Natsuyuki Rendezvous – More like UNKO MEETUP

Started great, I actually found Roka to be cute (even in her trash basket hat), and I liked the lead male.

Oh and none of these images are from the show.

But then the possession arc started where the dead husband takes over the new love interest’s body (the MC) and it goes on for the entire rest of the fucking show – and it’s unbearably stupid and annoying and makes all three characters terribly shitty. They go from pretty interesting and with unique stories for a romance and end up just being retarded dickbags. Hell, Roka even finds out her dead husband is in the guys body and decides thats TOTALLY FINE!

It’s no surprise this is a josei,  I love almost every josei that gets animated – but this one is much more like the many that don’t. The woman is a shithead, the woman is a slut, and the woman is a selfish cunt who only cares about getting the dick from her dead man – even if it costs the new one his life. She leads him on but never gives in – and yet goes straight to fucking once her dead ex-husband is in there and even deciding oh it’s fine, lets kill ourselves together – who cares if that means you’ll be killing the innocent guy who just fell in love with one crazy fucking slut, or at the VERY least make him wanted for murder or assisted suicide. For some reason the non animated josei typically is either very homo or has women who are by far the worst types of women in the world.

But no no no, is she the worst part? Of course not!

At the end of the show we get a scene way in the future, Roka is very old and the MC who did end up ‘winning’ her (yeah, whatever) has died from whatever, let’s just say age, and Roka is there with her daughter and grandson. And lo and behold, in comes the dead ex-husband (the original one) who apparently STILL hasn’t fucking moved on after even ruining this other guy’s fucking life and like 40 years having passed, and then he TELLS THE GRANDSON THAT HE’S HIS GRANDPA. How the fuck can you, after every shitty thing in this show, come back like 40+ years later and STILL try to pretend YOU are HER MAN when you’ve been dead and divorced since you were like 20 and even pretended to ‘give her’ to the new guy?




This ending is almost up there with Mahoromatic’s in terms of how shit it is. Mahoro’s last episode is still by far the worst thing fucking possible, but this was just such a horrible shit ending. It wasn’t happy, it wasn’t sad, it was just rage enducing. Why the fuck is he still around? The worst character in the show and he won’t fuck off even in the end. And it all goes back to what I was saying about the non-adapted josei. This guy doing all he did is what, some women  – especially the josei reading crowd – would think of as a great wonderful man and Roka loving two men is some sort of ‘romantic’ thing to them.

I don’t mean to generalize or stereotype women by any means, but the typical reader of josei manga falls under the same group of people who read 50 Shades of Grey and is also what the demographic mostly aims for – this is actually exactly why so few josei get animated adaptations. The sad thing is is that shit like this are mixed in with amazingly great masterpieces like Nodame Cantabile, H&C, and Chihayafuru.

I seriously tried to like this, I thought I’d love it and even told myself it’ll get better all the way through. It didn’t, and none of the cast ever redeemed themselves either. The only character that wasn’t complete SHIT was the male MC. I don’t get the point of the show or story either and the ‘conclusion’ just made it more nonsensical and stupid.

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