Spring 2016 Anime Picks

Time for another one of these! My picks for this upcoming season, as of March 12th so barring any later shows that pop up airing this season that are missing here.


You can full size these if you need to I guess.

12-sai Chicken Money Tacos – I want to try this because it sounds like it could be cute and interesting, the situations it provides just seem like silly little things. If this even remotely ends up in the same realm as a certain other show about young girls “learning” things that decided to turn itself into a full on porn for actual pedos, then I’m dropping the shit out of it. As it sounds and looks though, it seems wholesome and fun.

Aikatsu Stars! – I have nothing against Aikatsu, just no interest in it as a PreCure ripoff with a focus on idolshit.

Battle Spirits Double Drive – No.

Beyblade Burst – No.

spring16bSailor Moon Crystal Season 2 – The first season of this show turned out to be just complete shit right off the bat and it stayed that way after multiple episodes, I couldn’t take it so I’m not going to touch a sequel.

Boku no Hero Academia – This doesn’t feel like something I’d be interested in at all, but reading the full description it sounds like it’s very literally just a new X’amd situation from Bones. What do I mean by that? I mean this is A Certain Magical Index Bones Edition, just like X’amd was their version of Eureka Seven. An academy with a bunch of kids with super powers and an MC who has none yet ends up the strongest one somehow. I hate Index, but who knows? This seems silly too and some of the character designs look both familiar and cool. I don’t actually know how this will turn out, but it got me interested enough to want to check it out.

Concrete Revolutio: Still no N – Season 1 had a good concept but then the show just became a completely convoluted mess of bullshit that was nonsense that you couldn’t follow at all. I don’t want to continue this.

Duel Masters – No.

spring16cFlying Witch – JC Staff and character designs that look very familiar for some reason (Bakuman maybe?) present what sounds like a series that was inspired by an older manga and show that was also a slice of life series about a witch girl in the modern world working for an organization that gives Witch’s work, Someday’s Dreamers. I really enjoyed that show and the description of Flying Witch really brings memories of that back, so I’m hoping for something similar.

Buddy Fuck Cards – No.


Phoenix Wright – I mean of course I’m going to be watching this, I’m not even the hugest fan in the world of the games but I certainly loved the early ones before that retarded shit with Apollo existing at all happened and made me never touch the series again, but this seems based on the characters they’re showing to take place when it was still good. Maybe even just a retelling of the first game given Mia is there? I don’t know, but it should be fun – and even more fun should be seeing the likes of awful fansub groups and official subbers trying to figure out what to do about all the puns unless they really can just pull them all from the English releases of the games or else go with the lame as fuck sounding Japanese shit.


Hundred – This may very well be the most generic fucking everything I could possibly imagine, it’s even an ecchi harem. Color me fucking surprised.

Jojo Part 4 – I don’t mind admitting it these days; I love Jojo part 3 and 4 (and enjoy everything else a fair amount up until Shitballs Run which just completely fucked the entire franchise forever), and while I’d say this takes second place to Stardust Crusaders it’s still fantastic. With how well the series has been adapted up to now by David Productions I can’t imagine this won’t be the same great quality in the art and writing. I’m actually pretty excited for this one, not just because I love this part – but because I’ve had Persona 4 on the mind again lately and, if you didn’t know the obvious, P4 took MASSIVE inspiration from this part of the manga and they’ve even outwardly admitted that almost the entire game is based on this manga from the cast and stands to the story itself. This will serve as a way to keep me from starting up Golden for NG+ and it should be a very fun ride. If you like P4 and haven’t touched/didn’t like any Jojo but don’t have experience with part 4, I’d recommend trying this out.

Kaitou Shitlord – No.

Kamizawa Wanda – KEK.


Kiznaiver – This sounds super fucking stupid, what a surprise coming from the stupidest fucking studio.

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – Wit Studio wants to fill in the time while waiting for AoT’s second season, and they’re doing it by making what sounds like Attack on Zombies. It sounds like it could be pretty cool so I’ll be giving it a shot.

Kuromukuro – This description blows, but reading further elsewhere I found it’s apparently a story where some students find some artifact which somehow revives an actual edo-period Samurai into the modern day as well as a mech. That just sounds fun and cool all on it’s own, and being an original series also all on it’s own has me intrigued.

Rinne 2 – Rokumonchan is going to be in the running for cutest critter of the year a second time, maybe he’ll win this time? Actually, he’s got some serious competition from that dog-cat-piglet thing in Grimgar so we’ll have to see. Anyway, Rinne is fucking fantastic and truly feels like a 90s series that’s somehow coming out now and with much nicer art quality, season 1 was even better than I expected and I look forward to seeing more of this really weird world and seemingly emotionless lead lady in this incredibly charming series.


Magi – I don’t understand why this is so popular, but if I had to pick up a generic overly long shounen it’d probably be Magi. I’m not at that point in my life though.

Mayoiga – This sounds like it could be the most interesting show of the season. A bunch of people come to some village out in nowhere to get away from the world for various reasons we’ll probably get a lot of looks at, all while dealing with a mystery surrounding this strange village and probably each other. I don’t know anything about it but this might be the one I want to see what it’s all about the most.

Onigiri – A very likely mediocre fanservice anime based on a pretty mediocre free to play MMORPG that I’ve launched a few times on PS4. Why try it? Well, if it has nice quality tits and ass there’s no reason not to watch it, but it’s yellow because I don’t know if it has the high quality part.

Pan de Peace! – I may do a post about what I’m about to explain to go into it deeper (in a general sense rather than about this show), but for now I’ll just put it like this; shows like this used to be sure picks because you knew exactly what you were getting and they were always very fun and enjoyable non-pandery shows. Nowadays, however, it’s a complete fucking coin flip because they either end up THAT or they end up being nothing but pandering, fanservice, yuri shit (aka both of those combined), and just in general unfunny uninteresting bullshit. We’ll see.


Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – Otherwise known as Erased Less Retarded Edition, or so I hope. The plot set-up is that this kid has a power (that he can’t control) which resets him any time he dies back to when he first ended up in this world and got this power, but he remembers all of it. It seems like it’ll be another of the many time travel stories about trying to save his own life and the life of someone important to him by continually jumping back and figuring out how to basically beat the “puzzle” to survival by changing the way things go each attempt little by little.  The cover image is fucking terrible and overly busy, but the story sounds like it could be good and hopefully something that’ll replace the godawful disappointment and pile of shit that Erased ended up being in my recent memory for this style of story.

Sakamoto desu ga? – This sounds and looks fucking hilarious. The image alone and the very first sentence of this description already had me laughing, so I can’t even begin to imagine how much fun I’ll have watching this. With the exception of Jojo and Rinne I feel like this might end up my favorite of the season just based on what little you see here, it just seems hilarious already and I could go for a real good comedy for sure right now especially with how fucking terrible Gintama got.

Seisen Cerberus: Totally Not Soul Eater – I don’t want to watch this.

Shounen Maid – A cute maid boy doing maid things, I have no reason to think I won’t be watching all of this. It seems really adorable and should be full of cute silliness and fun. Sounds like someone thought this idea up while watching Hayate and wondering what it would be like if Hayate was a child and working for an adult instead of the child being the employer.

spring16hSword Guy – He literally is so edgy and such a sword guy that his arm is the sword.

Tanaka kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge – I really like the lady in the top left and I don’t know, it just looks like a nice kind of laid back comedy series. Shows like that are oddly sort of rare these days, especially school life ones. Sounds fun. I say things sound or seem fun a lot because that’s kind of the main reason you should be watching anime, because it’s fun, interesting, or a few other very generic descriptive words.

Tonkatsu DJ Unkotarou – That black dude in the back cracks me up every time.

Anne Happy – I refuse to write the retarded name everyone is using for some reason which ruins the ENTIRE FUCKING PUN THAT WORKS IN ENGLISH SO WHY CHANGE IT? This is another one that falls into the same situation as Pan de Peace! where it could either be COMPLETE shit or actually like older shows that looked and sounded like this would be, which is enjoyable.

spring16iJoker Game – This sounds an awful lot like Night Raid which was a fucking great show, actually it sounds so similar and takes place right around the same time that it makes me wonder if there’s some official connection or if the same person made both. I don’t know, I’m not going to bother looking, I’m sure I’m wrong, but the point is that it’s unquestionably very similar in it’s setup. A special intelligence unit in Japan during the 1930s doing covert op stuff.

Asterisk Wars 2 – No.

Gundam: Back To Rehashing Shitty Stories Edition – Gundam Orphans should have been a sign of change for the franchise, instead it was a momentary leap into a world of good anime before now, apparently, slinking back into generic bullshit dealing with the same fucking poorly written events all over again and having the most lazily done “old style” character designs you could fucking imagine. Sleeves.

Hai Furi – I have mostly negative expectations for this one, but ones I hope end up wrong. The premise sounds really cool – the world 100 years ago faced a massive natural disaster where most of it ended up submerged and very few land masses are left, so the world builds floating cities. After that is when it starts sounding fucking stupid and like it could end up really bad, pandery, and wasting it’s otherwise interesting set up with “GIRLS GO TO SCHOOL AND PROBABLY ARE LESBIANS BECAUSE ALL GIRLS ARE LESBIANS IN ANIME AND FANSERVICE PROBABLY AND GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS AREN’T THESE GIRLS CUTE”. We’ll see. Oddly enough, MAL’s shitty “rewrite” team wrote a description that completely lacks any mention of the goddamn apocalypse that sets the entire show up and is the main premise. It kind of reminds me of Stratos 4 for some reason, which isn’t a good or bad thing because Stratos 4 was a totally watchable but not very good show.

spring16jBungou Stray Dogs – Sounds like it could be interesting, a supernatural mystery series and…that’s all I know about it, but the art looks good and all the past supernatural mystery shows I’ve dealt with typically ended up pretty good. “Whimsically attempting suicide”.

Bakuon! – What Rolling Girls promised it was going to be before they removed all the motorcycle stuff for LE EPIK CUHRAAAAAZY BATTLEZ AND EPIC OVER LE TOP KAMMEDY!!! HAHAAAAAAAAAAA XD. This is a show that sounds like it’ll be a lot more like One-Off but in full series format and without all the Honda advertising, just a normal slice of life about motorcycles and cute girls riding them.

Endride – Looks so fucking stupid that it speaks for itself.

Big Order – Note the girl in the top right, not only is she clearly just this creator rehashing his shit attempt at a yandere from that last show they made from his work, but apparently the story itself sounds like a rehash of it as well. I have no interest.


Netoge Wasted Potential Fun Harem Ecchi Shit – You know, up until it turned into a self insert otaku fantasy story it actually could have been fun. The idea of a rom-com about a guy who accidentally ends up gay for a boy online pretending to be a girl and pursuing that (or the boy he loves pursuing him while he doesn’t want to do anything because he’s hetero) is actually pretty great sounding and could be full of laughs. Instead they straight up get rid of that event in the fucking description even, instead pushing it away as quick as possible and replacing that event with “well THIS time the person he likes is a MASSIVE TITTIED cutie who goes to his school and wants to fuck him so bad!”. Fuck otaku, but fuck writers even more for pandering to them so goddamn hard instead of being less creatively fucking bankrupt.

Kuma Miko – This fucking BEAR is a miko or friends with a miko either way it’s this big cute bear and it chills with these kids and helps them with their problems or something. I don’t know, but I like Kinema Citrus and I like bears.

Ushio and Tora 2 – I really liked the first season even though it had times it dragged quite a bit and was a bit too shouneny, so I’ll be continuing to watch it.

Macross Delta – Macross is a franchise based around idols, it always has been. Macross however never handled that in a pandery way – until now, which has me very worried. This is very different from “well this is how the show always was” and is without a doubt “we’re cashing in on this dying fad so let’s go all out on selling our idol girls so they can sell like Love Live did!”. It feels terrible but I loved Frontier, in fact it’s one of my top 20 or show shows of all time, so I can only hope for the best especially given this takes place so shortly after that ends.

spring16lThese 4 are short-length-episode shows.

Neko Neko Nihonshi – Japanese history but in a world where everyone was cats, why not?

Shingeki no Bahamut – No.

Uchuu Patrol Luluco – I don’t mind admitting that Trigger is a studio I have nothing but disdain for. Not only have I hated almost everything they’ve made, not only is all their stuff incredibly badly animated (that’s not even a point you can argue with me on, it’s a factual thing, the shows can’t even keep a stable framerate and almost all of their shows are 90% “QUALITY”), but they’ve also never made a SINGLE THING that I could stand. So why is this not red? Well, I’ve given everything they’ve done a chance up to now and I was done doing that, but seeing as this is a short and looks like it could be enjoyable, I’m going to give them one final chance to get their shit together and actually make something worthy of being called “anime” and not “fucking shit”.

Usakame – I won’t be watching this now, but I’m PTWing it because I do intend on, some day, going through all of Teekyu and all of the spinoffs.

4 responses to “Spring 2016 Anime Picks

  1. The image for Tanaka kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge reminds me of Aiura for some reason, but I checked the announced staff and there’s zero connection. Pity, because I could totally go for more of that.


    • I hadn’t really thought about it, but now that you mention it I do feel like it’s pretty similar too at least for some of the girls, though the overall style looks different (especially the focused on boy character) and much less detailed. I’d love a continuation of Aiura someday though.


  2. Just a reminder that Eureka Seven was made by Bones too, so X’amd isn’t even Bones making Eureka Seven… it’s just them making it again.


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