The Worst Anime of 2016

There was a fat load of poo in the loo this year so I figured I’d give it some attention.

Worst Presentation

mob shithole 100

Mob Psycho 100

This is a show that perfectly proves that presentation really does matter to some extent and that you can’t just claim everything is “style” and somehow acceptable. If you make something ugly enough and obnoxious and irritating enough to look at it most definitely ruins ANY potential it could otherwise hold unless it’s fucking extraordinary. Mob Psycho 100 is absolutely NOT extraordinary, hell, it’s pretty fucking shit even beyond how it looks – but the fact is its few good points could have made it an alright show if it hadn’t been for the purposefully godawful constantly obnoxious tryhard presentation it comes packaged with.


Worst Plot Twist


Gundam IBO – Merribit and Big Black

Merribit and Big Black being canonically paired up. I wouldn’t refer to him as “big black” but fuck if I remember his name they say it like once in the entirety of season 1 and maybe one more time in season 2 so far. I don’t have any problem with the fact it really does clash with my “OTP” or anything like that, nor do I really hate the relationship itself in basic concept. The issue that makes this so big of a deal is that it goes against the entire canon of season 1 in regards to the three characters involved (Orga, Merribit, and Big Black) and completely destroys any believability behind Orga’s developments, choices, and overall ability to be how he is throughout the season. It’s disappointing because it’s as big a fuck-up as the very clearly retconned deaths in season 1’s finale where a girl we see chopped very clearly shown almost fully in half is, minutes later, completely fine without even a bandage or blood or any sign of being hurt at all and another who we heard the bones being crushed of is also totally fine and chilling out on a blanket all because “season 2 got greenlit we should probably keep the popular slut girl”.

Anyway, Merribit and this guy not only destroyed a very maturely handled very important to the story relationship, but made Orga and so many of the events in season 1 completely unbelievable in retrospect because of how much the relationship between Merribit and Orga impacted every single thing he did, said, and made others do – as well as her being the only person he ever opened up with and was physical with at all let alone who he’d allow to criticize his judgment (and actually care) with anything from a talking to to a simple stern angry-wife glance. None of Orga’s decisions or how he handles things at all makes sense if he doesn’t have her in a romantic capacity.

I’d have gone with the very obvious nazi RATts from Haifuri but I feel like that just outright was a fucking terrible show especially because of that, while Gundam takes a heavier meaningful blow because the show itself was/is still fantastic but very crippled by this information especially in retrospect.


Most Infuriating Thing


Ueda haters

I really don’t want to go to far into this because I’m STILL ages later planning on eventually working on that post about Orange and why it’s fucking garbage which also involves discussing this heavily. Why does this piss me off so much? Because people who hate her are mindless retards buying into shitty protagonist-centered morality and saying she’s a cunt for doing LITERALLY NOTHING aside being essentially cheated on for multiple episodes (weeks in the show) and being a little upset about it to the point that, oh no, she sometimes says a few snide remarks to the girl that’s trying to bang her boyfriend or oh shit, she made her carry some books one time when it was actually HER responsibility! She literally bullies her in the most childish ways and never does anything remotely serious or harmful. The fact the entire fanbase of this godawful show praise the “protagonists” for harassing her in very legitimately fucked up ways and even physically assaulting her at one point just for being kind of a bitch (with very good reason for her being that way) is insane and definitely the most upsetting thing that happened in anime this year. It was YOUR friend that was trying to be this girl’s boyfriend’s side bitch secretly and eventually steal him away, she has all the right in the world to not like her but everyone watching somehow thinks of her as the devil and applauds every time they do anything fucked up to her like slap the shit out of her for no reason. Ueda literally did nothing wrong but because of anime fans lacking any thought they just go “well she’s an obstacle for the main characters to get together so she’s a shitty person”. I went way more into this than I wanted to here and the show is shit anyway so don’t bother watching it.

Also the fact that dude in the show is a LITERAL CANONICAL ACTUAL GENUINE CUCKOLD is just mind blowing but it’s too hilarious to be infuriating. I’m getting off track though.


Stupidest Moment

Can't find my screenshot of the scene so here's mumei being cute.

Can’t find my screenshot of the scene so here’s mumei being cute.


There’s a point in Kabaneri where these guys try running over the MC with a train – fine, but it’s a train going from a full stop to hit him and he’s not injured, unaware, tied down, or anything else. He’s literally just way far down the tracks and it’s a perfectly clear day as well. Just step out of the fucking way he has like 5 minutes to do it even.


Worst Directing

Look at this fucking cuck, jesus christ.

Look at this fucking hipster cuck, jesus christ.

Kyohei Ishiguro

You might be thinking “literally who” and you should be, but to clear that up he directed Occultic;Nine. The directing in this show is just godawful in every possible way from retarded as shit camera angles and switching between them pointlessly to those problems being coupled with the near unbelievably awful script that makes everybody completely not believable as human beings and talk in ways that nobody ever would. Don’t forget the first two episodes (and peppered in throughout the rest of the show) having about 6 episodes worth of dialogue in the script and so forcing everyone to talk retardedly fast and cramming so much “story” in that it cuts between up to 8 different scenes and story beats all within SECONDS of one another without any segue or anything whatsoever sometimes just leaving mid-thought to another. It’s become very apparent why this guy has no real credits to his name aside directing an episode or two for random shows every now and then with one exception of another terrible series. I won’t blame the writing on him though – that’s just a certain writer being a total fucking fluke when it came to steins;gate and writing nothing but shit aside it.


Worst Anime Of The Year



I’d go into it but I already wrote a review! It’s too hard to really sum it up without leaving out so much wrong with this pile of shit and without going into how much of a massive disappointment it was either. Simply terrible to the point of being, at times, hilarious – yet not worthy of really naming as “so bad it’s good” either because the vast majority of it is just plain shit rather than amusingly terrible.

Runners-up: Orange, Haifuri


This was short but expect somewhat longer AOTY, GOTY, and “best of the year” anime stuff posts before the year is over (hopefully).

14 responses to “The Worst Anime of 2016

  1. All that talk of anime fans cheering when a character they don’t like is bullied reminds me Koe no Katachi, or that time Haruhi blackmailed another student with false rape accusations for her own selfish gain, which we’re somehow supposed to find “cute” and “funny”. I gave up trying to understand anime fans ages ago.


    • Oh yeah, didn’t even make the connection to koe no katachi but you’re completely right. Really any time a protagonist does anything terrible it’s not just acceptable, but a great thing, because they’re the lead!


  2. I realize the train scene in Kabaneri was done for the same reason everything else in the show was done, to be FUCKIN COOL(since he stops it with his bare hands and all), but if you want me to turn my brain off and enjoy cool shit you gotta make sure I don’t notice that something makes absolutely no sense.


  3. Wow this is an interesting list. Mob psycho and erased were actually very popular anime. And I’ve enjoyed them both. But I guess everyone has their own thing. Haha


    • I’m not trying to shill it or anything but I did a pretty long review of Erased that I linked there and I think I explained pretty well why I completely hated it, it might make more sense for it being my worst of the year if you put aside a little time to read that if you’re interested in a more fleshed out reason than the admittedly meaningless “It’s shit” that I gave here.

      And I mean Mob Psycho maybe could have been good to me given I loved OPM, but I just couldn’t get past how offensively try-hard, edgy, and just plain ugly it was as well as the writing in the few episodes I got through. Like I was saying, there are limits to things like “style” and this went well above what I can take. Doesn’t mean the actual show itself was terrible throughout just that I couldn’t stomach it (hence “worst presentation” rather than being the worst show or even a runner-up for that cuz who knows, maybe I’d like it if the writing gets better later on and the art wasn’t how it is.).

      As for being popular, that really doesn’t mean anything one way or another to be honest, popularity has no real bearing on the quality of something.


    • I bet that if mob psycho hadn’t looked like hot garbage I woulda enjoyed it at least a little. There was some fun stuff in that first episode like the dude trying to use regular ass salt on spirits, and the ghost of the biker gang because japanese biker gangs are always fun and silly.

      But both I and tallon can NOT get past the way it looks. It’s so damn ugly.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah no I wasn’t upset or anything at all, just letting you know in case you were interested in understanding why I feel how I do about it instead of just seeing me say “It’s bad and I hate it” cuz I know that’s a pretty limited answer. I’m not sure what I said to make you take it wrong but I’m not bothered or angry or anything and was just trying to give a full response. Sorry it came off wrong somehow!

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