it turns out it’s one of those insanely serious bodybuilding pro-sports types gyms but through some events she ends up joining anyway.

The other character so far is a girl who loves Beef McLargehuge and gets wet at the mere sight of big muscles. It’s a simple comedy but a really funny one so far and it’s got some great timing and other things that were done really great by the director especially things like fanservice but at the same time cutting away from it after juuuust long enough that you’re like OH BABY and then throwing a fucking 90% naked mass of muscle bronzed bucko in your face for a few seconds just to mess with you. Also features a fun little workout set at the end after the ED.

Tejina-senpai / Magical Senpai (or Sempai if you’re retarded CR)

This is the third of the sugoi dekai gang of shows though this time – well, okay, “so far” given the ED makes it clear MORE TITS ARE COMING – it’s just one girl with big milk makers. I have to say I find them the most attractive of the bunch though, not really sure why, they move nice, they look nice, but that’s true for all of them. I can say why this is my #1 of the three shows though and that’s because Senpai (nobody in this has names) is absolutely without a doubt one of the cutest girls in anime. She’s extremely attractive cuz of her body, but her personality is just fucking magnifico, if I could I’d give it the big ol Italian mwah with my hands. She is just so goddamn cute I seriously could barely handle it, I was giggling to myself just watching her be so fucking sweet and charming and adorable and had to pause a couple times to not miss anything from doing so. Plus she’s even more attractive when her personality ends up with her face near-constantly being in that “I’M EMBARRASSED AS FUCK BUT I’M TRYING MY HARDEST TO PRETEND I’M TOTALLY NOT” that anime does when people go insane from embarrassment and it’s both fucking cute and kinda hot.

The reason it also fits into the weird concepts thing too is that Senpai just wants to do magic but she’s absolutely abysmal at it and fails in the cutest ways possible while being so cute about failing. It’s just so goddamn cute and her tits are so fucking nice and it’s got just the right amount of little fanservice moments that are just made for someone to stitch together later, it’s really great so far. Yes, I love the tits, but I also love how cute this character is and most importantly I love the humor. Another half-lengther.

Also, after noticing the manga is rated R18 by Kodansha I looked into it, sadly it’s just some fun fanservice shots like the show – BUT there is one single page that has her full breasts and nipples out and it was a nice find. I can’t imagine the show will include that but I hope so.

Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo.

This is that show about some high school nerdo girls learning about sex, rather, finally having the notion of it become something relevant to them. It looks like a comedy at first glance but it’s pretty clear even within the first episode that it’s a drama-comedy coming of age type of story. Actually, if you recall who wrote this it’s pretty easy to know what you’re in for (way more drama than comedy) – I had COMPLETELY forgotten this was Mari Okada’s work until I finished the episode and then I felt like it all made sense. This seems actually really good and like it has a lot of potential to do what Okada does best and explore really personal and ‘real’ stuff in a very mature and meaningful way…though her last attempt with something sex focused was adapting that awful pedo shit Kodomo no Jikan and, well, that’s not her fault but still I could see some worries from that.

Out of context: Funny. In context: An earth shattering moment realizing her childhood pseudo-sibling and long-time crush was just as fueled by hormones as everyone else and not the pure person she believed him to be.

However, if you’ve seen Hourou Musuko, while she is not the original creator of that one or anything (she IS of this one), she DID do the script for the entire HM anime and this has a very very very similar feeling to it. I mean you should recognize her name as she’s been the lead writer (and even the creator of many great anime-originals) for a lot of popular stuff from Toradora to Anohana. Point is she’s a fantastic screenwriter and I think this is showing that off yet again so far – there aren’t many people writing for anime that could take a scene of a boy being caught jerking off and make it not comedic (or accidentally comedic like a certain “I masturbated to you too” show for example). Or make a short little scene of a child realizing her mother isn’t a virgin actually a little upsetting and depressing.

This is a story not just about coming of age, or of coming in general for that matter, but about the fucked up realization everyone comes to at a certain point in their youth where you go from naive to really seeing the dirty part of humanity and how deeply our species revolves entirely around sex and that nobody is able to escape it. It’s about that day you wake up and fully realize your mother isn’t some wholesome sweetheart and is a filthy sow who loves to ride cock like a pig just like every other woman and that your dad plowed her until he came inside enough times that you finally ended up getting made. And that you’re going to become the same or at least strive to be. It’s that shattering of naive ideals that this seems to be about, as well as that part of your life right after being made aware of how things go and becoming part of that aspect of human culture yourself, and – from the slight spoiler I heard – possibly some about the consequences of sex (though nothing as far as teen pregnancy or anything at least).

Also has an OP from Honeyworks with CHiCO and I love CHiCO so it’s automatically in the running for best OP.

Joshikousei no Mudazukai – or Not-Tomo Takino Being A Retard

This show has not only an anime girl running to school with bread in her mouth – but the entire loaf instead and then a pedophile who “totally isn’t one” going into a speech to his class about the intricacies and legalities of boning high school girls taking Kimura to the next level. All 3 main girls have cute boy voices (including Tomatos who hasn’t been heard lately) and there are a bunch of tomboyish types including really all 3 of the main ones in their own ways. This entire first episode was pretty much Not-at-all-just-Tomo being a cute retard.

Something about it really reminds me of older SoL comedies in a really great way and I love the main trio already as well as the supporting cast and got a lot of like actual audible real laughs out of the first episode which is more than I can say for most comedy shows in general, so this is definitely one I’ll be looking forward to each week and I totally love it so far. I might really sound like I’m exaggerating but this seriously is just Tomo Takino being even more retarded than usual for 24 minutes, it feels very Azumanga without being lazy like other certain things that were just ripoffs.

Kanata no Astra

This sounded an awful lot like a new version of Infinite Ryvius – though clearly less fucked up and dark (InfRev is fantastic, you should watch it) but a similar concept. This seems like it’s exactly that, a similar basic set-up but with much fewer characters and in more of a focus on survival rather than a new take on Lord of the Flies it’s a less dreary screwed up story but still about being children in a fucked up situation and trying to keep everyone alive until they can get rescued or to safety so it’s pretty serious as well and tensions clearly are already pretty high from the start and will lead to conflict and probably fights and the like throughout though also it’ll focus on building the bonds between them and their teamwork (as already shown in this first 48 minute long episode). It’s a drama, just not a super fucked up drama.

It’s also letterboxed which I still think does add a certain cinematic feeling to things, it worked with Railgun S to amazing effect and it’s doing a good job here as well. Weird thing is this kinda just randomly goes from being that way to NOT being that way, no reason, no logical “oh okay, it does that for x type of scenes or flashbacks” etc, just kind of for no particular reason it changes. I feel like I remember it changing even DURING THE SAME SCENE at one point. It in no way hurts the show it’s just a weird thing.

Anyway, I like it.

Vinland Saga

It’s been a long time but I did read a good solid chunk of Vinland Saga’s manga but all I remember is it starts out with a lot of action, then the kid grows up and is the main character, and then everything is like farming for a billion chapters and I think at some point I was caught up and after like 80000000 chapters of farming it was still farming and since the chapters were released so slowly I just kinda lost interest. Most important thing I forgot is the super cute sister, but I remember her now.

The first 3 episodes released all at once seemingly to get you past the very early prologue and I think it was a smart decision (at least by Amazon, if it was not released this way in Japan) and I hope something similar is done when we get to the endless farming.

Either way, very good show already but I don’t really know how to talk about it for some reason so oh well.


An adventurer meets a little devil loli and basically becomes her dad in an almost Gust-like story of a lighthearted fantasy world where this sort of thing is possible and people in the town are fine with it too. This is (so far) a cute story of raising a little demon daughter of a very young age who also doesn’t speak your language – so everything from simply trying to communicate and learning to talk to being woken up by her slapping his face because she needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night is fair game. Instead of being something like other semi-recent father-daughter stories this one deals with a girl who is a lot younger barely being a toddler which results in a lot more sweet and adorable things.

The only negative at all I can think of is that I see people saying things like “oh this is like Usagi Drop” or “this is going to be better than Usagi Drop” – if you liked Usagi Drop you’re a piece of shit. It’s official canon that the MC in that literally grooms his adopted toddler daughter to love him throughout her growing up as a man and not as a father and, when she is older, she very VERY specifically states she wants to “bear his child” and they fuck. It’s canon, not theory. It’s disgusting. Fuck Usagi Drop and fuck people who like it.

This, though? Very cute and sweet and most of all I just love how all the townsfolk and adventurers come to love her right away, however I might end up PTWing it just cuz I’m still not in a great place and this is too much anime to keep up with and this is definitely on the chopping block.

Fire Force

Absolutely anything with a Pile Driver/Pile Bunker has to be good on some level because it’s one of the coolest fucking weapons possible and here there’s a fireman using one in the first few minutes. You noticed pretty quick though he isn’t all there is – this entire show seems fucking cool as shit. The team dynamics are fun and enjoyable as well. Really this seems like an all around great show right off the bat and I almost fucking skipped it too, definitely try this one out – honestly it might be the coolest thing in a while. Even the concept is awesome – it is quite literally about a world where firemen have to make a SWAT equivalent to fight fire demon people things that people spontaneously turn into, they work with the real fire department but they’re special weapons and tactics to LITERALLY fight fire with fire. It also has a really cute shark mom.

Also? Fantastic OP – both the visuals and the song, may very well be up there in the top list at the end of the year, I’d be shocked if it isn’t. It’s one of those where I forgot to keep watching the first episode for like 10 minutes cuz I got distracted listening to the song again and looking up the band. I’ve literally watched the OP through this 10 hour looping youtube video with it on in a corner like 100 times already mostly while attempting to make an avatar of some sort.

And please someone make fireman style MMD clothes so I can make a fucking gray wolf fire force vrc avatar. All I can find are serious models for actual games for like 300 dollars that are like 2 million polys.

Hakata Mentai! Pirikarako-chan

Cute little 4 minute thing about food-ish people but all the food is things you’ve never heard of.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator

(I wrote this before I re-thought it and wrote those last few sentences about PTWing it but editing it would mean rewriting the whole paragraph and fuck it) The only thing that will determine if I keep watching this is really how much Anti-Skill will be involved. Having a spinoff that’s half Accelerator and the obnoxious shit character LO and mediocre clones that is ALSO half police drama I might be able to swing. If it’s just all the former 90% of the time I don’t think I can take it, from the first few minutes I was already exasperated with LO existing. Like it REALLY depends on that cuz I didn’t really give a shit about any of the rest and, again, I have never been able to stand LO or Worst, the regular Sisters are already mildly tolerable at best but LO is just fucking terrible and I hate her so much for so many reasons. While I like Accel from his time in Railgun S, I absolutely don’t like him enough to put up with too much just for him. With how many shows I’m trying to do while still in the same shitty situation as I mentioned already, I’m gonna PTW it and probably never get around to it ever because, again, I just really cannot fucking stand Last Order and Accel is not that great of a character he’s alright but not worth sitting through 24 minutes a week of excruciating LO time for.

Now where the fuck is the promised 2019 Season 3 of Railgun? They only have one more season for the year to pop it out or they’re behind.

Mommy Milkies In Fantasy Land

CUTE ANIME MOM WITH GIANT TITS. I don’t tend to enjoy many isekai at all but this is definitely a way to change that. However, being an LN like this I figured it might still be shit beyond the gimmick of a cute titty mom but actually its pretty fun so far. I also like that instead of a typical other world this one is literally just a game that knows its a game and is made to be a game.

Even the first NPC they come across isn’t an NPC and is just a staff member who explains the game to them since Satomi Arai (IMPORTANT reminder, Satomi Arai put my hat back on my head for me at a convention last year) didn’t bother and just kinda threw them in. Not only is that a better set-up than usual for isekai (OH NO IM STUCK IN A VIDEO GAME AND IM GONAN DIE IN REAL LIFE REEE OH NO MY GIRLFRIEND IS BEING GLOPPED IN WITH 2 YEARS WORTH OF SEMEN WHILE I’M STUCK IN A GAME OH NO I TELEPORTED WITH MY CELLPHONE TO A FANTASY WORLD) but also thanks to the mom being a mom she has no understanding of video games, mmos, or even things as basic as what an account in this context is. It makes her even cuter while giving the show some unique comedy aspects for the genre. In fact she’s so cute its almost overpowering the delicious chest she has.

Really this is probably the cutest and most lighthearted thing of the season and I really really like it already, this mom is super fucking cute…well okay, magical-senpai is maybe as cute.

To The Abandoned Sacred beasts

Literally fantasy US Civil War. A young democratic nation on a fairly recently colonized continent has a civil war between the north and the south using muskets, cannons, sabers, and civil war clothing. Only this time the North has people who can transform into beastmen using forbidden magic shit. But that’s just kind of the set-up, the story actually takes place after the war when all but one of the beast dudes pretty much goes bad and abuses their power to terrorize humans and get whatever they want. The MC (and I believe this daughter of one he kills) end up hunting his ex-comrades.

Kind of a cool idea honestly and it’s an okay show, but it’s not okay enough to try and watch with everything else going so it’s a direct-to-PTW for sure for me.

Danmachi 2

I’ve been looking so forward to this since the first season ended – let alone since they immediately announced a season 2 was coming…then they made that awful spinoff that had nothing to do with the character it was entirely supposed to be about…then they made some movie I think because everything nowadays cancels their greenlit S2 for fucking movies. So I was pretty disheartened and figured they’d never actually make another season, but here nearly 5 years later it’s finally time to go back to this really neat and creative setting, great cast, and really superb character development.

At least I hope the last thing remains in place, it’s too hard to tell off the first episode but with where season 1 left off Bell is kind of really strong now so a lot of that pseudo coming-of-age stuff may not be as doable.

More importantly, while the episode overall was pretty good and there was a nice sequence of events between Bell and Linca, the whole thing with this Apollo Familia kinda made me really worried about how this season will be. This guy’s just a random made up super-edgelord, worse, he’s the “I HAVE TWO SIDES – PERFECT GENTLEMAN AND TWISTED FUCKING PSYCHOPATH” type and it’s just stupid and seems to be what might be the main focus at least for the first chunk of episodes if not a lot more than that. It feels like a typical case of the writer not realizing why his books were liked prior to this point and so the anime being stuck following the same misstep. Hoping for the best but I got a bad feeling.

And I THINK that’s everything. I started out saying it’s a great summer cuz of tits, but honestly almost everything airing is really interesting, fun, or cool, and pretty much all of it has at least some cuties and most importantly I feel actually like really into most of these and not just “yeah its okay, I guess”. Though at the same time every single show has an obnoxious impossible title. Anyway, that’s that.

2 responses to “Summer 2019 Picks/Early Thoughts

  1. Hey, I was debating with myself to trash talk here some or not, but decided not to. I am just going to tell you, that your comments about Kill la Kill from 2013 really annoyed me, and even in this post, I find more that I disagree than I agree with. That’s almost a masterpiece, and it’s kinda sad that you can’t see it..


    • A little weird to hear complaints about something in 2013 in a new post in 2019 (I don’t think I mentioned it here?), but that’s okay just saying it’s surprising to randomly see not a problem at all. I get KLK was popular and I understand some of the reasoning for people liking it, I just don’t agree that any of that reasoning was legitimate based on the content, writing, and clear intent of the series. Though “almost a masterpiece” I’d really have to challenge you on, even if everything people said was legitimately sincere and it wasn’t any of the reasons I dislike it, claiming it was a masterpiece when even technical measurable details about it were objectively sub-par is a bit ridiculous. Honestly, I can’t really defend my feelings on the show any better than how I already did back in that 2013 post (albeit that was a post about the fanbase, not the show itself, though admittedly I discussed my feelings on it as well) so it’s not worth getting into again.


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