Dengeki Daioh June 2013 Railgun Stuff

Just a short post because this just showed up and had some stuff I felt like sharing. I can’t read enough Japanese to pretend to be able to read this massive magazine, but I ordered a tiny cheap little figure of Mikoto Misaka that happened to ship with the entire big-as-a-bible volume of Dengeki Daioh for June. I was originally confused by a 5 dollar light tiny ‘figure’ costed me 30 dollars to ship – now it all makes sense.

Seriously, it's the size of a textbook but full of manga instead.

Seriously, it’s the size of a textbook but full of manga instead. That’s a 1/6 figure (not the one that came with it). Height is obviously gonna be higher, but look how thick it is!

There were some nice things in it so I took some pics. There is the newest full chapter of Railgun in here, but I don’t want to spoil myself or anyone else, so no pics of pages of that.

First, what I actually thought I was buying;


It’s just a little thing but it’s cute, she’s doing a little pointing pose at you.

Here’s the cover she’s standing on – and I think this is one of my favorite pieces of Biribiri art to-date. She’s just so cute and has that kind of embarrased grin look, plus bandage-moe is one of my favorite things, so mix that with my favorite girl like this and you get just a great pic.


Inside there were a few new pieces of merch being advertised. I’m not sure what this one is, but her smile is just so great in it and her loving doing her little roundhouse kick is always fun – I want to get it no matter what it is. BIRIBIRI KICK VERSION what a cute name too.


Followed by this adorable little Gekota and Mikoto, who you can apparently put on whatever you want.


And then there’s this – which I’m going to get whenever it’s possible even though I don’t like lewd figures. I have the poster this is based on and as much as I don’t like any lewd or ecchi stuff of her, it’s still too good to pass up. I loved the poster and now this? There’s no way I won’t get this even if I do have a little bit of an issue with it – like her chest getting squished a little and her buttcrack just being out and about. Way2lewd, but she’s really cute and her tummy is moe.


If it’s a legit fig and releases at some point I’ll definitely get it – but no lewd thoughts. You better not have any either!

That’s all, I just felt like sharing some. As a side note – I also got the newest M-FLO album NEVEN at the same time.


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