Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic – Halfway Impressions / Early Review


Sadly my original views on this sequel didn’t hold up – I said it was more of the same in a very good way but it actually isn’t at all. The fun comedy focusing on the quirks of its cast members has been removed almost entirely and replaced with lesbian jokes for absolutely all of the characters, even barely-relevant support characters who are now forced in and have forced romantic feelings for a main cast member. Basically it’s been turned into YuruYuri but even worse because this is a sequel to a show that has nothing to do with gay implications outside of one single character while everyone else showed no interest romantically at all in each other. Now this entire group of friends, a teacher, and another classmate are all flaming homosexuals who do nothing but think and talk about their lesbian feelings. I’m not even exaggerating – the ONLY characters now who are NOT lesbians and who have anything to their scripts or scenes at all outside of lesbian jokes are Inokuma and Karen…and sadly 90% of both their scenes are overtaken by the girls who ARE lesbians for them.

This would be fine if any of the characters felt this way about each other originally, but they didn’t outside of Aya. It’s so incredibly clear that either the mangaka or the writers of the show realized most of the fanbase was made up of your typically incredibly retarded yuri-fan types – you know, the people who believe any girls being friends mean they rub out to each other because clearly females can’t have friendships without wanting to fuck and be a couple. Yuri fans are literally the worst fanbase within the anime fandom, even fujoshi don’t pretend all males that are friends want to suck each others cocks unless there’s legitimate purposeful implications of it (you know those joking style shots of guys acting gay, things like that) while still accepting it’s just their dreams rather than reality – but yuri fans will take “these two girls talked on the phone” and tell themselves it’s canon now that they are in love. That’s another problem with them, they believe their shit is official and legitimate rather than accepting that it’s their imagination – at least if they would admit it’s just their personal wishful delusions it wouldn’t be so bad, but 9 out of 10 times they genuinely believe they aren’t making it up and that “they smiled at one another” is a very clear thinly veiled canonical official sign from the creator and writing staff that girls are in love or want to have sex with each other.

Somehow those people were loud enough that the staff (or mangaka) decided to completely change everything out of nowhere and erase the entire first season so to better pander to this audience. Somehow though, even if you’re into yuri it’s STILL shit because this is a sequel to a show that had none of that (again, aside Aya) and does a shitty job with it anyway. You can’t just make a continuation of something and completely change the entire point of the show, the entire focus of the show, and the entire personalities and sexualities of the cast out of nowhere – let alone their relationships. It doesn’t matter if it’s a change to lesbian shit like this, or changing a romance-drama into an all out action series and twisting the personalities of the characters all over out of nowhere or something. Not to mention how poorly handled it all is here, this isn’t even tolerable as a yuri show even if you ignore that it’s shitting all over what Kinmoza was originally because it’s just boring and incredibly bland and cliche. Even the lesbian jokes are just “teehee I’m gay but nobody can find out!” or “i am sad because the girl I am a fag for is not right by my side this second and so I must spend 8 minutes of the episode with jokes about how sad I am about it that are just me stating I am sad about it” and nothing beyond that.

Aside that, we met a new character early on in this season who I mentioned in my spring early thoughts – and she only actually got worse than she was at the time. All she does is repeat the same joke in the same way every single episode – and for about 3 episodes she was the main focus of them. It’s especially bad when the main cast hasn’t been exhausted yet and this character wasn’t introduced naturally – though less bad when you consider the lesbian shit taking over. Going way back to the series that cemented so much of what anime became after it and changed the course of the industry forever; in Azumanga Daioh the character Kagura is brought into the main cast quite a bit later in the show, however unlike this teacher she was already around and existed. She was a ‘minor character’, she had a name, a few lines, and would appear in various scenes typically in the background all of which helped build up at least a bit of a personality even if you weren’t consciously registering her for the most part – so when she joined the cast it felt natural and good and she was, of course, a joy to have added given she’s such a fantastic character. In this case we just get a random new lady who never existed prior with an annoying personality and whom is a one trick pony suffering from a cliche problem.

These pointless out of nowhere new characters have ruined countless top-notch slice of life shows in the past, and while she was definitely making this less good than it should have been I wasn’t sure if this would go the way of Hidamari Sketch or, worse, Tamayura – the former which became kind of shit but still was alright and the latter which became completely unwatchable. Luckily her one single character trait (“I want the students to like me but they think I’m scary” which didn’t even make sense given she dressed like a 13 year old) was concluded about 3 or 4 episodes in…and then unluckily replaced with…? Oh, of course. Suddenly out of nowhere, like the entire rest of the cast, she is now a lesbian. Yup. No explanation, no build up, no reason for it – she’s just gay now.

Sadly Kinmoza is not living up to it’s first season at all. They’ve started pushing the stupid lesbian shit for retarded fans who believed that was going on in season 1 after noticing how many there were they’ve now doubled down on that for more sales, and by separating the kids they’ve made it so 100% of the personality of 3 characters is based around that entirely. No longer do Alice, Shino, or Aya have any actual personality or reason to exist outside of constant rehashed jokes about how sad they are to be apart and how much they care about each other. It has been drained of all the joy, fun, and unique jokes of season 1 in order to both cater to a niche but more money-spending demographic and to turn to less original writing (a big deal for a slice of life series that relies entirely on original humor and such) because it’s easier and they can get away with it. Everyone has become a 1 note character and then they even introduced yet another of the same (as well as re-introducing a background character as a supporting one – who is also a lesbian). Season 1 was fantastic, but this shits all over it and removes the personality of every cast member and instead replaces them all with one single joke or personality trait that happens to be the exact same for all of them as well – the only exceptions are Inokuma and Karen but both of them have their non-yuri scenes interrupted BY the girls who are now out of nowhere in love with them, even ruining the good parts the show was close to having.

Even if you ignore the teacher’s bullshit, the fact remains that the show entirely is about making the same joke about the girls being lesbians – there’s no actual comedy, no jokes, no variety. This is barely considerable as a slice of life comedy anymore – it’s just yuri service and stale tossed together jokes to make it seem like it has more to it. It really doesn’t help that they’ve completely made Inokuma irrelevant, she’s not a lesbian and not ‘so randum’ like Karen so 95% of the time in every ep aside one that’s aired so far she’s been essentially non existent. Admittedly she’s my favorite character, but even putting that totally aside it’s a big problem when a show takes a main character completely out of the picture for absolutely no reason and totally sidelines them. She randomly pops up but she’s totally been relegated to a side character when she was one of the leads, and she’s not even someone worth calling a ‘support character’ at this point. They even have her actively within the show pushed out of scenes entirely by the characters (both literally and figuratively) so that everyone in the scene can continue with lesbian jokes and Karen being random. It even forgets its own jokes and personality traits from season 1 let alone totally forgot that its a unique comedy about a weeb and a westaboo. It’s literally become Yuruyuri and pushed absolutely everything else out because it just got in the way of pushing to the yuri loving demographic. It’s not just “oh it panders to yurifags” its also a problem just in that its turned all these unique fun great personality characters into vapid lesbos with nothing at all else going on in their heads.

Yes, I repeated myself a lot, but I don’t care. This show ruined itself purely for sales – and I don’t just mean “turned into something I dislike”, I mean even if you’re a fan of yuri and love what it is now it still ruined what it WAS. It very literally threw everything from season 1 into the trash and is no longer Kinmoza – this is something else entirely that just shares the same character designs and names at this point, that’s how different it is and even if I didn’t mind all the lesbian shit this wouldn’t bother me any less. On top of that, it’s a shitty yuri show too – the entire cast is COMPLETELY FUCKING VAPID and only are there as empty shells that constantly repeat how gay they are. Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic is a perfect example of one of the biggest problems in the anime industry – people bitch about ‘moeshit this’ and ‘fanservice that’, yet they ignore things like this which are actual problems and are the clearest showcase of an industry where people won’t hesitate to completely throw everything they’ve built up away to replace it with whatever will sell the most to this niche with more money. It’s a business, sure, but that doesn’t mean you have to go as far as destroying an established series and doing an incredibly half-assed job of even that much. Kinmoza was popular enough and was making money, there was no need for this and it’s embarrassing as a very serious fan of the medium to see things like this being done so openly and being accepted by the trash that calls themselves part of that same fanbase – especially when the result is bad for everyone involved. I have no problems with yuri focused shows existing, but you don’t take a show that has absolutely nothing to do with that shit and remove absolutely EVERYTHING about who they were before and turning them into just mindless lesbian drones with zero personality aside that. Surely gays have more to them than just their fucking sexuality, but not here, here it is their entire being and they know, think, and feel nothing else apparently with the exception of one 10 minute portion of one single episode about playing straw trader or some shit which was really cute.

kinmozer boarbearI kept giving this season more chances to have more to it and it still hasn’t at the halfway point – rather it’s gotten worse, so I’m dropping it now. And yes, I’m legitimately upset if you were planning on a “u mad” style comment, of course I am. Something fairly unique and very fun and enjoyable was turned into total shit for no reason but slightly more sales from the shittiest sub-culture within anime – not even “yuri-fans” as a whole, but those specific types within the yuri fanbase of people who accept anything positively as long as the girls are gay, whether it’s shit or not or is at the expense of anything remotely good.

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  1. totally agree with everything you said (I’m a girl btw) I’m getting sick of this yuri crap too. I don’t mind it as long as the relationship has some plot relevance like chikane and himeko’s from kannazuki no miko but putting it in a show where it has no place is dumb. hibike euphonium has the same problem so many “fans” think that kumiko and reina love each other when that is not the case they think because kumiko is awkward around her because of dashing her dreams of being a trumpet player in middle school means they need to get a hotel together and do things.

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