Mikoto Misaka drives Thunder Shot Special [Figure Review]


I preordered this way back and it finally showed up today, so instead of showering and eating and whatever else, I’ve spent the last few hours after being woken up by the mailman putting this together, messing around with it, and writing up this little review.

For the record – no, it probably doesn’t take that long to put together, but I was working without a proper screw driver for these hilariously tiny screws (I ended up messing one up so sometimes the motor just spins without touching the tires, oops) of which there are only 3 needed luckily, and I’m just not good with small things in general because I’m too manly. I’d say for someone better with putting together plamo it’d be a quick job, there weren’t many pieces and it was easy to do most of it even for me. One thing worth noting – the instructions come in several languages, English included! So while they aren’t important because you have all the pictures, it was kind of nice that a few important parts (certain pieces look similar and its important to tell the difference through color – but the instructions are black and white so the color is written next to it) were in English.

partsInside the box is the instructions, the little Mikoto nendoroid in her normal standing position with the ever popular V for victory, her optional hands for if you put her in the car that are holding a steering wheel, and all the pieces for the car. Oh, it also came with a tiny tube of grease which was cool, and it tells you where to put it in the instructions – it’s basically for the tires (duh) but it was nice that they included it with the kit.

Along with that though you get extra stickers – not just those you actually put on the car itself, but just some extra ones to use for whatever shown below (obviously some you can put on the car or other cars you have if you’d like to too);


I’m the type who likes stickers so this was a cool extra for me.

As for the actual nendoroid and car, well both are pretty cool. The little car itself is about 6 inches long and if you build it properly it’s pretty durable thanks to the little bumpers it’s got on the front and back ends. Though the screw holding the engine in place is important to have all the way in – or you end up like mine where it works but sometimes you have to smush it down a bit first, so be careful about that if you want to have it in top form! Make sure to find a screwdriver that fits properly!



It goes pretty fast and in a straight line, plus the on/off switch is on the bottom, so uh…make sure you’ve got room for it to go and something soft for it to (hopefully) hit while you run after it to turn it off before it burns itself out. Or have a track, which the non-weeaboo versions of these are mostly made for being used on.

It’s pretty cool though yeah. Here’s a short clip of her driving;

Don’t worry! Her head did actually pop off from the impact but there were no serious injuries and it popped right back on and wasn’t even scratched up. Remember, if you don’t have a license it’s not safe to drive!

The nendoroid is what you’d expect, a very moe Biribiri, in this case if she’ sitting in the car she’s holding a steering wheel – but if you’d like to keep her out as a normal nendo she has a cute little pose.  It’s worth mentioning she IS a nendoroid-petite, so she is tinier than a usual nendoroid.

If you use her as a normal nendo she'll look like this. Moe!

If you use her as a normal nendo she’ll look like this. Moe!

This whole package was pretty cheap costing, with shipping, only around $30. So as far as value goes this couldn’t be better. You get a super cute little nendoroid-petite of the usual high quality along with a cool little car with a motor and everything. I’d definitely say it’s worth getting if you’re a fan of Biribiri – or if more things like this come out of a character you like from whatever show I’d say it’s totally worth the price. It’s all kinda small but with the car and stickers it’s better value rather than being a ripoff at all. If you’re a fan on a budget this is also a good buy; it’s affordable, it’s unique, it’s cute, and it’s Biribiri!


Thanks for reading!

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