Dropped Summer 2015 Shows

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The post I keep trying to make going over my thoughts on all the new season’s shows keeps ending up longer and longer to the point I’ve already split some off into their own posts. That being the case I decided to throw together a post just for the stuff I genuinely tried but came out never wanting to touch again.



As I expected though hoped against, it’s just sister-brother incest humor, not to mention it includes lolis into that aspect which just makes it completely intolerable. Not much else to really say about it. Maybe if you’re a sick fuck that fantasizes about molesting your 5 year old sister this is for you, otherwise avoid this at all costs, it’s fucking awful.


Classroom Crisis

One episode was already too many for this show. It’s incredibly…meh. It’s so much “meh” that it’s unbelievable. It’s not even Shakugan no Shana “definition of mediocre” type of meh, it’s meh like “why does this even exist”. First off, the show advertised itself completely as a sci-fi romcom about highschoolers with cool future jobs. Instead we got a series which even the creators admitted on twitter is actually a series about political intrigue and space ‘action’. Now, I’m fine with a show not turning out how you expect in the first episode, marketing fucks up sometimes, and both the things it actually is sound cool – this being what it is isn’t the problem at all.

My problem personally, and the problem of apparently much of Japan and the west is that it’s DONE FUCKING TERRIBLY. It is the most poorly executed first episode of anything I’ve seen in awhile and really just the cast, story, the ‘action’, and so much overall is just hilariously retarded. It ended up being about a company and their CEO or the CEO’s son or some shit being hostage, this teenage girl flying a space ship around and the show pretending it was ‘really cool’ while it was just really boring and poorly animated, and then the ever obnoxious attempt at a funny rich-business type character being revealed who also fails to succeed at being anything but fucking annoying and unfunny and making you think “geeze, they were really trying hard to make this guy funny, I feel bad for them” rather than getting even a slight chuckle while also making sure he was edgy with the whole “I’m serious, you should have let me die because it would have wasted less money” style lines being delivered with no humor behind them. Plus the whole idea of taking a hostage situation into the hands of highschool kids instead of police and making this whole class ‘special and quirky’ students? Come the fuck on.

This is a pitiable show – everything about it is cliched, bland, and done far below even sub-par, making the fact you can tell they were genuinely trying and believed “this is great” before sending the episode out to the TV stations and streaming sites just depressing.



This is literally Kinmoza, and no I don’t mean “literally” as in “basically”, I mean THIS IS LITERALLY FUCKING KINMOZA. There’s Shinobu, only this time she loves gal fashion and lifestyle instead of that of the west. Which before I continue annoys me even more because the author clearly has no idea what the fuck ‘gal’ is – the girl constantly brings up things like ‘saying bye bye’ are these cool ass totally-gyaru things and believes their fashion and lifestyle is apparently built around simply wearing a miniskirt. As someone who actually really loves gal culture I can’t stand this shit. Then there’s Alice, only Japanese this time – don’t fret, she’s still blond, has the same exact hairstyle, personality, and height! Then Inokuma, but this time with hair that’s a pinker shade of red instead of dark red. And can’t forget Ayayayaya who is here as well, only with twin pigtails instead of the twintails, and they also happen to simply be a slightly different shade of blue.

Not only do they look the same, act the same, and say the same type of shit, but the seiyuu were also very clearly told to try and mimic the voices of the Kinmoza cast, as they are nearly indistinguishable from their original versions however upon looking the seiyuu list up they are different.

Aside that, the art is identical, but that much I can forgive. This creator has never actually done anything aside Kinmoza and pixiv art, so it’s not surprising they have no talent beyond one specific style and very little room to create newly styled characters as well. That doesn’t forgive the rest of it, but the art and designs get a pass due to me having pity for someone lacking any actual skill yet trying to make it in the industry.

Overall the fact it’s so lazy never stops being horribly grating, so I could barely get through the first episode – and again, this is a 7-minute-per-ep series so that’s saying something. Of all the anime I have ever seen in my life this really might be one of the laziest of all. Dropped, with a big note to self to make sure anything that seems like Kinmoza isn’t by the same creator because it’ll just be this again only Shinobu will like trains instead and, just like this, be a significant step down in terms of the quality of writing and humor as well. Suffice to say, the incredible laziness was not the ONLY problem here.



Full of easily hateable characters and a few sadly squandered potentially interesting or fun concepts. I liked the idea behind all these half-assed powers and easily my favorite part of the first episode was the “teleporter” who doesn’t teleport, rather he goes super fucking fast, meaning he still runs into absolutely everything along the way at super speeds. It’s actually pretty funny and handled well and I loved realizing what was going on when shit was just exploding behind the MC and then this guy showed up finally all torn up, even better was when he mentioned how many times using this has ended up with him in the hospital. It was a fun idea…but nothing else in the show was and that specific moment was kind of the one and only positive.

Everything else was just plain bad, uninspired, typical of Key, and lazy…which is also typical of Key. For example, the MC is such a hateful shitbag simply so we can have a large arc about him becoming less of a piece of shit because there’s no way Key could handle anything more subtle or believable. Even the girl he liked was obnoxious, hell even the ‘tomboy’ friend of hers was annoying and that’s not something you’d hear me say about tomboys very often. This is a bad show full of shitty characters that have nothing but a massive list of reasons to hate them and a story that is already clearly going the same route as every goddamn Key work. I’ve got no interest plus even if I did it’s just executed so badly I want nothing to do with it.

People who are Key fans, which I begrudgingly have to admit I was one, are retarded enough to eat up anything anyone who has or does work there squeezes out of their asshole – but I recommend avoiding this one. The only praise is coming from rampant fanboys who can’t accept Maeda is a talentless piece of shit which he already proved with Angel Beats and is doing so just as blatantly here yet again and getting away with it thanks to those same people.


Surprisingly, that’s it. This season ended up mostly providing good to fantastic shows so far along with OBVIOUS total shitfests that were easy enough to avoid without even trying them out. Of course I may end up dropping something later on that I’m still watching now, but as of now this is all of them.

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