Keijo!!!!!!!! – Female Empowerment and Modern Feminism’s Biggest Problem


I hate a lot of things. That includes a lot of women, all feminists, all social justice warriors, and the entirety of the regressive left (though I suppose that’s basically a synonym for those last two things) – so it’s a little weird bringing up such a clearly “feminist” subject as empowering women but I felt it was worth the time. Keijo is a show that you expect anything BUT(t?) that from, it’s essentially a very fanservice filled butt-and-boob battle sports shounen about a main cast of college girls trying their best to become stars in a fictional professional sport pulled right out of the Dead or Alive spin-off Xtreme games. Loads of juicy ass, big voluptuous titties, and a sport that focuses on these things smashing and bouncing and flying all over. How’s that “empowering” and not demeaning, disgusting, gross, and the pure objectification of women as a sexual object?


Well, within just the ~2 minute intro of the very first episode the answer should be apparent. The reason I’m writing this post at all is because that fact will go missing to most people, and that’s just not fair to the show. Beyond that, it provides a good example of what’s wrong with feminism today and how backwards their thinking is when something like this – something that without a doubt empowers young girls and women and also teaches them to be proud of their bodies no matter what it looks like and to follow their passions no matter what they are – is surely somehow horrible tasteless trash that’s one step away from being literal rape and clearly the evil patriarchy brainwashing these girls into partaking in this game.


This is a show that has a lead female who is very proud, very passionate, is not an idiot, is not clumsy, idealized, or fetishized, and is very interested in this sport – she’s a strong independent realistic girl who is pursuing what she loves who is fighting her way to the top against many like her. Everyone in the show has believable and meaningful ambitions and reasons for wanting to become pros as well, for example one of the roommates of the lead (another member of the main cast) is trying her best to become famous in this sport to save her small rural village from dying out because the baby boomers from WWII are dying off, not many kids are being born there, and nobody is moving in because it’s a hobunk little place. She hopes making a name for herself will attract people to her town to revitalize it and help it grow. A noble ambition that you can and do find in real life with many professional athletes. Plenty of others want to do it for other reasons, such as the lead who simply feels that strong passion but also loves the high-pay she’ll get and looks forward to seeing the world through all the places playing would take her.


This “sport” – Keijo – is also simply seen as just that; a sport, not a pseudo-porn shoot. Look at something like volleyball – does anyone scream about it sexualizing women and being a male fantasy so they can grip their dicks to it? No, yet if anything it’s more sexual than most things feminists scream about given it VERY UNNECESSARILY has girls even in their young teens wearing incredibly beyond-tight “shorts” that fit like panties 3 sizes too small pulled out and somehow stuck to their asses as a new layer of skin. That’s acceptable to modern society in real life, so why shouldn’t a fictional martial art pro-sport that is MUCH LESS pointlessly sexualized be okay?


Here they wear swimsuits because it takes place in a pool (swimsuits, not bikinis even, so not even revealing outfits really), it takes place in a pool because the entire sport is based around keeping balance while both attacking and defending, and the way to win is being the last-woman-standing. Which, oh yeah, this is of course a woman-only sport – another straight-out-of-the-feminist-handbook specialty, something men are entirely blocked out of participating in because that’s “equality” to them, yet somehow it’s surely something these people would scream about regardless.


Aside that, as mentioned, the show really does portray all sorts of girls in terms of looks, breast size, ass size, fat or skinny bodies, sexy, nerdy, neutral, tall, short; any type of girl’s personality, upbringing, home town AND looks are on display here all on EQUAL TERMS. Nobody is treated better or worse or blocked from participating in Keijo because of how they look or how they act – aside from if they have a penis of course because this sport just doesn’t work without the boobs and butts really. It doesn’t really rag on anybody for their body either, in the first episode there was only one single insult and it was from a cunt who lost right after anyway and all she did was call the secondary lead “flat”. Nor does it treat it like any of them are “ugly” or anything, even just to the viewer.


This sport, and the show, are both INCREDIBLY inclusive to every type of girl out there and pushes the idea that no matter what your body type, no matter how you look, no matter what your personality is like or where you are from, you can succeed if you really put in the effort and are no better OR WORSE than your peers due to anything aside that effort. True equality for everyone involved. What you put in you get out, and everyone can find advantages and disadvantages in equal value from one person to another, it’s all about exploiting those attributes and putting the odds in your favor against a very diverse set of opponents.


Another important point is that feeling I mentioned earlier of the sport in-universe not being seen as anything but a real professional sport, not some mockery of sports to jerk off to and ogle women. In fact even as just a viewer of the anime the show takes it seriously and treats it as a genuine sports anime, I wasn’t sitting here with my dick out or even thinking about the bodies of the girls but rather intrigued and excited by the really unique very well directed action taking place and the hotbloodedness of the cast as well as the more fun less action-packed moments and enjoyable characters. This is a true sports series, not some cheap pretend one that just uses it as an excuse for fanservice and even the battles themselves are really cool and have you rooting for the main girls – and something that feminists should be showcasing as a great example of portraying strong and diverse women without coming off as creepy or derisive even while being almost literally about butts and boobs. Instead it’ll be ridiculed and treated as another example of a sexual fantasy of men because “well there are girls in it so what else could it be” which is essentially their belief now. Sexuality doesn’t mean sexism.

23 responses to “Keijo!!!!!!!! – Female Empowerment and Modern Feminism’s Biggest Problem

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  2. Keijo may be inclusive, it may have strong female characters and it may not be parodied in universe, but at the end of the day it’s still a show about boobs and butts. It’s Keijo’s greatest weakness, where every step forward in progressivism is immediately followed by a step back by either unnecessary fan service or fetishisation of rape. The characters do not see it as a sport for the sexual objectification of women (except for when they do, as Miyata wants to be a swimsuit model and Aoba is shows reading ‘Keijo’ magazines that are sexualised depictions of the pro athletes), but despite supposedly being empowering it’s still wrapped in a narrative about a women’s sport defined by TNA.

    If it was really a satire of sports anime and the rampant fan service in the industry, it wouldn’t be perpetrating those same flaws it seeks to criticise. Nothing it does can overcome that fact.


    • If this was written by an obese Muslim woman living in Seattle you’d be praising it far more than I, and that just proves the problem. You’re attacking it because of who made it rather than for the content involved, even if you aren’t mentioning the staff at all – as your view of the show is painted by the fact it was made by men and so it is, by default, a gross sexual depiction of women for fellow men to rub off to. Or, at least, that’s how your comment seems to me.

      One of the primary elements of the feminist and social justice doctrines is being proud of your body, comfortable in your skin, and feeling attractive even if you weigh 500 pounds, have tiny tits, or have a major physical defect because you are a woman and so you are beautiful and should always feel pride in that and never be blocked from certain possibilities in life (one very big one they want women of all types to be proud of doing according to tumblr, the mainstream media, and feminists in general elsewhere – ironically one you bring up, modeling). There’s a reason 90% of feminist and social justice related parades, events, etc all involve topless women parading themselves around in public. If you don’t scream about those women doing that being somehow men essentially raping them, forcing them into it, and sexualizing the shit out of them – how is a magazine with professional athletes of all shapes and sizes in their sports outfits doing model photoshoots and occasionally showcasing the beauty of the female figure (or “TNA” as you call it) somehow aggressively non-progressive? If anything it’s the feminist ideal, just look at how often the media, feminists, and social justice warriors do things like get Amy Schumer to do photoshoots in nothing but her panties and a bra and portray it as a beautiful strong incredibly empowering depiction of a woman who is the ideal for their movement and has no need to feel shame over her disgusting obesity and malformed face? You are working against your own point by ignoring the billion real world examples of the exact situations in this show that are in real life instead TREATED AS TRIUMPHS AND EMPOWERING MOMENTS FOR THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT.

      It’s also strange you find a girl’s dream of being a swimsuit model as somehow sexualization of that character – when did feminists start believing they could control the wishes of women and somehow tell themselves that’s okay? Do you think no females in real life whatsoever are proud of enough of their bodies to make a living with them or, for whatever other reason, can look up to CERTAIN JOBS just because you personally see them with negative self-perceived connotations about abusing them for their bodies for men to masturbate over? You also say this after originally saying nobody sees the sport as sexual objectification “except when they do” but nobody ever does. The example you gave was “because one of them wants to be a model”, which makes no sense unless you believe absolutely everyone sees absolutely everything as sexual objectification because you’re connecting an unrelated job (model) with the sport. Guess who else models? Oh, every celebrity ever, every musician ever, every sports player ever, etc. Is being a violinist a sexually objectified career because there are some people who do that for a living but have also done a photoshoot without a hijab on? Even then, why is it somehow a “bad thing” for someone to feel comfortable enough with themselves that they can enjoy doing such photoshoots? How is that a negative if they want to do so and choose to do so? Why can’t a girl dream of being a model without being treated like less (as you are doing) for wanting that?

      You are literally the problem with feminism, social justice, and progressivism. You don’t want anyone to have equality or be proud – you want everyone, including the people you supposedly tell yourself you’re fighting to help, to only be allowed to feel, think, live, and even DREAM the way you specifically want them to and within your personal moral checklist and personal perception of positive and negative. A woman who is proud of her body and is actually attractive is an object of the patriarchy and should be treated like shit for it, a morbidly obese walmart sharter is beautiful and should not be shamed for taking near-nude photos for money. A young woman dreaming of being a swimsuit model is a filthy sexualization of women by men for jerk off fuel, but women who are openly actual whores should feel no shame for loving sex and shouldn’t be “slut shamed”. Not to mention half of what you say makes no sense, as mentioned by another comment – what “fetishisation of rape” exists in any form in Keijo? Even by a massive stretch I can’t imagine where you pulled that from. Only further adds to you being a problem to your own supposed cause – you’ve helped devalue the word “rape” from once meaning a very fucking terrible and incredibly seriously screwed up thing and turning it into a joke because you’ve turned such a heinous crime into a catch-all for “things I don’t like” even to the level of including “someone looked in my direction” as being included as rape if you so choose. It’s disgusting, and so are you for perpetuating that logic.


      • If Keijo were a biography, sure, there would be nothing wrong with the character’s intentions. But it isn’t, it was designed, written, animated and produced by people that want to sell a story. Nozomi is not a real person. Anything she does has been designed within a narrative, which while it may be empowering, it makes sure you get a nice long look at her while she does so. Same for Miyata, her being a swimsuit model isn’t good for her personal benefit, because she’s a character in a story. It’s good for the viewers, because now we get to see hot waifus in revealing swimwear.

        In other words, if Keijo was instead about, say, Judo, would the show be objectively worse? The show could’ve just been about a group of girls getting better at any sport, but someone somewhere decided that it had to be about bikinis, and in my opinion the anime is worse for it. That’s all it is really, my opinion. No need to project all this nonsense that I’m out to get ur anime tiddies the damn sjews, I’m only saying Keijo’s not actually as wonderful as you make it out to be.

        Also, this ‘fetishisation of rape’ is real I assure you; it’s all of Kusakai’s character. I look forward to your explanation of how her ‘Queen of Hip’ ability in episode 9 or Nozomi’s ‘Vibe Ring Hip’ are in fact completely consensual and very empowering.


        • That’s amazing. So they cannot make personal choices, have personal dreams, have their own memories or feelings, or anything else that goes against your point because they are not real people and thus somehow that means they can’t have those things (odd, given one of the most basic elements of fiction writing is giving your characters that autonomy and the most basic element of CONSUMING fiction is suspension of disbelief about characters not being real things because they are characters in a narrative) – but they can consent or not consent to something? That’s really amazing, given consent is literally a choice you personally have to make even though that, according to you, would be IMPOSSIBLE for a not-real character to feel any direction about because they feel nothing as they are not real and the idea of “choice” is something that does not exist for something that also doesn’t exist and thus “rape”, “consent”, and even things like sexualization or objectification are impossible because the thing does not exist to begin with unless you are LITERALLY arguing that there is a way to “sexualize” lines on a digital screen or piece of paper. These are drawings that have no gender, no soul, are not living beings, so unless you can rape a table you can’t claim rape against anything in anime because these are just that – “things” – not people, not animals, not even living in the way grass does, they are literally nothing but lines with color in them and anything else the author applied to them is irrelevant because they are, in the end, nothing real. Claiming there needs to be “consent” is ridiculous in that case, more than the example of raping a table, because at least a table exists to begin with – there is absolutely nothing to consent or not consent to because nothing is happening.

          Also odd that you think something in a sport is something you can consent or not consent to as long as it’s within the boundaries of rules – or do you think the WWE stops every 3 seconds to make sure when you accidentally touched a crotch region of a competitor that the other party does not feel wronged and assaulted? Should the NFL also stop the game if someone feels a hand on their ass because of a tackle and police ushered onto the field to arrest the sexual predator? More accurately to your point – should chess be banned because combating the queen piece is an act of literal rape? And really, you still don’t seem to know what fucking “rape” means anyway aside “A BREAST WAS TOUCHED” which is factually and legally in no way rape. Hell, even if you ran up to girls on the street and slapped their tits or started sucking on them at random it’d be molestation and groping, not rape which is 100% defined as unwillful PENETRATION. This proves, again, you are very literally just a retarded tumblrite from reddit who thinks rape is anything you don’t like.

          There are so many flaws and contradictions in what you’re saying and it’s not one bit surprising.


        • Oh no, heaven forbid that a fictional character be written to want to show off her sexy body, gosh the world is just gonna fucking END.

          Surely this will lead to the rape of many women, or at least rampant misogyny.

          Listen if you don’t like the show, fine, but stop acting like it at all matters that it’s meant to be appealing to men.


        • Oh, and nobody is making keijo out to be some wonderful progressive feminist show(aside a few weird feminists themselves), this post was entirely a pre-emptive counter-argument to any feminists who wanted to come out of the wood work and complain about muh misogyny, which is bound to happen for this show.

          You’re doing it right now.


        • And yeah wow, how on earth do you both claim they can’t make any choices of their own so it’s still bad/not empowering/just audience titilation for them to wanna smash their tits and asses together

          BUT, they also have enough autonomy to not consent to something as if their actual real people.

          It’s this contadictory double-think and hypocrisy which makes me absolutely hate feminist theory and feminst readings. You people couldn’t properly analyze a narrative if your life depended on it.


    • You heard it here first folks, women are literally promoting rape by being proud of their bodies they worked hard for. From now on no female should ever be allowed to wear revealing clothing, in fact they should be covered from head to toe 24/7 and never be allowed to fuck a man or do whatever they want with their own bodies unless I deem it necessary. Trust me it’s totally empowering for them.

      Seriously though, fertilization of rape? I personally know a few feminists/SJWs IRL who are (or were) big fans of anime that treat rape as a joke i.e Haruhi Suzimiya, and I don’t mean rape in the morally ambiguous sense either, I mean the “uncomfortably fondling a girl’s breasts without her consent, then forcibly undressing her in public while ignoring her pleas for you to stop” kind of rape, which is something the show expects us to laugh at. Yet shit like that gets a free pass while a show where girls of all shapes, colors and sizes come together to battle it out using their boobs and butts – which I might add they had to work hard out of their own free will to hone into a weapon – THAT is the show that’s somehow saying it’s okay to take advantage of women? Yeah um, not really, no. As Tallon already explained, by casually throwing around the term “rape” every time you see some boobs and butts, you’ve ironically become the very thing you despise the most – you’re making light of a word that originally referred to a legitimate crime against women/men, and turned it into a label you can just slap onto anything you deem “problematic” because Lord knows the worst thing a woman can do is show off some curves.


  3. I also read the manga and in the manga you learn more about the past of the characters. Also the first episode starts from chapter 30. So if you like the anime and dont want to get spoiled by the manga, you can read the first 30 chapter to better understand the motives of the characters and also their past especially about Sayaka Miyata and how she quit judo. The girl with the black twin tail hair in the first episode plays in the manga a every important rolle in Sayakas past. The 2 episode starts from chapter 37. I like both the manga and the anime. Both have their cons and pros. In the manga you have more nudity (especially the bath scene) and in the anime the ass attacks are better animated than in the manga. :)


    • Getting more backstory sounds pretty cool both literally actual backstory and “backstory” in the fanservice way, so I might check that out actually. Thanks for letting me know it’s safe too cuz yeah, definitely don’t want to spoil anything. Sayaka is actually my favorite one so far aside her rival (who I only like more because of her character design) so I wouldn’t mind learning more about her.


    • You’re right, I’m sorry, I’ve checked my privilege and denounce all whites, males, and heterosexuals. This show and my life are a travesty and a sin nobody should have to share the earth with. All cis scum need to go im going to donate all my money to black lives matter and Soros’ Open Society Foundation right now vote Hillary!!!!



  4. It’s definitely silly about it and has lots of nice to look at tits and ass, the battles have moments like tits squishing against each other and a girl sticking her face in an ass, but these feel more like fun sexy jokes that happen sometimes rather than just outright fanservice. Sure a lot of it is funny because it’s like BUTT CANNON and BUTT GUILLOTINE and BUTT THAT LOOKS LIKE BOOBS??? but that’s because this a very silly show and is also parodying sports shounen in general.

    The battle itself is yes, taken seriously by the show, it’s characters, and you’re meant to take it seriously as well. Yes you laff because it’s silly, but it’s also really intense and engaging. You really get into it, as well as having some nice sexies to look at and some silly butt jokes.


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