A Certain MoeMoe Railgun S – Ep.8 + Ep.9


For episode 8 there’s not much for me to say, because of that and because it was going to be a bit behind anyway, I figured it’d be best to combine them into one entry. So, 8 was basically the introduction of ITEM and mostly focused on the battle between Mikoto and the little exploding doll tossing girl whose name I couldn’t give a shit less about because ITEM just isn’t an interesting group of characters to me whatsoever.

Aside that, it was nice seeing some more terrorist-mode Biribiri given she’s really cute in that outfit (I still vastly prefer her normal hair, but her clothes are cute, which works out for me once her hat gets tossed and her hair falls back into place), and getting to see her really fight again was cool. She hasn’t really been getting a chance to show off her power or abilities lately until now. It’s too bad she’s too good of a person to actually finish a fight though, she could have at least knocked the girl out to keep it non-lethal and non-damaging. She’d rather avoid hurting people more than she has to – but she’s usually smarter than this, she even figured someone else was coming so there was no reason to waste time like that. Either way though, it was nice seeing her in action again and the fight was handled well – it took almost the whole episode but didn’t feel dragged out, and this is just the start of what’s to come.

Episode 9

Nine features Biribiri walking or standing on more walls and ceilings than anyone in every Spiderman movie combined.

Seriously, I don’t think 10


seconds of time


ever went by


with her in view,


where she didn’t


end up on a wall instead of the ground.

It was actually really cute seeing her go sliding around on walls and falling onto that instead of the ground. Watching her get all beat up wasn’t very nice though, not last episode and not this one either.


It’s especially shitty because the only reason they really put up any fight at all is the fact she’s horribly worn out. She’s been non-stop using her powers and fighting without rest for days aside a few naps here and there – then having the doll girl fight her just used up even more of her energy. I know Meltdowner is TECHNICALLY the second strongest level 5, but given Biribiri is working at less than 50% strength and energy while fatigued as all hell I can’t imagine she’s all that big of a deal in comparison to the railgun. Biribiri is clearly just a smidgen below her in ability strength, I mean she’s surviving plenty well against Melt Downer (with a team of 2 more) and her own fatigue and wounds holding her back. It’s not like when she fought Accelerator while she was perfectly fine and in full health, he fucking wrecked any chance of her doing a damn thing to him legitimately – he’s actually powerful. Melt Downer just seems lucky that she’s tired. I’d actually argue that Biribiri is the second most powerful and the system they use to measure ability levels has a clear flaw.

EDIT* – From what you guys in the comments told me, Mugino (Melt Downer) is canonically weaker and also lower in the list of level 5s than Mikoto. I can accept that as true. I knew she seemed way too weak to be supposedly stronger than Biribiri. Thanks for the correction!

Speaking of meltdowner, we’re introduced to her and a literal cokehead who is high as shit the entire episode.


Again, I don’t much care for ITEM. They feel like Index-tier generic battle shounen characters, not people who belong in Railgun. They’ve got no depth, no personality, no character to them aside cookie cutter traits of the worst kind. Even their looks are generic and feel overdone and try-hardish. What’s extra shitty is that from what I’m told Accelerator actually develops and becomes his own well made character instead of the extremely stereotypical super evil guy he is now – yet I’m pretty sure ITEM never does. They are just always “look how hardcore we are”, edgy, and uninteresting cliches. Hell, it’s so bad that even the cute tomboy one I don’t like much at all because she’s got less personality than the clones.

On top of that I don’t think it was ever explained how children got made into a mercenary hitman unit hired to KILL other children, nor how this is allowed even in Academy City – they aren’t exactly a secret team nobody knows about, like most fucked up things in the city. Well, whatever.


While that’s all going on we got to see the Queen doing her thing and apparently helping out by trying to put emotion into the clones so that they’d fight back on some level, at least maybe just showing enough human emotion that Accel or the scientists would stop treating them like trash. It was nice seeing her proactive instead of doing mostly-worthless and more just annoying to Accelerator shit like the money cards. I like that they showed her resolve – enough to actually shoot someone yet still kept to her beliefs she recently found – being shown through her purposefully aiming away from any vitals and just to injure.


The Queen also makes a good argument against their own resistance – even if they stop what’s going on what would happen to the clones? Well, hopefully we’ll find out for Biribiri’s sake.

Anyway, they were both good episodes and watching Biribiri pretty much run around on walls for 48 minutes was pretty fun.


Until next week, be power smart and conserve electricity ~biribiri

20 responses to “A Certain MoeMoe Railgun S – Ep.8 + Ep.9

  1. And also about Item’s character development, honestly just read the novels they have more personality. Hey, and they only are supporting characters in here and appear only for a few episodes, you can”t expect to see much personality in here. They are super badass in the novels. (and yet probably quite insane especially mugino, she even killed one of item’s member)


    • If a character (or characters) will not be properly developed even lightly then they do not belong in the material. I should not be forced to watch something else (aside direct prequels/sequels) or read something else or play something else. That’s terrible and goes against all the rules of fictional writing. The most you are ‘allowed’ to do in that regard is cameos or references, but ITEM played an integral role.


      • Uh, I’m sure you know the novels are the original source source of the manga and anime of index,right?

        It isn’t like the index novels is a side story! There’s no need to watch, honestly I told you to read the novels, I’m sure you will be interested. (Don’t care about Touma or Index)

        And I’m not actually forcing you. I just recommended it to you, due to you saying bad about some interesting characters. On top of it they only appeared for barely 2 to 3 episodes in railgun. Railgun isn’t even focused on them ,so that doesn’t mean you will see their daily lives and other things. One of the reasons why they don’t seem interesting. I myself found them boring but after reading the novels ,they did were important,interesting,crazy,badass


        • Yes, they are the original source, this doesn’t somehow undermine the fact that it goes against all writing conventions to throw a character or group or entity into an adaptation from any source material without giving enough meat to them.

          An adaptation does not mean “fanservice for fans of the original creation”. It’s actually the opposite, most books in all countries that get turned into any other medium – for example a book into a movie – are made to draw a new audience, not to simply provide a “cool experience for the current fanbase”.

          ITEM could have their own goddamn light novel series dedicated to developing them and it wouldn’t change anything about how they’re handled elsewhere.


        • I understand. Yet,we still can’t judge item properly, just because they appeared only a few times (They don’t appear in Index anime) . The index anime, the railgun anime are all a part of one universe i.e the To aru universe with the only difference being that they are told from different perspectives. And honestly I don’t think it minds that much if they are from another source material. Hey,they didn’t even come from some entirely different anime or novel. They too along with Misaka belong to the same universe. and they were necessary for Misaka’s development in sister’s arc. I believe they made the arc more interesting because we also get to see some epic fight in the dark side and also a Level 5 vs Level 5. It wouldn’t be much interesting if it was her just blowing the labs one after another.

          And honestly the grudge between Misaka and Mugino in novels does make sense due to their fight in the railgun adaption.

          Item appeared in sister’s arc,didn’t mean that they could develop these characters in just 2 or 3 episodes. They play a major role in the later arcs in the novels.

          I seriously hated Touma,Index,even Misaka and Accelerator.
          I still hate Touma and Index, but touma atleast gets a bit better sometimes in the novels. And yeah I really didn’t like Misaka (yeah the index anime ,really made me not like her , even the railgun arcs didn’t make me interested in her) Later in the further arcs like sister’s arc (Railgun) and Academy city arcs and also the other arcs, I really loved it. even in the novels she’s kind of interesting in the start too.

          Same for Accelerator, I utterly hated him but what next I found him awesome. The most important was his character development. It was really hard and painful to even read the words in the novel of World war arc where he appears. It was so awesome yet so painful that I nearly felt like crying for him.

          The case with item is similar, but I will admit I found them interesting when they appeared in Railgun and yet again I hated them due to them attacking Misaka. Yet in the later light novels I really found them awesome, yeah they are pretty crazy too.


  2. And honestly Kakine (2nd powerful esper) is damn powerful, so the numbering system is correct. He gave some good fight with accelerator (he was crippled state , if you know after he saved last order from a bullet ) in Battle royal arc (light novel) , where accelerator nearly defeated him , well later after going insane (due to kakine stabbing Yomikawa) accelerator tore kakine into pieces when he awakened into angel form.


  3. Biribiri somehow deflects/vaporizes a piece of ceramic, which is non-metallic and an insulator. I posted about it on 4chons and got a load of discussion on it.


    • I wrote up a whole big thing but then wrote up another one and all of them are explaining basic shit you should know so I deleted it.

      I assume at least that you understand it wasn’t some mistake, given the huge focus on it for that whole 20 seconds or so in the show out of nowhere, and the easily explained reasoning behind it. And I figure at least a couple people in that big discussion had to have proper explanations enough because even 4chan isn’t all dumb. I’m not trying to ignore it or act like I don’t care, I always loved those big actual discussions on 4chan even though they were rare – but I’m really tired from lack of sleep the past few days (E3, pain in my eye, other bullshit) and ending up waking up very early today against my will, it’s an excuse but it’s true. So sorry I couldn’t give you a better reply, maybe I’ll come back another day and give you something better.

      In the end it’s just a way of showing off how powerful she is and how versatile her power is anyway so just enjoy it for what it is.


  4. I don’t particularly care for Item either. As you stated earlier, there’s virtually nothing interesting about them. I’m still kinda hopeful that they’ll develop later on though, but I don’t exactly know myself. Started reading the Index LN btw. I personally can’t remember the exact differences between that and the anime since I haven’t watched it in over 2 years, but it does make me care more about Touma and the story is a lot more interesting too.


    • If I ever decide to deal with the shittiness that is Touma and the story of Index, I’m definitely planning on doing it through the novels and not the Index anime. I love JC Staff and how they not only perfectly adapt Index and Railgun – but also how they add to them and make them better. But I feel like Touma will be more tolerable in text than in anime form.

      All I really know is that the Index LNs are exactly that – Index. Railgun’s manga is the only thing that builds on this side of the story and these aspects of the whole thing. Kinda really wish Railgun was the original material and Index the spinoff.


      • You’re kidding with me! J.C did adapt railgun into a good series, but seriously they messed the Index anime! Reading the novels and seeing the anime, you can see how much they left out! Seriously that’s the reason why the index anime is not that good! But the novels are awesome!


        • I dunno, it’s kinda hard to make Index even worse than it already is so I don’t see how they could have messed up the anime adaption.


        • More of a like Railgun season 1 was worse than index 1 . I mean seriously all there was in railgun was girly stuff and a bit of (girly) action. Railgun S was better than index season 1 and railgun season 1 , while index season 2 was better than index season 1 and railgun s (Except the animation in railgun s was far better than index season 2 )

          And seriously index novels is 100 percent better than the its stupid anime counterpart which made it almost seem like a trash series . Index plot is really good. Love the idea of science vs magic. Even the one who didn’t like index anime didn’t regret reading the index novels.

          Railgun itself was shit (I was pissed off half of the time because of all the moe shit and girly stuff , I do like moe but i didn’t like it in such a action series universe that is to aru universe. Moe is okay sometimes but for me it just exceeded its limit ) , the only thing which made it popular was it’s better sister arc, after all kamachi wrote it again in the form of railgun manga. If kamachi had got that idea before he would have probably added it in the sister’s arc volume in the novel and jc would have adapted it in the index anime, but I am sure they would have messed it up too!

          Just wished if JC staff would soon made index season 3 with awesome animation quality like railgun s . Can’t wait to see Accelerator vs kakine and last order comforting accelerator.


        • And I only liked (not loved) Misaka in railgun and sometimes kuruko. Didn’t like saten or uiharu in railgun. But still Saten was okay, uiharu was more annoying.


        • Well, I also wish JC would animate Railgun season 3 , I read the manga and really liked the Daihaisei festival arc. I also like the chapter in the current dream ranker arc in which item’s member kinuhata saiai appears (want to seriously see it animated)


  5. Misaka being #3 makes sense when you see how powerful #2 is, an esper who can actually give Accelerator a fight.


    • Yeah, I’m fine with Biribiri at #3 – but I had gotten confused and thought someone in Episode 9 claimed that Mugino the Meltdowner was the second strongest level 5. That’d put her above Biribiri, which seems entirely unbelievable – and it should be, because it’s wrong. I just misunderstood or read a subtitle wrong somehow. I’ll be waiting for the real #2 to show up some day too.


      • Not sure if Kakine is introduced in Railgun, but he’ll certainly show up early on in Index III if/when it gets made.


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