Spring 2014 Anime Picks

no fucks

With me, everyone should know by now me ‘picking’ it just means it’s going on my plan to watch list for 90% of them, while only one or two end up something I actually watch immediately. Figured I’d go ahead and make one of these posts though because it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of this style.

There are only 2 greens because I know I probably won’t start any of these shows at the first airing date, but at least 5~8 of the yellows I will try watching an episode or two before they are too far along…and probably only the ones that will be on CrunchyRoll. I can’t say I’m ‘excited’ for any of these enough to pirate them (or excited for any of them at all, for that matter), aside maybe E&L which I won’t be watching for some time anyway. These images are big, but you’ll have to click on them to full size them. I wasn’t about to make my own 1×3 ones like in the past when this is mostly a very red scene. They are however split into groups of 2×4. And to be perfectly honest, for the majority of these all I know is what these summaries say and how the images in this ‘calender’ looked, so yeah, I might be horribly wrong about some assumptions here.

Also, keep in mind, this does NOT include CONTINUING shows (Uchuu Kyoudai, Kuroko no Basuke, etc).

Oh, one last thing – this is based on the chart I happened to have at the time (I linked it in the comments) – so anything not in any of these images, I simply wasn’t aware existed when I wrote this.

Anyway, here we go:






Finally, something aside red.

Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – This could either go the way of massive tit fanservice with stupid ecchi shit way, or go the route of making something interesting of a relationship between a ghost and a human and his friends. If it’s the latter, it could be good, the former…depends on if she’s the only one with tits, because she isn’t my type of gal.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr – The summary sounded interesting up until the ‘new totally unexpected transfer student who changed this normal boys life forever and can use magic and looks JUST LIKE his dead best friend!’ part. However, I’ll be open minded. Apparently this is also from the same mangaka who brought us Elfen Lied – a series entirely based around being edgy and filling itself with psuedo-intellectual bullshit. If this follows that, I will drop it immediately.

Mekaku City Actors – Seems like it could be interesting…but with such little information, I’m not holding my breath. I also expect them to butcher the idea of a hikki NEET – which bothers me because I am one. Not a fake one, not a pretend one, not an “I’m a special snowflake” one. I just am one, and I don’t really want that portrayed inaccurately or turned into some kind of joke. NHK’s terrible anime adaptation did plenty of that already.

La Corda D’oro Blue Sky – This really depends on the lead. I was able to enjoy Uta no Prince-sama because of the lead female, as well as the fact she was voiced by the incredibly beautifully voiced Miyuki Sawashiro. Not only that, but that really unique and extremely vibrant art style helped too, along with a mostly likable cast and some fun tunes.  If this doesn’t have anything special to it, it’s going to likely just end up in PTW or never watched.

Puchi-mas S.2 – More puchimas. I’m not caught up with the prior episodes, but I’ll get to this eventually.


Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou – Something about this makes me feel like it could be really charming and a very nice show to watch. I didn’t actually do it in the image – but I’d give this a green for now. I’m not sure why, but it’s really got me wanting to watch it – and no, not only because of the rather cute girl in the image. It reminds me of something like Mahoraba, which I really enjoyed, maybe that’s why.

Blade and Soul – This one is very close to not happening. It all depends on how the tits and asses are in the show. The game is LITERALLY JUST TITS AND ASSES, so of course it’s all I want out of the show, and if it doesn’t deliver with nice art and animation, then I’m not going to bother.

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san – Looks cute, and I like the silly joke with their names (the one with cat in her name loves dogs, and the dog one loves cats). Probably actually a green IF it’s on CR. Just hoping it doesn’t turn into some kind of lesbian ripoff of Mikakunin, because I really love Mikakunin.


Black Bullet – Likely won’t ever watch this. Seems stupid and the character designs are bleh. I’m not sure why I even put it as orange (which is a thing now, apparently).

Mahou Shoujo Taisen – I like that they are using designs that won in Pixiv competitions to do this, that’s pretty cool and enough to have me somewhat interested.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – Haha, no, I’m kidding. This incest garbage really needs to stop. Keep it to shitty doujins for people who are too afraid of real relationships with people that aren’t forced to know them, stop wasting animation budget on this tripe for people with shit-tier fetishes to jerk off to.

Akuma no Riddle – Ehhhh. Should be orange.

selector infected WIXOSS – JC Staff, so why not, plus it seems somewhat interesting from what little I know of it and the art style. Some kind of card game with cute girls, I wonder if it’ll secretly end up serious or just be light hearted? Either way, seems like it could be alright.


Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii – This legitimately sounds terrible, however the idea of the focus being on a real natural growing relationship between the two leads has me somewhat curious. I always love watching romances with believable and natural feeling bonds of looooove being created and strengthened, but this seems like it won’t have that…but maybe it will?

Atelier Escha & Logy – I’m sorry, but I will likely not be watching this anytime soon. Three reasons:
1. I don’t want spoilers!
2. I LOVE the Atelier franchise, all of it, not just Arland’s trilogy, not just Ayesha. I am a massive fanboy for this series and it is one of my favorite franchises in all of gaming. I really don’t want this to turn out badly, I’d rather be blind to it than stuck knowing they ruined something that should have happened over a decade ago.
3. There are a lot of issues with this series existing at all. I’ve gone over it before HERE. On top of everything I explained there, it also means the game will get undue hate – even if it is fantastic – and claims of plotholes, bad pacing, etc, all due to the ignorant masses who watch this without having played Ayesha. This series SHOULD NOT EXIST because it is a direct sequel to what is pretty much the ONLY SERIOUS STORY in the ENTIRE FRANCHISE’S HISTORY. Yet instead of going with the beginning of the story, they plot viewers of this anime with no experience of the games into the middle of it. I am genuinely upset by this, but that upset wouldn’t keep me from watching. I really do not want to deal with the new ‘fans’ that will come from this airing, and the best way to avoid that is by watching it purposefully a few months after it ends.

However, I will say the first two are my real main reasons for it. I truly am afraid they will botch this, they already did by jumping into the middle of the story so I have very little faith here, and also I want to 100% the game before even touching the series either way (I already 100%’d Ayesha, but I’d want no E&L spoilers!).

Captain Earth – Oops, another joke? Yeah. I’m sorry but I’m really over Bones making the same stupid neon green, orange, and white monster/robot shit over and over again. They are never even good, so I don’t get why they won’t stop.

Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun – The premise seems like, if handled not incredibly stupidly, could work out alright. From the looks of the promotional art though, it’ll just be a generic action series with shitty comedy and fanservice aspects – or JUST a generic action series.

Hitsugi no Chaika – Sounds like it could be a very nice and interesting adventure/traveling kind of series. There aren’t many of those in general, so if that’s what it turns out to be, it’ll be a nice change of pace.


No Game, No Life – Because of what the story is and the fact Madhouse is animating it, it could turn out good…otherwise, the fact this is the third or fourth anime I’ve come across airing in this same season that throws around ‘hikki NEET’ as a basic descriptor is making me not want to fucking bother.

Ishuukan Friends – This sounds bittersweet and looks like it could be very nice and one of those ‘soft’ feeling shows that can really get to you.

Mushishi season 2 – It’s more Mushishi.

Knights of Sidonia – It’s just fucking Macross with uglier art and probably shittier music. But maybe it’ll be okay.

Sadon Desu – It’s the only kind of cute fun slice of life from what I can tell. Though if that person on the bottom right is not a female I’m going to be upset.

Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to – These types of shows are usually alright.

Kamigami no Asobi – This fits into the same situation as La Corda earlier on.

This has absolutely nothing to do with anything!

This has absolutely nothing to do with anything!


Railgun S special – Wow, what a surprise I’d be watching this.

Mikakunin special – this show is fucking wonderful, so I won’t miss anything of it they release.

Harmonie – sounds interesting

Mitsuwano – I don’t know how I feel about the way this sounds, but at the same time maybe it’ll be alright.

Garupan movie – more of my lovely tanks and some cute girls too. Hell, one is named Pepperoni. How is that not cute?

This is Pepperoni-chan.

This is Pepperoni-chan.

12 responses to “Spring 2014 Anime Picks

  1. It still technically qualifies as a rom-com, and that’s sorta how I perceive it as well. The thing is, however, that it’s not blatantly rom-com. The romance is presented in a subtle manor, but it’s still a prevalent theme. It still sets small up scenarios like Hakuya giving implications of his feelings through straightaway dialogue, animated representations of his unique characteristic monologue, showing gratitude for Kobeni’s cooking and interests, and of course those cute interactions of where Kobeni or Hakuya would pet the other on the head (too cute). Of course, it even provides some backstory on how Hakuya first developed an interest in Kobeni. Mikakunin doesn’t put a lot of focus on romantic interactions, but I don’t feel like it lacks romance. The romance seldom shown, but significantly written out. I feel that the other two main girls in this anime are meant to act as a means to keep Mikakunin from being overly stereotypical with the romance scenario writing, and they work remarkably well for enhancing the overall composition quality. I do think that this anime’s goal is to further the relationship between Hakuya and Kobeni in the long run, there’s enough evidence in the way it’s written to make it such. Not only that, but I am seeing subtle hints of Kobeni developing more sincere feelings for Hakuya.


    • By the way, I think it’s very interesting and only just found out – Mikakunin is an adaptation of a 4koma. Never would have guessed it wasn’t a normal manga.


  2. For some strange reason, I thought the new FSN series would be out this season. Maybe I’m just looking forward to that too much, lol. Oh well. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    I wouldn’t get your hopes up for Brynhildr being that much different from Elfen Lied. The only significant difference is that the protagonist in Brynhildr is proficient in combat. In fact, the guy’s smart enough to be a military tactician. The girls with special abilities rely on him more than he does them. Otherwise, it’s still pretty edgy, lol. But I personally love Elfen Lied’s manga (the anime was a great disappointment to me), so it fits my interests.

    The incest in Mahouka isn’t that bad. It’s more one-sided (sister) and the protagonist is really passive towards it. He’ll acknowledge it out of humor, but he does keep a firm control on his sister when she gets too out of hand. It won’t be a trashy incest anime. The mechanics behind the the magic fights in Mahouka are developed really well in the LN and very interesting. If the anime is able to keep faithful the depth of these mechanics intact for the adaption, it should be really enjoyable. Well, if the manga adaption can keep these mechanics from the LN, the anime shouldn’t have a hard time either, right?


    • With how the modern audience loves incest, I wouldn’t be exactly surprised if they bump it up even more than what you’re describing in the original material. A lot more. Plus, even if it goes nowhere, just that type of character existing is plain obnoxious. It is not normal for a girl to love someone she is related to, let alone her brother – it’s just plain disgusting, and in anime it’s just outright annoying. If I hear VERY good things about the show and that this is not a real element of it that matters at all, I’ll consider putting it on PTW, but not unless that happens.

      And Elfen Lied I only know the anime of, but from like 3 people I’ve heard that same thing – that the manga was great but also very different from the series, so if that’s the case I hope this show ends up being a more faithful adaptation.


      • I can see how you’d be bothered by that; incest can be a pretty nasty theme. I suppose this anime does have the potential to turn out that way, but I can’t help but have a little bit of hope considering how Mahouka will have the director of Horizon, Saki, and A-Channel working on that. I’ve heard good things about Horizon, liked the few episodes of A-Channel I’ve watched, and sampled an episode of Saki.

        But I’ve only come across a small handful of directors who work consistently, so this may very well end up as bad as you think it might be. Probably would be better to wait until it finishes airing.

        I’ll agree that incest isn’t normal, though it is realistic. Anime does have a tendency blow it out of proportion as well, but anime in general blows everything out of proportion. :>

        Well, if it’s any consolation, the anime was fairly faithful to the manga until the original ending. The manga has quite a bit of a build up before its first climax, and the anime only covered the build up material. Come to think of it, Brynhildr might actually be easier to adapt than Elfen Lied. One key advantage Brynhildr has is that it has more intricate scenario writing earlier on. Granted, the manga still hasn’t left the build up phase and the current chapters have not yet pulled off a climax that can bring it up to par with the later chapters of the Elfen Lied manga, but it still has a more enjoyable build up phase. But damn, it really is a shame that Elfen Lied’s brilliant plot revelations were never seen in the anime. They truly were phenomenal.

        Also, glad I’m not the only one who values Mikakunin so much. It’s one of the most satisfying rom-coms I’ve seen in a while.


        • I’d say it’s a bit of a stretch to call Mikakunin a romcom – while it has romance elements obviously, it’s more like a comedy slice of life about 3 girls that happens to have very tiny bits of romance mixed throughout. I mean hell, not only are the romance elements practically irrelevant, Hakuya himself almost is 90% of the time. I’d say a romcom has to have more focus on romance as a main genre, while here the romance is very barely even there. It’s more like they lead you in thinking it will be one, but then it turns out it’s not one at all. I mean it’s very much a ‘sub-genre’ of the show.

          But yes, I really love that show – I’m holding off on posting about it until it’s over (given that’s not too far away, sadly – only 12 eps and we’re already on 8) but it is just such a wonderfully fun little show that feels so unique even though it’s kind of not at all. I also adore the fact that all 3 girls are voiced by 100% new seiyuu – not even small parts in anything else aside one of them. The character designs are really well made too.


      • I agree with Kenshin_sama. Definitely give Mahouka a chance. I read the light novel and the incest element isn’t too bad just slight hints here and there. It’s Madhouse, so they can’t fuck up too bad or the fans in Japan will bash them like crazy. The OP for this anime is calling Rising Hope, so let’s hope it’s a good adaptation.


        • I’ll consider it eventually, but if I try it it’ll be a long time from now. With the negatives as they are, and even without them just with my lack of interest in it, I’ll pass for now. If it ends up on crunchyroll I’ll take a look at it some day in the far future, I’m not going to go out of my way for it or put it ahead of anything in my backlog though – unless I hear massive amounts of people with at least ‘okay’ tastes constantly talking about it being a masterpiece. If it’s anything less than that, it’s waiting a long time. Not only because of the incest shit, which is retarded and – even ‘just as a joke’ is something I do not care for and find to be pathetically shitty pandering writing, but also because literally everything about this seems bad or, at best, uninteresting.


  3. Your chart is more complete then mine, I need to find a better copy.

    >Not watching Keroro
    >Probably isn’t into Keroro Gunsou



      • Odd, your chart has some shows mine doesn’t, but also doesn’t have some shows mine does.

        I’ve never seen the anime but the manga is certainly good. I’d say give this new season a shot, since there isn’t an overarching story or anything. It’s really just a cartoon about frog aliens who suck at world domination. Maybe you can watch it if one of the shows you thought might be good suck?


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