A Quick Warning on Atelier Escha & Logy


Two things:

1. The game has been confirmed to have dual audio, so don’t worry about having only a dub-track.

2. The ‘warning’: This is a DIRECT SEQUEL to Atelier Ayesha. Oddly enough, this actually matters for once as this ‘series’ of the franchise is one of the first to actually have a massive focus on story and lore. You CAN NOT JUMP IN AT ESCHA & LOGY or you will miss a massive amount of very important information and developments. If you intend on playing Escha & Logy you really need to play Ayesha first or at least read up on the story on a wiki thoroughly. This is not, for example, like the Arland trilogy – which you can hop in anywhere because it’s mostly slice of life with unimportant little stories (run this shop to pay a debt, make the town better for the king, find mommy). You need to really know the story, cast, and scattered lore from Ayesha to play, enjoy, and understand Escha & Logy.

So please do not jump in with this title, make sure to at least read a thorough explanation of the story and lore of Ayesha before playing this or just stop being an idiot and play Ayesha. It’s an incredible game and easily the best in the entire franchise to date. The reason I’m even posting this is because a LOT OF PEOPLE skipped Ayesha because of the fact it only had English audio, and now that this had both I fear those same people will simply jump in without knowing anything. In fact, the story is so important the character’s names and the game’s title are all heavily related to the story (escha & logy -> eschatology = the study of the end of the world. The “to” comes from the Japanese title – as the Japanese word for “and” is “to”. Thus Escha to Logy is the official title). So it’s very important you know Ayesha before moving on into this because, again, this is an actual serious storyline for once in the Atelier line of games – you don’t want to fuck it up by jumping in midway. If you go into this game not knowing a thing about the cast, universe, or what is going on in the story, you will be setting yourself up for disappointment – or at the very ‘best’ making a game you enjoy far less enjoyable than it would have been.

Aside that – can’t wait for this to release, Ayesha is incredible and probably one of my favorite games ever (let alone in the franchise), I hope this follows suit.

When I said quick, I meant it for once.

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