How to Easily do Multiplayer in Monster Hunter World with Friends


People keep whining about how impossible, convoluted, and a huge pain playing multiplayer with a friend/friends is. It’s not. It’s some case of retarded mass hysteria from one retard not knowing how to do it, claiming his weird bullshit he figured out that’s 30 steps longer than it needs to be is factually the only way to do it, and for some reason everyone believing that even now 2 weeks later. I’m sure there are more reputable places that maybe have this INCREDIBLY FUCKING SIMPLE guide down but I’ve seen so many fucking people who – as usual – do no research, no experimentation of their own, and just “well someone said it so it must be true!” so I felt I should write something.




First off – you do NOT need to be in any special server situation, you can be in a room with 10 randoms as long as you and your friend are IN THE SAME ONE. You can do that either through PSN friends list/now playing list and joining their game even if you’re playing already or if they do a squad server you can just join that directly in the game.

Secondly, you never – I mean absolutely fucking never under any circumstance need to use the SOS flare for co-op with a friend. In fact by using the flare YOU ARE ALMOST ASSURING YOU WILL NOT PLAY WITH YOUR FRIEND. The SOS flare system is simply in the game to make it so each 16 player “server” is not the only pool of players you can rely on for help – it opens up your free spaces to the entire game across all the servers. Really using the SOS flare for co-op with a friend is the biggest fuck-up of all the misinformation about how to do this.

Thirdly, no, you do not need to “go into a mission then quit out of it after the cutscene” to do this.

Now how to do it.

If it is a story mission that you have not done before:

Remember the first thing – be in the same ‘server’ as your friend(s), start the mission. That’s it. That is literally the ABSOLUTE ENTIRETY of what you do. Once the cutscene is over they can join with you doing NOTHING FURTHER.

If it a story mission that your friend has not done before:

If you’re trying to join a mission your friend is doing that has a cutscene have them start the mission with you in the same ‘server’. Once they start the mission go to a mission board/your handler and pick Multiplayer. Pick the first option – NOT the SOS option. Then pick Assignments. Their mission will be listed but blacked out until the cutscene is over and you can now join their game. That is the entire process.

If you have them on voice chat they can even tell you “the cutscene is over” so if you’re off crafting or masturbating or even out on an expedition or something you can go back to a quest board and join at any time. There is nothing barring you ever at any point from joining the mission once the cutscene is over, no SOS flare, no random chance, nothing aside you clicking to join a multiplayer assignment mission and picking the one that shows your friends name as the player. If you want to be EXTRA safe you can even put a password on the mission so if your friend is taking a shit while waiting and they take 10 minutes longer nobody will steal their slot in the game.


That is it. That is the entirety of how to play co-op with a friend. VERY complicated!

If it’s not a story mission then it’s even easier because it’s identical minus waiting for the cutscene to end. Just go to multiplayer and join (mission type they are doing) and you can join at any time even if they’re 30 minutes in and about to complete the mission and never flared or if they started 30 seconds ago and did flare.

Stop being fucking retards and start figuring shit out on your own instead of seeing some shit on /v/ or whatever fuckawful reddit shithole you sit around in and use your fucking brain and start researching how 15% of the US population commits over 50% of all violent crimes and how it’s a factual impossibility for any group of people even in the modern day to burn 6 million bodies in the time they supposedly did.

“But I want to do EXPEDITIONS with friends!”

This is the only one that’s a little dumb, but all you have to do is add the step of “pick something easy like a side mission to collect mushrooms” and then click R3 when the quest is completed to return to camp and not disband. Truly difficult.

[HorribleSubs] ClassicaLoid S2 - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.16_[2017.12.30_16.35.02]

If all that stuff was too difficult for you to understand because you’re so fucking retarded here’s a quick shorter version:

  1. Be in same server.
  2. Go to a quest board and join MP mission (not SOS) and the mission type your friend is doing.
  3. Choose the mission they are doing (with their name listed in the player list, not someone else’s)
  4. If yo

WOAHHHH I know it’s tough but you can handle it now, but maybe not until after your daily Tide Pod.

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