Fall 2016 Anime Picks

Yet again an anime season is coming to a close and so it’s time to prepare for the very soon start of Fall’s shows (or by the time this is up, the already started shows, I suppose). Sorry for not having a post in a long while (well I did that Battery one, but I didn’t want to mention this stuff in it) – recent events in the real world both in the US and EU have kept me too busy wrestling with sadness and anger (and laughs, as we live in a world where politicians attack cartoon frogs as their main campaign) to bother, and on top of that I’ve had a few weeks of being sick and paranoia about becoming more sick hampering me too as well as some other personal issues messing with my head. I hope to start writing again more often and even have a pretty long post thought out and even filled with thousands of words of notes that was meant to go up weeks ago but I really need to take my time and go through it and properly write it out. It’s about Orange, mostly centered around Ueda though also written in a way that can get across the point if you haven’t watched/dropped/enjoy the show, and hopefully will be up in not too long from now – but no promises. I’ll also say right away this is a season where for most things I know nothing about them so don’t expect much in the way of reasoning this time around, with some exceptions. I mean that’s kind of how I always do it, but I feel like I’m going in even MORE blind than usual. I also have a really bad migraine for a few days now and so I’m not bothering to proofread this.

Anyway, it’s time for the picks;

*This doesn’t include continuing Jojo Part 4 and Regalia, which I’ll be doing, nor does it include OVAs/Specials/Movies.


12-Sai. Chiccha na Mune no Tokimeki 2 – This is yellow but it should be red and I forgot to change it. I want to watch it but I couldn’t find the first season being subbed when it was airing so I still haven’t seen any of it.

3-gatsu no Lion/March Comes in Like a Lion – This is one I was hoping would eventually happen ever since learning about it being another work from the Honey & Clover mangaka and also saw that really good music video with Bump of Chicken…but then it was announced that Shaft was making it. I’m not going to get into why that’s such a big problem here, but I had no intention of even trying it regardless of my interest and excitement of someday seeing it finally becoming possible. I decided after seeing a trailer that made it look not-Shaft at all that I’ll give it a very small chance and keep that going throughout. It’s a show I will drop from the slightest misstep especially in the animation aspect and adaptation aspects – ones that are undoubtedly Shaft’s fault. Hopefully it’s great though.

All Out!! – Rugby is cool because it’s just kind of gay football and football is the best thing ever. Not soccer which is arguably one of the most girly faggy sports imaginable, but actual football. I’d watch it because rugby is alright but the character designs are just the worst. Insanely overly-masculine and weird looking.

Bloodivores – This season has a lot of really good-stupid titles for shows and this is really high up there and honestly that title is the main reason I want to give it a shot. The story does actually sound like it could be interesting in a dumb fun way too but I can’t imagine it being something I’d recommend at all.


Booby Blanks – No thank you.

Bungou Stray Dogs 2 – The first season of this was pretty great with a lot of silly fun, good action, and a very likable cast on both the protagonist and antagonist sides with a lot of self awareness. Definitely looking forward to seeing more.

ClassicaLoid – There’s like magic-using versions of vocaloids that are based on old classical famous composers and then giant robots and aliens attack. I have to try something that sounds so…that.

Digimon – After playing Digimonstory Cybersleuth I actually have some positive feelings towards the franchise, but no interest in this one. Wish they would have adapted Cybersleuth, it’s pretty cool.


Flip Flappers – I’m mostly in this for the title. Aside that, if it’s not an edgy tryhard piece of shit that believes Madoka deconstructed anything it could be a good Mahou Shoujo and those are rare to come by ever since the genre became a fucking parody of itself for manchildren.

Fune wo Amu – This is the type of show that people always ignore and always ends up fantastic in theory. It sounds really interesting in a simple way and very much focused on characters. Hopefully this follows in what was a failed attempt, but still an attempt, by Battery to better the Noitamina slot again and actually succeeds.

Haikyuu – I’m not into dudes.

Heybot! – HI. I’M HANDIBOT.


Idol Memories – No.

Kaitou Joker 4 – No.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans 2 – FUCK YES.

Long Riders! – This seems like it’s riding (get it) on the popularity of Bakuon and going with bicycles instead of motorcycles. Not quite as cool but could be a fun and cute thing so I’ll definitely check it out.


Luger Code 1951 – The unique focus on cryptography makes this seem like it could be pretty cool.

Magic-kyun Renaissance – I’ll admit I like me some UtaPri and such, and I’m well aware of how many times it and others have been ripped off but man this just looks like a chinese knockoff rather than a “we made our own similar thing”. It pisses me off.

Monster Hunter – MonHun is literally the shittiest franchise in the genre it essentially created. No interest.

Nanbaka – I don’t know what this is but a prison comedy could be fun.


Occultic;Nine – Apparently this is from the author of Steins;Gate, so I guess I’ll give it a chance.

Pokemon Sun & Moon – No Misty, No Watch.

Show By Rock – A new season of a show I didn’t watch.

Shuumatsu no Izetta – This lady got an anti-materiel rifle and all the short clips from trailers look pretty cool. Not sure what to expect fully but of the new (so not including something like Gundam IBO 2) shows I’m probably most excited to see what this is all about.


Stella no Mahou – New Game but in high school, could be total shit but could also be cute fun.

Tiger Mask W – King Versus King. Tekken is shit, no thanks.

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru – With Europe outright rewriting history to be “progressive” and changing facts and races of people in the past this couldn’t come at a more perfect time. I’m not sure what this is compare to the Ufotable Touken Ranbu coming later, but both deal with trying to save history from being fucked with. Sounds cool to me, and this seems like a less serious fun spinoff/rethinking/sidestory or something?

Trickster – Looks and sounds gay. Yeah, gay.


UtaPri – I said I like me some UtaPri, and I do, but I think I’m like 2 seasons behind, this show just keeps going.

Vivid Strike – I’ve always meant to but I still have watched absolutely nothing of Nanoha so this will have to wait.

WWW.Working!! – It’d take a full post to explain every reason I absolutely refuse to watch this, but in short just look at it. It’s not a sequel, not a spin-off, it’s just one of the laziest things I’ve ever seen done in the medium. I really mean that, this is possibly genuinely the most lazy piece of shit I’ve seen in my entire life aside myself. We took Inami but made some of her hair go outward instead of in and traded her personality with Poplar. We made Souma blond. I could go through all of them – these aren’t new characters, they’re “we changed one aspect of the looks of each cast member and swapped personality traits so we could make more money”.

Yuri!!! on ICE – I love unique sports shows and the only other ice skating thing I can think of was that one that was about some dead dude’s ghost or some shit which is probably actually not bad but I still haven’t gotten around to it. Anyway, definitely interested in trying this out because sports anime tends to be pretty good and with the 105+ temps going on in southern California even now in October, I could sure use a show that takes place in this sort of cold setting.


Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari – Somethin about a cute smusher squirrel boy and an Udon Kingdom. I see no excuse not to watch this it looks real cute.

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda / Kiss Him, Not Me – This is one I was actually always meaning to read until it got an adaptation announced so I just waited. It’s about a fujoshi who ends up with a harem but wants the guys to love each other instead of her and the silliness surrounding that concept. I don’t know who that cute girl with her is maybe she’s a lesbian.


Soushin Shoujo Matoi – No thanks.

Time Bokan 24 – This is another case of the Europeans ruining history with anti-white propaganda and this boy goes through time learning the truth of history. Well, no, in this case he goes through a fun alt-history where, like the description says, stuff like Cleopatra being a manzai team happens. It sounds fun and like there are a lot of real good original jokes to be made. It feels like they took Time Travel Girls and instead of going through real history and learning real science, making it about silly untrue “possibilities”.


Natsume Yuujinchou Season 3820 – This show was “okay” in season 1 and even halfway through that was getting boring. I don’t understand how this has like 30 full-length seasons, it is not that good. Just like Mushishi the entire appeal died after the first 13 episodes.

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume – This art looks real cute and this sounds silly and fun.


Lostorage incited WIXOSS – I REALLY enjoyed everything Wixoss has had so far but this seems to be introducing a whole new story and cast so we’ll have to see how it goes, hopefully there will be cameos and even more that it’ll be as good as the first two seasons. If Aki-Lucky doesn’t at least have a cameo I’ll be sad.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku – This is the most pathetically edgy fucking garbage attempt at cashing in on an already dying trend. Literally “magical girl death game”. I’ll say it every time it comes up because it needs repeating – Madoka did nothing original even for the genre, the world needs to stop pretending it did, let alone that it was any good, and definitely needs to stop “copying” it. Even all of that aside, the whole “heh c-cute girls killing each other isn’t that amazing” concept isn’t amazing by any means, it’s boring, played out, and pandery as shit.


Hibike! Euphonium – KyoAni churning out more fucking trash for cash.

Keijo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – It’s DOA Xtreme 3 Butt Battle Minigame The Anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Drifters – This is one I’m definitely on the fence about – looks like it could very well be edgy as shit, but if it’s not it sounds pretty cool. A bunch of various warriors throughout history fighting together/against one another through time periods sounds fucking badass.

Girlish Number – Idol Raising Shitulator #4738


Brave Witches – Strike Witches is fucking garbage.

Cardfight!! Vanguard G Next – No.



3-Nen D-gumi Glass no Kamen – Glass Mask was a massive pile of shit along the lines of LotGH, but this looks silly-cute.

Ameiro Cocoa 3 – Season 3 of something I guess.

Ao Oni: The Animation – a silly joke version of Ao Oni, I’m not good with actual horror at all but this looks like a fun litlte thing that isn’t meant to be remotely scary.

Bernard-jou Iwaku – You can’t see it here but in the larger version of the cover image that girl in the middle has the cutest shit-eating smug-as-fuck grin and that made me interested right off the bat. Aside that it sounds interesting, just little talks about random literary topics that she knows nothing about.


Cheating Craft – Sounds lame.

Gakuen Handsome – Truly the only show that will have characters coming close to beating Sakamoto at being such a suave, handsome, Coolest dude.

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki -I’ve enjoyed yokai focused shows and this one has some tasty ladies so it’ll probably be pretty good.

Chi’s 300000th season but now in shitty cg – No, thank you.


Mikan Seijin Arawaru – An orange alien appears from the orange planet in the higher dimension to invade the Earth. This feels like it will never get translated but I have to try it if it does.

Nazotokine – I dunno.

Nobunaga no Shinobi – Cute little smusher wants to protect Nobunaga.

Nyanbo! – The first episode already aired of this and it was super cute and NOT what I expected as itw as done with entirely real-world INCREDIBLY HIGH QUALITY footage with CG nyanbos. As a bonus, Yotsuba was animated in the ED which leads me to believe this is really leading up to a Yotsuba animation announcement by the end or in the near future.



SengokuĀ  Choujuu Giga – No thanks.

Teekyuu 8 – I honestly haven’t seen any Teekyuu still somehow but I’ve always wanted to because it seems like the cutest fucking thing so I’ll probably watch this eventually.

To Be HERO – Looks and sounds like shit.


Crane Game Girls 2 – I didn’t expect that this would get more but I had fun with the first season so I don’t see any reason not to keep going with it. Maybe we’ll save the manager too.


— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Well that’s that. Again, this doesn’t include specials or movies or probably some other shit but this covers all the TV-series that were listed as of about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been busy like I said so I know even less about any of these, so it’s gonna be a lot of trial and error (even more than the usual) but hopefully most of these turn out enjoyable. At the very least there are some I’m certain will be fantastic, like more Gundam IBO. Hopefully most, if not all, will be on CR now that them and Funi have that partnership.

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  1. >to the Type-Moon Touken Ranbu coming later

    Ufotable and Type-moon are so inextricably connected now you accidentally used one as a synonym for the other.

    Also oh, I learned Drifters is written by the Hellsing guy. So it might be pretty edgy but also maybe not very serious because hellsing is at least over the top and wacky about it, even if it got super old really fast.


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