Fall 2012 Picks (Quick)

Well, Summer ended up with me backlogging a lot of stuff, the only things I actually watched were very few, I didn’t drop anything but I only actually picked up like 3 shows, the rest are still “I want to check that out some time” and that might happen here too.

The only super obvious one is Gintama’s new episodes of course, which actually one has already aired and it was fucking awesome. Little Busters is one I’ll also for sure be keeping up with, oh and Hidamari Honeycomb I will likely keep up with. Robotics;Notes really depends on if it leans more towards Chaos;Head (complete and utter shit, in the VN and the anime) or Steins;Gate (which was awesome). Sadly, the Japanese have all said the game was complete ass…so hopefully the anime somehow fixes that instead of ends up like C;H again.

Aside these, I’m looking into Kyousogiga TV, Shin Sekai Yori, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Kamisama Kiss, Wooser, Chuunibyou, Haitai Nanafa, K, Sukitte Iiyano, Psycho Pass, Initial D Fifth Stage, Girls und Panzer, and Sakurasou no Pet.

Usually I’d have done this with pictures and explanations, but I honestly don’t know much this time around and don’t really feel like showing you all the same exact chart pics you’ve seen a thousand times.

Overall, I’m looking into a good number of shows compared to my usual 3 or so a season lately, so it should be fun to see how these turn out – and which I actually stick to, which I drop, and which I backlog…some of which will just get backlogged because I never get around to watching them out of laziness – well, more like I get sidetracked by watching OTHER backlogged anime that had the same fate before the current season. What are you guys planning on (or already are) watching?

2 responses to “Fall 2012 Picks (Quick)

    • I don’t “forget” generic shounen jump manga adaptations, I just ignore them. I had to read through every part up to the most recent before and every second of it was a chore aside part 3 and 4. The rest is seriously just awful naruto shit with more detailed art. Terrible, really.


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