A Certain MoeMoe Railgun S – Ep.12

Meant to have this up Sat/Sun but my freezer stopped working properly (and still is having problems) plus it was around 100 degrees so I was hot, stressed, and not in the mood to ruin my Railgun viewing by feeling that way. So here it is;


Anyway, another great episode. Thanks to the sister the episode didn’t feel very heavy, plus we had some other moments of real Misaka and Kuroko at the start. Oddly enough most of the jokes and lighthearted stuff came from the sister; she was even cracking little jokes again, like when Biribiri first met one of them in an earlier episode. From what little I used to know of them they were just abused for fanservice like second-hand pantyshots of Mikoto and having Touma grope Biribiri indirectly, so I hated them, I was pretty happy that Accelerator was killing them.  Not in Railgun S – but back when I just knew small things about them.


Now, I’m still genuinely fucking annoyed by Kamachi, and probably Index’s director as well, for abusing the fact they have Biribiri’s body and by using that to provide fanservice to shitty fucks. So yeah, I still hate it, I still somewhat hate the sisters, but I like them a bit more since Railgun S. They have a fun dandere personality and can be pretty silly, I also really like the fact that this time they made the Sister’s look more normal – their eyes aren’t those dead raped ones, they still look different from everyone else’s but now they are more lively looking which makes them more ‘human’ to the audience.


Probably the best part of the ep was the intro section, which not only starred cute little toddler Mikoto but also her massive tittied drunken slut of a mother – prior to her becoming a drunken slut. It was very cute and heartwarming, and it was adorable that she’s been into frogs since she was so tiny. They also drew her really cute with the same little fangs in her teeth that she STILL has in a lot of artwork – but unlike normal anime fangs they are treated more like real ones – where they are in the row of all the normal teeth. I always thought it was cute and now I get to see how they started – actually I get to see how the whole Biri was as a little person and it’s moemoe.


This episode was full of crossover material with Index again, stuff I hadn’t watched but I’ve seen pics or scenes from, and I’m genuinely not so annoyed by Touma this time around. Railgun really makes him such a better character – he’s still annoying and even as a side character extremely generic and obnoxious, but he’s far from what he comes off as in Index. I think him not being around constantly and the lack of Index the character really helps make him less of a massive annoyance, I noticed it in season 1 as well. In Index I can’t tolerate him at all, I’ve tried several times way back including when it originally aired – I just can’t fucking deal with what a generic overpowered invincible-by-pure-luck (at the time, given he doesn’t realize he has that power and uses it by coincidence) plot armor bullshit that he has.


On top of that he’s just such an uninteresting obnoxious character to have to see constantly, the way he talks is stupid and hell even in this episode he goes whining about Schrodinger being a horrible person for his famous thought experiment because “oh no, the cats!”. BUT he really is much more tolerable like this, and it’s making me a little more interested in trying the Index LNs to get more of the story of Academy City. I always loved the ‘world’ of both Index; the setting, characters, way the powers are handled, all that shit – but it was only ever handled well by Railgun, but maybe I can stomach the LN for Index now that I can tolerate Touma a bit more. Problem is – going back to what I just said, “I think him not being around constantly and the lack of Index the character really helps make him less of a massive annoyance” – HE WAS AROUND ALMOST THE FULL EPISODE. And yeah, he got annoying.

“B-but tallon this has jack shit to do with the episode!” – that’s because there’s jack shit to say about it. Nothing happened but Touma and a Sister talking about nothing relevant and building a bond so that Touma can later get mad about her being killed by Accelerator and magically he will punch accelerator because he’s mr fucking invincible terminator the winner of all battles known to man Touma and nothing will ever happen that keeps him from being that and Accelerator through a punch to the face will realize WOW I WAS SO EVIL NOW IM A GOOD BOY and adopt the godawful shit that is Last Order, jesus she’s such shit, not as shit as worst but she IS SHIT, just lolicon pandering bullshit for fucking freaks to jerk off to. I wish she was the one getting killed again and again because her and worst are just fucking trash that don’t deserve to fucking exist at all.

Enjoy your run-on sentence, I don’t give a shit, and don’t worry aside Last Order that’s all assumptions rather than spoilers. Index mixing in to my Railgun this heavily is upsetting, that’s about all I got out of the ep.


I loved the scenes with Biribiri – but oh, hey, look at that; Touma had more fucking screen time than her IN HER GODDAMN SHOW. Kamachi needs to stop sucking on his self-insert’s dick and go rewrite this part of Railgun’s manga to not involve ANY moments where Touma is the lead or where we see from his perspective, it makes zero sense. Railgun is Mikoto’s point of view, so why are we seeing what Touma is doing while Biribiri isn’t there? We shouldn’t KNOW what he’s doing, that’s the WHOLE POINT of there being two separate shows with some shared story elements. It’s one thing when we get a shot of Accel or a Sister or to the researchers or whatever, or the other girls doing whatever – it’s relevant or new railgun-only stuff. But Touma should never, EVER, for ANY fucking reason have scenes he’s in THIS LONG without Mikoto Misaka being in them whatsoever. He should NEVER be in any episode of Railgun longer than Mikoto Misaka is. I’d say the same even if Index was lead by someone I didn’t hate so much; it’s not about it being Touma, it’s about the fact that this character has their own show to SHOW THESE EXACT SCENES IN – that’s the entire point of Railgun’s shared stories, to show A NEW PERSPECTIVE of these events, not show us the same fucking ones in the same exact way but with better art.

Biribiri checking to see if she accidentally opened an episode of Index.

Biribiri checking to see if she accidentally opened an episode of Index.

As for the ep, yeah, it was much lighter than this season has mostly been – yet still carried that heavy and dark atmosphere to it. You can tell things are gonna go south again next week. It wasn’t a bad episode, it’s just every time a scene would be getting good with Biribiri they’d cut to Index rehash for three times as long before showing anything remotely interesting again. They had some pretty great cinematography as usual for this season as well, a lot of good scenery shots with Mikoto mixed in her intermittent scenes.

There are reasons I sometimes wait to write these till the next week and this time I should have too – but I didn’t. This episode has nothing I need or want to talk about because all it had was 90% rehashed Index shit and Touma Touma Touma, and with the heat mixed in I can’t do shit but be annoyed by this fact the moment I look at the episode in retrospect. It was great while I was watching it, but I’m thoroughly annoyed now by the fact a guy who has his own show and these same scenes already animated had more screen time in an episode starring someone else. The horrible heat isn’t helping either.

Oh and I’m interested to find out what happened to the Tree Diagram.


Let me guess, Touma punched it?

Sorry this week’s post was pretty shitty, but I’m not in the mood to write and the fact this episode was almost all Index material isn’t exactly pleasing. In terms of the show, yeah, it wasn’t bad at all it was a GREAT episode as usual and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it – but in terms of talking about it, all my talking points involve bitching about the show forgetting it’s Railgun and not Index or posting more pics of mini-biri, so I’ll end it here.

Thanks for reading again, things should be normal again next week unless they decide Touma is the lead again and to have nothing happen because we’re spending time with him instead of progressing the fucking story or characters. It’s literally been 100 Fahrenheit here lately, my fucking freezer isn’t working properly so half my food is going to go bad, and the episode losing it’s focus all frustrated me horribly – so yeah, that also mixed with me not having much to say about this episode in general but not putting it off to mix with next week also didn’t help. The episode as a whole was great and I liked it as much as the rest, but I just had nothing to say, so this is what happened instead.

The biggest problem was that this week’s episode was NOT an episode of Railgun S – it was almost entirely re-drawn scenes DIRECTLY from Index. The Railgun material was maybe about 10~15% of the anime while everything else was Touma and already-animated-scenes from Index. It’s one thing for cameos or fun little episodes (like the one focusing on the Anti-Skill lady), but the serious story parts should be NEW material – MOSTLY stuff not already shown in Index. That’s the POINT of Railgun’s main story – to see what was going on on HER side of things during the events that take place in Index to further flesh out the full story. Having Index then literally re-drawing the same exact sequences from Index into Railgun is just redundant and a waste of everyone’s time. They didn’t even bother to make it NEW scenes of Touma or something, anything to make this not just feel like a recap episode in the middle of Index. Anything to keep to the point of Railgun being fleshing out aspects of the story Index has but doesn’t cover. Not the EXACT SAME SCENES. This was a waste of time for both Railgun AND Index. It added absolutely nothing to the story, characters, or current events in the series whatsoever for EITHER show.

This is probably the worst post I’ve done for the Railgun S episodes, oh well.

See you next week, and remember, be power smart and conserve electricity ~Biribiri!

23 responses to “A Certain MoeMoe Railgun S – Ep.12

  1. i like misaka, but i don’t like uiharu and saten. but misaka can be annoying sometimes, i think railgun anime is awesome and the sister arc is pure awesome, but it’s not much in front of the index novel arcs like World war 3 or other major arcs like that, you should try the novel once. :)


  2. Luckily for me, my first experiences with the sisters was in Railgun, so I actually rather like them. It makes me wish Mikoto’s friends would learn about them so they can hang out together, which would inevitably result in wacky hijinks. I actually kind of like Last Order, if not purely because she annoys the fuck out of Accelerator and serves as the catalyst for his volumes long character arc. Worst is cool too, because she looks like Arcueid Brunstead with brown hair and lack of sleep. So fuck you on that.

    Funnily, in the manga, Touma didn’t show up during this time. It was just Mikoto and the Tree Diagram(which is actually Index-the-annoying’s fault). I actually do kind of like that, as if you hadn’t seen Index, Touma’s desire to fight and save the Sisters would have been unbelievable(like all the other arcs). By showing him interacting with them, at least he as a reason to fight other than “me touma, me white knight, grr:”.

    “their eyes aren’t those dead raped ones” Funny you should mention that, as I have a theory about how Accelerator is a metaphor for a rapist. Rewatch his “murder” scenes with that in mind and tell me it doesn’t seem that way.


  3. Ah, hell, you’re right. I guess I got a little too carried away. I hadn’t been on the MAL forums all that much lately either so I didn’t know if this was an issue for you or not. I’m sorry for having to bring that hellish experience over to your blog. I’ll be a little more mindful of my comments from now on. :(


    • >take that as an apology too if you want, because I was taking some other related but not-your-fault-at-all stuff out on you.

      Yeah. How about we let bygones be bygones and keep cheering for our favorite Biribiri?! :D


    • hello just a question do u hate Touma?
      well he isnt overpowed his kind of dumb and he can only disable supernatural power
      also in the future he fail alot


      • I don’t hate Touma in Railgun, as he was adapted well unlike any point in Index. However, if they lengthened his time I would hate him, he’s good as a side character who steps in when, story wise, he has to – and when he’s adapted into a likeable character (which has only happened in Railgun S so far).


      • oh ok thanks for answearing
        but in torau index u dont like him?

        i hope if there would be railgun season 3 i hope they dont put filers in it


      • lol ur own opnion i dont blame you some times it becames complicited because of the magic things
        i like it and dislike it because of 1 thing i dislike index the char she anoys me so much if they kicked her out of the show and made misaka take her screen time it would be a wayyy better i hope index dies and i hope touma start to think he is dumb some times >.<


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