Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn

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With the NDA lifted on Phase 3 of the Beta I’ve started taking a massive amount of screenshots – if you’d like to see Eorzea due to not being in the beta, or even just wanting to see it from someone else’s perspective, please check out my pics! This game is awesome by the way, be sure to check it out when open beta begins if you aren’t in the closed one, and don’t listen to people who love or hate it – make your own opinion on it. A lot of people are biased against and for it (I’m part of the for it crowd, it’s incredible – don’t even bother remembering the original release, this is a 100% new game), so nobody is worth taking their word on it and missing out on something incredible.

You can see all of my screenshots specifically here at my Flickr set: FFXIVARR Beta 3 Pics .In the future (post-beta 3) I’ll be uploading to another set on the same account (

And over time other people’s as well in this Flickr group, which you can of course join if you’d like: FFXIVARR The Adventurer’s Journal

If you play feel free to give me your character name and I’ll add you if you’re on the same server. For this beta I’m in Behemoth.

5 responses to “Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn

  1. I’m already playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and I don’t have time for another MMORPG. Plus, I lost interest in Final Fantasy a long time ago but I’m thinking about giving Final Fantasy XIII a try.


    • I’d definitely suggest giving XIV a shot at least during the open beta. As I just said in the other comment, the story, music, setting, graphics, and gameplay are all greatly handled. Definitely, from what tastes I’ve had of it so far, the best MMO I’ve personally seen aside FFXI – yet this is much more welcoming to a bigger market and less of a fucking career choice than FFXI was. Yeah, it does nothing original for the most part (aside the story being on-par with single player JRPGs) – but everything it has is refined and worked in such a way that it just feels right and all melds together well instead of seeming like a mish mash of whats popular just ‘because’. I can’t speak for how it gets later in the game, but right now it’s something definitely worth looking into at least a little. It’s not perfect, but it’s the only MMO that I feel has the same polish in gameplay aspects and attention to detail as a single player JRPG.


  2. I think I should give this a shot. I’ve heard from others on how FFXI turned out and I was somewhat hesitant on getting into any FF MMO. But I think I will give this a try for myself and see how I like it. The graphics in this game are gorgeous too (I’d expect nothing less from anything in this franchise). Filled out my application as well as the survey. I hope I get accepted.


    • Well, worst case scenario the game goes full open beta in probably around a month or so – and then releases in late August, so you’ll get to try it in the near future one way or another.

      I’m not sure what people told you about FFXI – but it WAS great for a very long time, probably the best MMO out there, it’s only “recently” (a few years) that the game simply outlived itself into a bad situation. It messed up the entire balance, the economy was destroyed, 90% of the massive world (i spend almost a year on that game and never saw the whole game or even half of it – only stopped because I couldn’t afford the subscription any more at the time) is empty, and so on. It didn’t have the easy-entry-level type of feel that other long lasting games have (such as WoW) so the playerbase just ended up being elitist assholes in cliques – which really sucks because the community back in the day was just great.

      FFXIV seems a lot more welcoming to new players and like something that’ll hold up well for a pretty long time, and with what SE learned from how FFXI got in it’s more recent years they can try avoiding that.

      As it is now it’s fucking great, I can’t speak for how it’ll be doing in like 7 years, but I don’t imagine it’ll get super bad or anything, it’s just such a different type of game from XI. But yeah, I’d absolutely say try it out at least, it’s beautiful in terms of graphics and music, the lore is all well handled, the story (so far) is really good (oddly, FFXI had one of the best FF stories), and it’s very fun to play.


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