No Game, No Life, No Thanks


I was looking forward to this – even more after all the positive reviews and extremely high ratings from viewers, but I’m sad to say it was an extreme disappointment.

I have absolutely nothing good to say about the show. I did not like any of the characters introduced (especially not the siblings, which were just annoying and self-insert as fuck), I did not like the poorly handled shoehorned in fanservice (let alone the high detailed panty shot of the 11 year old sister at the start) which given the manga is an ecchi series and gets ten times worse as it goes will do the same in the show, I did not find a single “joke” in it to have any actual comedic value to the point I didn’t even realize there were jokes until I read some threads mentioning them, the music sucks, the art is painful to look at because the color overlays, everything about the show was boring, uninteresting, and as bland as it gets. Even if the game gets “better later on” – the fact is it’s just not going to be enough to help it for me, there is so much bad and empty about this show that no matter what changes I don’t see myself being able to enjoy watching this.

The brother and sister feel empty and are extremely uninteresting characters to lead the show, and the rest of it felt boring as well. I ended up just wishing it was over, and whenever I’d check how long was left it had barely been ~30 seconds since last I checked and not even to the halfway point (it didn’t change past that either) yet felt like it had been hours. The entire time I just wanted to skip through the rest of the episode and very seriously had to force myself through the last half. This was made even harder by the fact the second half was worse than the first, which was already pretty bad as it was. Even the few times the show could go in an exciting direction, the viewer is reminded very quickly that the MC is just another Kirito level Gary Stu. I seriously have not felt so deeply that watching a show was a chore or ‘homework’ as much as this show made me. That’s another issue, the pacing is shit – but the main issue there comes from the fact the show itself is just so bland that no matter how fast or slow the pacing is the content will still feel like a slog to get through.


Some other complaints I have are questions that seem to just be explained with nothing. How is an 11 year old girl a NEET hikikomori? Where are the parents? I can understand a teenage boy, but not a kid who isn’t even a pre-teen yet, even the most neglectful parents wouldn’t allow this. And why are they together – I’ve been told it’s due to them having a “fear of being apart” which is akin to the author saying “w-well, because!”. Why are they so unrealistically portrayed? I can handle lack of realism in fucking anime, but “I’m playing with my feet and hands on like 8 characters at once” is just a tryhard way for a poor writer to show someone is gifted at something. I could keep going about them and plenty of other things, but overall it’s just not worth watching at all – especially knowing that the further it gets the more pointless fanservice and nudity shows up while the quality of the writing never gets any better if the manga is anything to base things on. A perfect example of a show that’s so vapid yet very sellable due to panty shots of children and big tittied bimbos flashing their breasts all day.

I do not think this show is complete shit or the worst ever, but it’s definitely not good whatsoever and is one of the most fucking boring and uninteresting things imaginable. I say if you’re interested, give it a shot – just don’t expect much, let alone what everyone is promising (the best thing ever). I’m not trying to be edgy or go against the grain, this show was just not for me on any level and had plenty to it that was genuinely poorly written, poorly paced, and just plain boring.

I do have to give a lot of praise to Rie Kugimiya though, even in her best “not loli tsundere” roles in the past she hasn’t done this good a job at masking her voice while maintaining such a high quality of acting. I also have to praise the series for not making the sister or brother incestuous (at least at this point there were no hints it was going that way).

And for the record, I AM watching shows from this season and enjoying them very much, as well as have some more to try out. I just prefer to wait and write “early thoughts” on those when they are a little further along, which is why the only things I’m writing about are the shows I’m dropping after genuinely being interested in them that I feel disappointed enough to warrant a post about.

22 responses to “No Game, No Life, No Thanks

  1. While I don’t totally agree with what you’re saying, I also found this show to be shit. I don’t understand how can this show be praised and compared to Death Note or Code Geass, or even given the quality of “strategic anime” (as can be seen below). Granted, I’m really nitpicky when it comes to logic and continuity, but I can’t stand for jokes are as repetitive as the plot-line of Sakamoto Desu Ga!. I can’t stand for either left-unexplained game outcomes or dumb ones. I most certainly can’t stand for all that ecchi shit – seriously, girl, why do you even come knocking at a door with only a thin blanket? That was a 7 minutes-long scene where the show tried to jiggle boobs up our faces so we wouldn’t question the stupidity of the whole process. And above all, I can’t stand for a character that we’re told is a genious master-mind, but never shown as such in a credible way (oh, let’s not forget the single player controlling 4 characters, defeating FRICKING HACKERS, who was somehow able to leave is pseudo blank, something that the most basic app would forbid). My bullshittery metter is oscillating between Sherlock season 4 and an episode of Power Rangers right now

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion with us. I find comfort in knowing that I’m not standing alone disliking this anime.


  2. All of u should fre and never appear on tghis website sinceubs dppoont unrcdersdtasnd


  3. you know what’s even more dumb about this show there is a boy sora’s age named tet that the mangaka could have her develop a crush on and vice versa but won’t because otaku have a “no kid boy characters whatsoever” policy nowadays.


    • I think it’s more that the mangaka knows the vast majority of the audience for this series is there for the brother-sister teen-loli incest shit, rather than not letting a young boy be relevant.


  4. Usually people don’t write reviews on shows just based on the first episode. You can’t blame that the characters and setting are bland and empty as you didn’t give them time to develop through other episode. However, I do admit this anime isn’t for everyone as it is mostly brain teasing. If you’re an action guy, you’re going to find it boring. I only stay for the puzzles/games.
    The story isn’t if he’ll win, it’s how he’ll win that gives the character a real win instead of that coincidental Kirito level, gambit roulette trope, Machina Ex Deus situation that luckily save their asses. No, as they empathize throughout the anime everything happens for a reason. Chance is just a multiple series of events that creates an unpredictable outcome. They plan for everything using their opponents cheats against them. Also, I love how he use fan service as a part of his plan to win. And we didn’t win in a perverted way.

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    • Also I find it really funny how you called their characters empty as that’s what the little sister Shiro called her brother’s character as empty when they were little as he was originally conforming with everything what society watched from him. After she said that, he realized he finally found someone who understands that he didn’t want to become the person he was that time.


    • IDK what happened to my previous post, but whatever.

      This show is horseshit and is an example of someone writing about something they have no clue about. It’s a wish fullfillment story that attracts the depraved and horny.

      I play a myriad of games and know when they are bullshiting. Strategy is jnique to the game it’s self, you can’t be a prodigy at or simply because your a prodigy at another. Playing a MMO on a PC and controlling two characters, let alone four or with your feet, is impossible. Ask any PC gamer. Skill in MMO doesn’t translate to skill in Chess or even Poker. I know, I’m an avid strategy gaming fan, from tower defense to RTSes and my favorites are squad based tactical shooters. I also play FPS games like Fallout, CoD and Star Wars.

      Anyone with any experiences in these mediums would notice the bullshit once it stated appearing. Hackers wouldn’t be so widely known, Queen, let alone allowed to roam. The community would even cherish the person who defeated the hacker, as it just means a tougher hacker.

      It’s completely retarded and the author knew crap hell about games and gamers, let alone people.

      Terrible show and it should have gone up in flames. The art is the only point it gets from me and that’s because I actually am an artist and comprehend the difficulties and putting out visuals like that, let alone episodes of it.


  5. I agree with part of what you posted about it being boring, and for the most part slow. however the show is aimed more for audiences that like analytic, strategic anime. Similar to how Lelouch was in Code Geass coming up with strategies on how to take down the enemy. It’s going to have a lot of bland intervals between the few battles that they have but they do a good job making up for those boring scenes when the battles happen. I respect your opinion, but I just don’t feel the same :D


  6. The fact that you’re saying “given the manga is an ecchi series” just shows how little you know. In fact, the manga only has 8 chapters out now. The source material for this was light novels. The music sucking and bad coloring is all up to opinion, which most people seem to think are good, especially given the ratings. Finally, it’s produced by madhouse, who are known for high quality and well animated anime, such as hunter x hunter. I’m not saying you’re opinions can’t be agreed upon, I’m just pointing out what you got wrong, and based on the amount you did get wrong, I don’t really think you’re in a position to be saying the above things about the series.


    • And the LN is the exact same. Feel free to look through the LN as well as check the artwork. The manga is a very close adaptation that you simply get a lot more of the pointless fanservice visually shown to you in. It’s horrendous – both the LN and the manga, and sadly the show in turn. This property is based around fanservice and pandering to lolicons, this is not an opinion, it’s fact and it’s blatantly in your face throughout the light novels, the manga, and the tv anime.

      As for “music and bad coloring is all up to opinion” – no shit, detective, this is a blog, not wikipedia.

      And really if your example of a high quality well animated anime is hunter x hunter, I probably shouldn’t even be bothering to reply as you clearly don’t know shit about anything. At least list something Madhouse has done that isn’t total garbage next time. And using “the studio has done good things before” has ABSOLUTELY ZERO to do with how they do each work. Just because someone does something well ‘usually’ does not mean they always do. And actually, Madhouse is pretty well known for having low budgets and making them barely work out tolerably – not “high quality and well animated anime”. They do have some, but it’s far from their regular shit.


  7. Good to see someone that doesn’t falter in front of this pile of bad writing. No surprise that fanboys try to defend this season’s SAO, when you need so desperatly to self-insert that you lose all your standards you just can’t accept other people judging your favorite animu.


  8. It’s really quite sad that you think your opinion is good enough for a blog when you can’t even keep to the 3 episode rule. I find it funny as hell you consider Sora to be a “gray-sue”, despite the fact he needed to cheat as well (which is a flaw, and gary stus are flawless). This may be the 1st article I’m reading on this crappy little blog but, you seem like the most nitpicky, no life, social reject, I’ve ever come across online. You have to be autistic to ask questions like “how can a little girl be a neet?” when the answer is so obvious and doesn’t need explaining. The “Bitching” tag must refer to your only character trait. I’ll be sure to bookmark this blog for when I need a good laugh and pointers on how not to be an anime critic.


    • Stopped reading when you tried claiming there are ‘rules’ to watching anime. By the way, following that would mean picking up every single show of every single season of every single year and watching at least 3 episodes of each – even the ones you are 100% sure you are not interested in. There’s a reason that after almost 700 completed shows I still love the medium, and that’s because I don’t force myself to watch shit I don’t like just to fit in or follow some kind of autistic “rules of anime” – you’re the type who cries when he bows in Dark Souls and gets backstabbed while he’s doing it.

      Given I can see everyone’s IP, you aren’t really ‘tricking’ me, but thank you for all the views you are continuing to give me – albeit I’ve thanked you in the past as well.


    • “I have low self-esteem so I’m gonna tell him how little of a life he has because he made fun of an anime I like to make myself feel better”

      Your post translated into english.


    • It’s really quite sad that you wish cancer on another human for their opinion, You are fucking scum. Everything else you said was a complete aspergers syndrome rant. I hope that you can get your mental illness in check, ill be rooting for you.


  9. i dont expect a documentary when i watch an Anime,my expectations are different.I expect a new world to entertain me in every new anime.So i hope they will make a entertaining anime in that game world without boundaries


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