Mangaka-san to Vapid, Bland, Uncreative-san

Mangaka-san to Assistant-san

A mangaka who made a manga about mangaka and he can’t even draw two people sitting without fucking up the basics of perspective.

This has to be one of the worst shows I’ve seen in awhile, and I realized this was the situation about 30 seconds into the episode. The characters are incredibly bland and vapid while also being beyond what ‘cookie cutter’ would account for, there’s not a term for how fucking unoriginal they are and how little effort was put into creating their personalities and looks. Alongside the awful characters you’re just force fed the most cliche jokes in the most uninspired ways – all consistently unfunny and not even on a “not my type of humor” level, but just plain not funny in any way whatsoever. And as an extra topping bit, you have just terribly forced in and not even remotely sexy ecchi content thrown in constantly. Ecchi shit is great sometimes, but here it’s just awful. It’s terrible to look at because the art sucks, it’s not funny or attractive when it happens, and it just feels randomly thrown in out of nowhere as if they realize there is no substance here – yet sadly the ecchi is so piss poor it not only does nothing to make up for the rest, but actively makes it all worse overall.


The entire show is incredibly bland, unfunny, and doesn’t have one single thing going for it – I am seriously proud of myself for making it through more than the first 2 minutes, let alone the whole first episode. The author of this is far from someone who should be making a series about being a mangaka when he’s clearly one of the most talentless people in the fucking profession. It goes without saying, but I already dropped this – and I encourage all of you to not even touch it.


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