Virtue’s Last Reward – A Day In The Life Of Sigma (Review)

I'm surprised anyone in this game knows how to speak.

I’m surprised anyone in this game knows how to speak.

I’m a huge fan of Ever17, in fact I consider it one of the best pieces of fiction I’ve ever experienced and easily the perfect example of what the visual novel medium is truly capable of. It takes advantage of every aspect of it and in doing so does things that no book, movie, or other type of game is capable of, all while also just being amazing aside that. While I’d love to go on and on this isn’t a review of that masterpiece – I bring up E17 because the writer is the same in the Zero Escape games, including Virtue’s Last Reward. I was real interested in playing 999 and VLR because of that as well as how highly praised these are (unsurprisingly, most of that praise coming from people who never played E17) and never got a chance for a long time and finally I’ve gotten around to VLR on the PSVita.

The game has no setup and no lead-in to the story outside of 4 or 5 still images showing Sigma in his car then knocked out in some smoke, then the game begins with you trapped in a room with a cute teenage girl voiced by Omigawa “Honkers” Chiaki. An incredibly edge-tastic bunny appears on a screen and tells you shitty bunny puns that don’t even somewhat work and then goes full edgelord and pulls the “you’re gonna die lol” card. No setup, no reason to care, and the most retarded teenage-pandering idea of a “cute but evil creature with a sense of humor wat a tweest :^)”. This is your introduction to the game – one worse than that of the shitty Saw films and filled with cringe-worthy “humor” at every turn.


I’d love to say it gets better, but it really doesn’t. The story itself is just an incredibly shitty wannabe-Ever17 as if this writer is afraid to try absolutely anything else. I’d actually be okay with an E17 clone with some changes and such, but it tries being that while also being incredibly watered down and treats you like a fucking literal 5 year old. It reveals way too many of the twists-to-come early on, like right in the first fucking moments of meeting the rest of the characters (even more if you’ve played E17), showcases how derivative it is, and gets across how terrible the writing is this time around. The further you get into the game the more apparent the slight rewriting of Ever 17 becomes and eventually it ends up making you wonder why this ever came into existence at all.

Aside that, the cast is unlikable and the 3DS being involved as this is on both the Vita and that of course brought the Nintendo quality seal of approval – shitty character models and low-res textures on everything along with awful gameplay mechanics, unresponsive controls, and terrible animations. The characters all seem unappealing with the exception of Phi who is only less shit thanks to being nice to look at and listen to, especially when you compare her to a woman who has no top on at all aside a giant fucking gaudy as shit necklace covering her awkwardly disgusting megatits that seem to have stretch marks and some kind of skin problem all over them. Aside that you get just people filling the roles of the Ever17 cast – if you’ve played E17 you know what I mean for every goddamn member of this cast, if you haven’t then I’d rather not indirectly spoil some actual twists and such in that by explaining.

My two massive fucking issues with this though are the gameplay and the actual dialogue – not so much the overall story (as plainly unoriginal and shittily written as it is, still would be tolerable), the characters, or the lack of any hook for the player. Though the lacking story certainly makes the huge fucking flaws not even worth pushing through, not that you’d be able to. The “gameplay” problem is the horribly long animations that you have no way of skipping and that play every single time you do anything – which would be fine if you weren’t forced to do a lot of things over and over again and go in and out of rooms and such often. I even tried using a guide on a puzzle I did myself first just to see how much time I could cut down from how long it was taking me to figure things out from scratch and even knowing exactly what to do. It still was godawful due to the animations constantly forcing you to sit there upwards of 15 seconds for it to finish and then having to go right back and watch it again after getting this or that item. And oh god the dialogue. I would split them up but they tie in together into one massive problem that makes this game just intolerable and completely unplayable.


Hell, the first thing you do after getting out of the first room is listening for almost half an hour to these people wondering what “Pair” and “Solo” mean and why people who have “Pair” on their band happen to share the same color as one other who has the word Pair on theirs and also happened to start in the same room as that person. Yes. Pair and solo are concepts that take the game almost 30 minutes to explain to the player and it does so while pretending it’s the most incredibly complex concept in the world.

Let’s use an example that while I am making the specifics of up happens almost verbatim near constantly over and over again every time you find anything ‘new’ even if it’s irrelevant and only gets worse and worse as you get further. I will include no pictures because the game just has you staring at a wall anyway the majority of the time. Oh, I won’t include all the shitty “jokes” and puns that are fucking everywhere either. Also, keep in mind every new quoted line is an entirely different line in the game you have to press to move on to the next one and sometimes it spends a few seconds loading up a picture-in-picture of whoever is speaking. I didn’t feel like writing a goddamn script or screenplay so just imagine pressing x between every single line, even “…”.


Okay, just one more.

You wait 15 seconds as the animation for a door opening plays. You wait 15 more seconds as you realize this was the wrong door and go back out, watching the animation yet again. You then find the right door and spend 15 seconds watching the animation again for this one. Here you and your group find a purple door and the game locks up for a few seconds before loading up the dialogue after a shitty 10 second animation to lock in on the door view.

“A purple door…” “Hey, what’s that?” “A door?” “Huh…a door?” “…” “…” “…” “The door’s purple.” “Hey, you’re right” “…looks like it’s purple” “Do you think its color matters?” “I haven’t seen any other purple doors” “Why is it purple?” “Any ideas?” “Hmm…” “…” “Purple…I think I remember something.” “You remembered something? About what?” “Something purple I think” “Purple, you mean like the door?” “Yeah, like this purple door.” “Well try to remember!” “I’m gonna try opening the door while you think about it” “…” “…” “The door won’t open” “Is it locked?” “I don’t know” “Let me try it” “It’s locked!” “You mean it won’t open?” “Yeah, the door won’t open” “Maybe it’s locked then…” “What do we do?” “Maybe we should look for a key?” “Wait, what’s this thing next to the door?” “Which door?” “The purple door” “There’s something next to it?” “Yeah, look!”

The camera spends 10 seconds to zoom in to an already huge panel that says LOCKED next to the door.

“What do you think this is?” “Is it some kind of sign?” “What does it mean?” “Hmm…L-O-C-K-E…” “…D” “Locked.” “Does this mean the door is locked?” “Hmm, that might be it but there’s no way to be sure.” “I think this panel might have something to do with the locked door” “You mean the purple door that seems to be locked?” “Yeah, the purple locked door” “Wait, what’s this on the wall?”

You try to zoom back out from the panel but accidentally click just high enough that it thinks you meant to push the panel again. A “shorter” version of the dialogue repeats.

“What do you think about this?” “Maybe a sign, right?” “I think we decided it has to do with the locked door” “Yes, the purple one.” “I wonder if it’s still locked” “It is, we checked a moment ago” “We need to figure out what this panel means and how to make it open the door.” “Yes, we need to open the locked purple door by somehow solving the puzzle of this panel.”

You manage to zoom out this time, watching the 10 second animation, and use the horrible camera (before realizing L/R work as well) to turn the camera jerkily left to some nonsensical writing.

“What’s this?” “It doesn’t make sense.” “…” “I don’t get it” “This looks like nonsense to me” “Ha, amateurs, I know what this is.” “You know what this is?” “Of course I know what this is.” “Really? You know what this is?” “Yes, I figured it out” “Wow, how did you do that?” “It’s an anagram.” “An Anna Gram?” “No, an anagram” “What’s that?” (This question was literally asked in the game) “You take the letters and rearrange them” “How do you mean?” (And then in typical fashion of this writer…) An anagram is a type of word play, the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly once; for example, the word anagram can be rearranged into nag-a-ram. Someone who creates anagrams may be called an anagrammatist. The original word or phrase is known as the subject of the anagram. Anagrams are often used as a form of mnemonic device as well. Any word or phrase that exactly reproduces the letters in another order is an anagram. However, the goal of serious or skilled anagrammatists is to produce anagrams that in some way reflect or comment on the subject. Such an anagram may be a synonym or antonym of its subject, a parody, a criticism, or praise; e.g. William Shakespeare = I am a weakish speller. Another example is “silent” which can be rearranged to “listen”. The two can be used in the phrase, “Think about it, SILENT and LISTEN are spelled with the same letters”. To mean the quieter you become, the more you can hear. “I see, so this is an anagram.” “Yes.” “How do we figure out what it says?” “We have to take the letters and rearrange them” “Ah! I get it! We have to jumble up what it says and change the order!” “Yes.”

The screen gets a black tint and presents you with Sigma’s inner thoughts as he makes a mental checklist so that you the player will not miss any important information.

1. There is a door.

2. This door is purple.

3. This purple door appears to be locked.

4. The panel next to the door has the letters “LOCKED” on it, but we cannot figure out what this means yet.

5. The wall near the locked purple door with the mysterious panel on it has something called an anagram.

6. An anagram is  some type of word play where you take a word or phrase and move around the letters, Phi says she’s good at them.

7. We need to figure out the anagram.

8. If we figure out the anagram we may be able to get through the locked purple door or figure out the mystery of the panel.

He gives himself a few words about how tough this will be and how they can do this before the game goes back to dialogue and out of his thoughts.

“Hmm, so if we take what’s written and change it around we might figure something out” “I think you’re right, we should try figuring out this anagram!” “Yes, then maybe we can open the locked door” “Which door?” “The purple door” “Is it locked? Maybe it’s just jammed shut” “Could be…” “…” “We need to solve this it might help us” “Okay, let’s solve this anagram, maybe it will help get us through the purple door!”


I said this is an example, but this is literally what happens constantly and I don’t mean “often”. You almost never actually progress even a fucking sentence no matter what the content or context of it is until this happens in one way or another for fucking thirty minutes every time you finally reach a new goddamn sentence or thought. It’s less mystery and more “experiencing life if you and everyone around you had severe mental deficiencies”. The only people who could possibly like this are fucking retarded and if you do you’re a retard and your opinion is shit. Fuck this game and fuck how 90% of it is literally identical to Ever17, even the goddamn ending, only WAY fucking stupider here. It’s like someone played the game, wrote a goddamn fanfic version, and published it falsely as the same writer. Even if you’ve never played E17 this is just an unplayable fat fucking turd and even a child would feel offended at how truly stupid it thinks you must be that it requires itself to delve so deeply into the pool of repeating what was just said 300 times in the same exact words before describing why red isn’t the same as fucking green. It’s so bad it literally made me angry.

This trash heap is fucking incredible in the worst possible way and genuinely blows my fucking mind – in that way this does manage to accomplish the same thing Ever17 did, only through a far different method.

mario party party

“On February 13, 2014, Uchikoshi revealed that Zero Escape 3 had been put on hold indefinitely, as the first two games had not sold well enough in Japan for the third game to be considered likely to be profitable.”


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  1. Come on, man. You’re not understanding everyone’s points here, and you’re jumping to conclusions early. You told everyone they’re saying “YOU’RE WRONG BECAUSE I SAY SO”… but that’s not exactly true, is it?
    A blog is not a “safe space” (since you’re bringing crappy feminist buzzwords) where you can post whatever you want, offend everyone you want and no one can reply or attack your point because “it’s your personal blog and people searched on their own”. If you really want no backlash, no discussions or anything, again, you’re better off writing on a diary. If you posted it here, it was to divulge your opinion on something. As so, you’re succeptible to anyone’s opinion.

    Maybe I was a little harsh on words, sorry for that. I’ll refrain myself from doing it. Still, eh, you were doing exactly the same. Maybe we can stop that?
    Yet, I don’t backtrack my thoughts, I still think you’re being narrow-minded and intolerant, but not because you criticized the game. I’m serious, you did not like the game, I don’t care, everyone has opinions and the right to manifest them. I found lots of wrong things as well, and didn’t even state here anywhere whether I liked the game or not. My problem is, you did not say in any way only “this game is shit” as you’re saying. You took time to personally insert your hatred on it, and torwards almost anything that has any kind of relation to it. The players, the fans, the comments disagreeing, even Nintendo. That’s not a review, or an essay, it’s just your opinion on a few matters.

    I’ve read your review once again, about three or four times now I think. I also read other reviews you did, and the comments on it. You won’t get the “lalala tl;dr” from me, as you said you did (and I don’t think you actually did it, or you wouldn’t reply that much), argument of ignorance takes one nowhere. And I enjoyed some of them (your One Punch Man’s was very thorough, and the Phantom Pain one was way accurate); however you do the same thing on practically every one that I read. You throw too much of your personal opinion, not only about the game/anime, but about the creators, the publisher, the fanbase. So much that you stop talking completely about the game, and start cussing and complaining about them ONLY.
    Also, it seems to me that you don’t actually evaluate the real aspects of the games, more than your personal opinion of it. “Phantom Pain is shit because I don’t like listening to Ocelot talking, have thought the story is irrelevant and didn’t like the gameplay”. It is your opinion, yes. One I agree? YES, ABSOLUTELY. But it’s not a review of the game.

    But you’re not being open to it, man. It seems that everywhere I look, everyone that badmouthed you or disgreed were just a “troll” or a “fanboy”.
    I’m not here to put you down, or to offend you. I just think you’re mistaken and biased, and I’m trying to state my point as clearly as possible.
    I’m really open to discuss the aspects of your review that I found disagreeable, if you’d like to. But I’m not sure if you want an actual discussion, or just plain agreement… I don’t want to waste time on something fruitless, as you said. If you want to, I’ll be pleased to. But if you don’t feel like debating, if you think you’re right and that’s it, or you simply think I’m mistaken and a troll, please just say it, and I won’t bother.


    • Yet again, I’m not seeing where me not explaining my points and just saying THIS IS SHIT becomes true for any, let alone this, review. My entire review even directly references events in the games and looks into why they are so bad and what makes them a negative factor.

      You may DISAGREE with those points – but how are you STILL saying I never explained how the game is shit in the review? Whether you agree with the points I made or not, I did make points and I DID BACK THEM UP – yet you still continue to claim I didn’t. The review is literally right there, it’s not hidden or edited, and you can still see all the points I make and all the details and direct examples I included in it. While on the other hand not you, nor any of those people you are referring to, ever provides counterpoints that they back up – including yourself.

      Your entire argument is “you keep saying it’s bad but never back it up” while ignoring the fact that this entire review does exactly that. You are not debating something, you’re telling me a factually existing thing – which again is RIGHT UP THERE – does NOT exist. What the fuck do you expect for a response when you keep saying none of that review ever happened and expect me to, what, repeat it to you so you can finally see that it’s there?

      Why I’m a dick to you: Because, as I just repeated like 3 times, you’re claiming I didn’t back up any of my complaints about the game when the review is ENTIRELY about explaining those complaints and fleshing out why they made the game such a bad experience for me.

      This is exactly why I continue to call you a fanboy – because there’s almost no other explanation for how you could be missing so much of the content of this review unless you were blinded by fury the moment you realized I didn’t like the game. Maybe, and I don’t mean this as an insult, English not being your native language possibly is getting in the way of you understanding what half my review is saying – I DON’T KNOW, but what you’re claiming I did not do I did. How do I prove it? By telling you to read the fucking review again because IT’S RIGHT THERE.

      And the rest of what you’re saying – primarily about how I review games and get off on tangents, that’s what I do. I don’t know if it’s somehow not obvious, but this is not a profession, I don’t even take any ad revenue from this blog, this is completely a for fun project I’ve run for about 10 years. My “reviews” are less reviews and more “My thoughts and experiences with this game/anime”, which of course involves the publisher, the staff, the fans, the platform, and of COURSE includes most importantly MY PERSONAL FEELINGS AND EXPERIENCE (which is actually what a review is and totally 100% fits in the term).

      I am NOT trying to provide some sort of “proper” review where I sit here hashing out the elements in some pretend “objective” way. My reviews are my raw feelings on a game, I barely even edit aside proof reading and cutting down a bit to make them shorter, these are supposed to be my straight thoughts as I sit down to write. I am not trying to come off as a professional, as someone to refer to when you want to know the specific qualities of something, and hell I even usually avoid using a rating system aside for jokes because that’s not the point of my reviews. I’m expressing my personal feelings and experiences, not trying to thoroughly discuss a piece of content – in fact this is one of my reviews that focuses more than almost any of my other ones (as you may have noticed) on actually discussing the content specifically, yet you still somehow find issue with that. The problem here isn’t my blog, nor is it that I want a “safe space” – it’s that you’re looking for something I’ve never attempted to provide, some sort of GameSpot review or the “objective analysis” some 15 year old using a thesaurus and pretending his opinion is fact writes nor even just listing off random facts about a game because that’s fucking boring and has no value because you can look at wikipedia for that information. I don’t write things remotely in that territory aside incredibly rarely, and I don’t WANT to write them more either. Yet, even all that being said, I always focus on the content and why it’s bad or good so I’m confused.

      I honestly can’t agree with you that I don’t discuss (in a review) the game or anime in depth or that I don’t explain thoroughly what my problems are and why they are such issues. I don’t just “believe” you’re wrong, but I’m literally looking at my reviews and all I see is EXPLANATIONS FOR THOSE EXACT THINGS in all of them, so I don’t know what’s making all of this text somehow disappear in your mind. For example I’ll just pull one at random – Ni No Kuni, my review of this DOES INCLUDE those complaints about the fans, about the journalists covering it, about the developer, and YET it also includes paragraph after long paragraph explaining the problems with the game. Same for Zestiria, same for Hotline Miami, The Bureau, Hourou Musuko, Koe no Katachi, and so on and so forth. This is how all my reviews are set up because while I DO include my personal issues and while I do go off on tangents about related things, I always focus most of my review on the content itself and the problems with it.

      I just genuinely don’t see the problems you’re trying to describe – not because I can’t take criticism, but because it contradicts the content that you’re referring to.

      I literally went to random reviews, scrolled to a random spot without reading it, and then took screenshots even to prove my point from both very recent and somewhat dated reviews. Yes, I go off topic or lose my focus, but I never let that consume the entire review aside very rarely. I promise I’m not cherrypicking with these, the point is just that all but very few of my reviews are focused on the content above all else, even when I do go other places along the way.
      Hell, I even do exactly what you claim I don’t in reviews I never got further than very barebones notes for – for example my Knack review that I never bothered to write and only had some notes of, I had an entire paragraph formed describing a problem with jumping (a main element of the gameplay).

      And let me remind you; “review” does not mean some pretend intellectual “objective analysis”, no SHIT it’s my opinion that’s the entire point of a review is to see someone else’s experience with something. As for all the cussing and complaining, that’s WHAT I DO, it’s my style, it’s how I communicate, it’s not something to complain about – it’s something to choose not to read if it bothers you or makes it hard to enjoy for you. I believe vulgarities and crude language are some of the most expressive and thus important aspects of the English language, or any language, because it gets across both a meaning and an emotion, and so I use them a lot even as an English major who has written and edited outside of this blog for about two decades of my not even 3 decade long life. If you disagree with that, go ahead, but I’m never going to stop using those methods of speech because they’re the purest form of language.

      Basically: my reviews focus on what I find most important to the game or anime being good or bad. If that heavily involves some tangentially related thing, then yes I’ll discuss that in depth for a chunk of the review. I always include the aspects you’re saying I don’t but those aspects aren’t always the most important things. These aren’t intended to give random people an “objective” idea of a game or show and it’s qualities – but the overall point. Is this game good? If yes, why? Whatever REASONS for why, I explain them. Is this game SHIT? If yes, why? Whatever REASONS for why, I explain them.

      I’m not doing some analytical breakdown, I’m giving my views and expressing to the reader the most important aspects of why I felt this title was good or bad because that’s what truly matters. If the voice acting – for random example – ruined my entire experience with a game, I’d focus on that while briefly mentioning and explaining other issues or positives. That doesn’t somehow make it an invalid review, just one that focuses on my personal experience (the entire point of a review) rather than an analytical check list of good and bad and breaking down every single element (unless every element is one I feel influenced my feelings on the title).

      Essentially I’m reviewing the EXPERIENCE with an anime or game because I FIND THAT FAR MORE IMPORTANT rather than reviewing the qualities off a check list. Let me say it again very clearly: Reviews were started and exist ENTIRELY as a method to make it possible for people to understand another person’s experience with something. That is literally the purpose, the point of a review, the reason they became a thing – because as a person you cannot understand someone else’s point of view and experience without them explaining it to you. That is what I provide, I don’t provide an “analysis” unless otherwise stated which is what you are clearly looking for, I provide a review as reviews were originally and still intended to be – a personal opinion and experience laid out for others who are interested to know how other people felt about something. Those who misuse the term and think it means “a breakdown of each aspect and what makes each aspect good or bad as objectively as possible” are the ones who should be writing in a diary or filling in pie charts, as they are completely missing the point of a review and think it’s some sort of data sheet. It’s fine to include those things, especially if they helped color your experience – this is exactly what I do, explain my experience, explain the causes of that experience, and well if that’s not what you personally want out of a review that’s fine but this is a case where you shouldn’t read this blog then. Not because I have issue with you, or issue with you disagreeing with me – but because I am literally not providing, nor intending to provide, what you’re looking for.


  2. This review was far worse than the game.

    Every argument the author makes to support his criticisms were subjective and not valid to be considered flaws in the game.
    It also seems the author completely made up scenarios to support his arguments.
    In no instance ever in the game is there a scene in which the characters fixate on a purple door, or a scene where lengthy and redundant details about a lock are exchanged.
    The author also seems to be oblivious to the fact that a ‘Visual Novel’ game will be essentially that; a visual novel.
    Reading will be a heavy aspect of the genre and for good reason. Strong character arcs are built through these novel portions and plot points are established, connected, and executed very well here.
    The gameplay comes from the puzzles, not the animations as the author suggestsed. They are tricky and will take a good amount of thinking to complete. The author never addressed anything about the puzzles in the review aside from mentioning he used a guide to complete one of them.

    Rather than present any authentic flaws in the game, he resorts to petty insults and defensive comparisons than actually reviewing it. One would question if the author even played the game at all based on the body of work that was written here. For a more thorough review of the game, look elsewhere.


    • Seriously? The entirety of this review is made up of nothing BUT examples and explanations of why the game is a pile of shit with even literally pulled-from-the-game content to further explain why it’s terrible. Yet all you’ve done is provide “HE’S WRONG THE GAME IS GOOD!!!!” and you sit there saying I did nothing to “present any authentic flaws” about my review? Fuck off and shove it up your ass, fuckboy.

      Hell, did YOU play the game at all, even the first fucking few hours? One of the earliest goddamn scenes is the one spent on the lock, and the purple door is only a few hours in as well.

      And stop this “the author” shit – who the fuck are you talking to? Me. Also my name is all over this fucking website, are you too stupid to see that too just like you were too fucking illiterate to read the review?


      • I never said anything about the game being good. The author has once again jumped to conclusions with no evidence to support himself and resorts to insults in an attempt to display intimidation rather than be constructive in conversing realistic or professional viewpoints.
        I never denied the existence of the scene of a purple door or the scene of a lock in the game, but simply corrected the misconception that the characters spend such exaggerated amounts of time on those concepts.
        In all honesty, it’s not all that important. What is important is a review that actually examines the content within the game by addressing the presentation and execution of gameplay mechanics, concepts, and elements. This review however, barely did even that.


  3. Wow. WOW. Really, wow. You are, seriously, pathetic. I forced myself to end your article thinking that your arguments would get better, but you just shat at the exit as well.
    I really wouldn’t care if you genuinely disliked the game and gave good arguments about it, after all there are tastes for every like, but all you ever did was repeat the same shit throughout the whole article (look, the exact same thing you complain about the game! Do you think people are mentally retarded so that you have to repeat the same shit over and over again?). It all sums up to “the dialogues are too long and overexplaining”, “the animations are too long!”, “mimimi Ever17 is better”. Seriously, you seem like the kind of person that jumps through the cutscenes just to play and “shoot some goddamn enemies already”.
    Also, it’s pathetic the way that you only valorize your own opinion, and literally say that “the only people who could possibly like this are fucking retarded and if you do you’re a retard and your opinion is shit”. That’s the lowest of the lowest kind of argument, literal ad hominen. You must be a troll, or you’re just plain stupid. What kind of reviewer, nay, person are you that only respects your own goddamn opinion? For me, the retard here is you. And I’m not even saying it for my own opinion of the game. I’m saying it because you’re overgeneralizing because of ONE THING you don’t like. Just like people that like rock music, or metal, and say that every other style is shit. It’s pure ignorance, and you still think you’re so intelligent and superior than everyone else. Put yourself in your place, you bigot.
    Your argument is really weak, your opinion is biased, you’re just disrespectful, look like a fanboy obsessed with one thing only, and overall a jerk. Raise up your arguments.


    • Once a retarded fanboy pulls out “UR PATHETIC UGHHHH UR SO FUCKIN DUMB” because they’re so fucking offended by a negative review of something they like – which you did immediately, I stop giving a shit. I don’t know if this is real or a fucking smarmy cock sucking attempt at satirical shitposting, but shove it up your dick you dumb motherfucker and grow the fuck up. You got shit tastes, you like baby-tier writing made for retarded fuck-ups like yourself, and I don’t give a shit what you got to say because you are literally fucking personally offended by the fact I – a total stranger that you sought out yourself – said something you enjoy is bad. You want to talk about pathetic, then it’s time to get philosophical and look inwards, wanker. You sit there telling me to raise up my arguments yet you yourself give me absolutely nothing aside “UR WRONG CUZ UR WROOONG DUDE!!!!” as your “argument” – while I wrote a fuckin entire in depth review of all the problems with this game, you’re fucking retarded if you think I’m the one with weak arguments.

      The fuck do you get bigotry from me saying “this game is shit” anyway?


      • Oh, man. You seriously don’t get it.
        Are you the kind of person that, when notices someone criticized you, don’t care to read their comments and just call them fanboys and shit just to demerit them? Because you don’t. It’s even more ad hominem.

        Try to read one more time what I wrote, why not. I said it was completely pathetic because you gave no arguments at all about why, or any profound thoughts about it other than “this game is retarded, people are retarded, I’m a genius, Ever17 is god”. You in first place gave exactly no argumentation except for opinion matters, and… well, it falls exactly under the “UR PATHETIC UGHHHH UR SO FUCKIN DUMB” you like to call basically everyone else.

        Maybe, by I don’t know, reading again my comment, you’ll see that I genuinely would not care if you disliked the game or whatever, if you gave a good argument about why, or were actually concise about any point on it. I even would agree with you if you made a good point. Everything you gave was a bunch of subjective opinions and the stretch and exaggeration of a few minor points in the game.

        Also, it’s funny to notice that every comment here says about the same thing I did (or just plainly disagree with you), and yet you still think that you’re the greatest, and EVERYONE is a troll. Oh boy…

        When you manifest your opinion, you subject yourself to other’s opinions on you. It’s not the “you sought yourself”, if you posted it online, you’re subject to anyone’s thoughts, just as you stated yours. You can’t avoid it, or you’re not arguing or debating, you’re just posting stuff and shutting others. You might as well speak to a wall, for that matter (and yes, DO make the little joke like “I’m talking to a wall right now, so I won’t even consider your opinion, fuckface”. It will be delightful. And predictable. Or even swear and call me a crazy fanboy, for that’s your only response, it seems). Maybe you should consider that you can be wrong about something, and your arguments or the way you’ve expressed yourself were mistaken.

        Forgive me if I also don’t believe in the “I wrote a fuckin entire in depth review of all the problems with this game”… because you really did not. You complained about your tastes and exaggerated, yet you barely touched the surface of any real issue of the game. Or any point of the game, for that. If that’s your “in depth”, you should start reading more…

        I didn’t call you a bigot for the “this game is shit”. I called you for the “The only people who could possibly like this are fucking retarded and if you do you’re a retard and your opinion is shit”. Do you know the definition of bigotry? “One who is narrrowly or intolerantly devoted to his or her opinions and prejudices”. Yeah, you’re a bigot.

        Learn to understand some critics, damn. Don’t assume you’re right and the best, and everyone else is trying to pull you down. And still again, I insist, raise up your arguments, “you’re fucking retarded if you think I’m the one with weak arguments” is not an argument.


        • I’m not reading an essay from someone who called me a “bigot” for saying “this game is bad” and somehow believes that makes any sense. Sorry, manchild. With your massive comments that do nothing but tell me my opinion is wrong and insult me in the most incredibly stupid ways imaginable it feels like you believe this is your blog and that you somehow believe the comments section is where you post your reviews rather than where you have a discussion with the writer – I think you’re a little confused there and may want to return to tumblr where you belong before you start calling me “toxic” next. I have no interest in spending my time talking to someone who has nothing to say but “YOU’RE WRONG BECAUSE I SAY SO AND YOU’RE A BIGOT FOR HOLDING AN OPINION I DISAGREE WITH AHRRHRGHRUGHG” like a feminist throwing her menstrual blood at men because they didn’t check their privilege today.

          If you’d like to actually discuss some view points with me, you’re still welcome, but you’ve yet to attempt to do that and instead came charging in telling me I’m wrong because I’m wrong, you’re right because you’re right, and throwing around a bunch of insults. You can say I do that final one, but this is my blog and I was also responding so someone acting like a pile of shit to me out of nowhere (you), so I just don’t care. You’re impressing nobody, you’re changing nobody’s mind about this game, and all you’re doing is presenting yourself like a petulant child who screams when he doesn’t get what he wants from someone who doesn’t even know him.

          Act less like a retard and I’ll talk with you, otherwise stop wasting your own time making comments I literally don’t even read, much like you clearly still have yet to read my review as – again – it’s full of direct examples and discussion of issues yet you somehow (I assume from seeing another essay, even if I’m not reading it) still believe that isn’t the case.

          What you’re doing is not being a critic, don’t delude yourself – what you’re doing is being a fucking baby who is screaming because you saw me say something bad about a thing you like so you came charging at me from out of the blue as the sole member of the VLR defense force because you somehow took massive personal offense at me saying – not even to you but just on my personal blog – something you like is not good. You’re literally a fucking child, the type of moron who sees someone with a presidential candidate bumper sticker on their car and waits for them to return to it so you can give them a speech about how wrong and stupid they are based on the ‘fact’ of your personal beliefs.


  4. >the first two games had not sold well enough in Japan for the third game to be considered likely to be profitable.



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