A Certain MoeMoe Railgun S – Ep.15


Well, I won’t lie, I don’t have much to say this time around. Not because it was a bad episode, but most of it was action and whatnot without much to comment on aside the fact that it was really well put together. The episode overall was fucking great, exciting, and near the end had some touching stuff – especially the moment between Mikoto and MISAKA (see what I did there?) and the very final scene with Touma.


I said in the comments of 14 I was excited to see how Biribiri would be involved, and it certainly ended up cool. All the clones working together for her all around the entirety of Academy City, and the same one we’ve known for awhile still fighting to live even though she’s so near death. When Biribiri first showed up ready to die again though, it was pretty fucked up, she’s so quick to jump to dying in this scenario and it’s so out of character. I know why it’s out of character, and it makes sense in the fiction and in this context so I don’t mean it’s bad writing type of ‘out of character’. I get it’s from how fucked up her head is at this point from all that’s happened and how desperate she is. It’s just tough to watch.


This actually helped make me like Touma more along with the rest of this arc. It got rid of that plot armor I’m so used to seeing from him in Index. Oh and it was just so nice seeing him kick the shit out of Accel for awhile. I’m glad that shithead got some damage done to him.

Just so I have something to talk about, as much as I try to avoid shipping at all, this whole arc sure has a lot of Touma x Biribiri material for fans of that. As much as I never liked Touma it always seemed obvious they’d end up together – I don’t ship them because I hate Touma (though she does like him a lot, plus I’m beginning to like him quite a bit as a character as well, so I wouldn’t be against it at all)- but I just always assumed that was the situation. Given how fucking HUGELY popular she is that might make it happen or make it not happen too – don’t give her Touma, people get mad – give her Touma, people get mad. So it’ll be interesting to see some day the conclusion of the whole franchise (or at least that aspect of it). I can’t lie though, I do like how well they compliment each other in this arc, such as right in this episode; Touma goes to fight for Biribiri, Biribiri has to save him, and next episode will likely be Touma finishing things up and only capable of doing so thanks to her (both through figuratively and literally saving him, as well as keeping Accel’s crazy shit from working). It’s a good chemistry.


It was also nice to see Touma remembering his interactions with Biribiri and being able to get back his strength for her. Regardless of shipping shit, it was a really powerful and nice scene to watch. More than that though, it was really perfectly planned as the cut off of the episode too. It left me excited and anticipating the next episode way more than any of the prior episodes have (even 14), and now I can’t fucking wait for 16 to come out. Though, for the record, this episode was amazing but not even close to 14. That was really one of the best episodes in anime, not just Railgun.

[UTW-Mazui]_Toaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_S_-_15_[720p][CFCB76A2].mkv_snapshot_08.04_[2013.07.20_16.02.56]More than anything else, it was just nice to finally see Biribiri smile again – and not that forced pretend stuff in the last episode. It wasn’t a happy smile or anything, but it was genuine, and it just felt good seeing some of this weight lifted off her shoulders for the first time since way back at the beginning of this arc. It was relieving. Of course, I mean earlier on with the cat, not the “I’m okay with dying to save you and stop this” smile – because that was just sad.


Anyway, the episode was fucking great and the action sequences are done damn good. This fight is much more exciting than I expected – it is the finale of the arc afterall I suppose – and I’m REALLY glad they didn’t finish it this episode. This pacing is perfect and I just can’t fucking wait to see what happens and how it plays out.

See you next week, and remember, be power smart and conserve electricity ~biribiri!


OH! And question – does anyone know when the OST for this season comes out? I can’t get over that song it plays during the dramatic sad parts like this and last episode and some of the other music this season. Is there a date? Is it already available?

4 responses to “A Certain MoeMoe Railgun S – Ep.15

    • Oh, cool, thanks for checking out the blog, I’m glad you like it and hope you’ll keep reading it from time to time! I haven’t streamed in a bit for no real reason so I’ll be doing that again so come by whenever if you feel like it (more anime and interesting games rather than driving trucks, lol). I did a little bit of anime earlier actually (and probably more soon).

      I forgot you mentioned liking Railgun, this season has been fantastic so far. And that release is good news to hear, that’s only like 2 days away. I really can’t wait to get that dramatic track from this season, it’s just awesome.


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