Mayu-sama (Nekogami Yaoyorozu) [Figure Review]

Sorry in advance for no self made pictures, I wasn’t able to get even shitty quality this time. Maybe I will update this in the future with some more pictures aside the promo ones.
Anyway, as for this, it’s an ami-ami produced figure that’s basically the same as a nendo (just isn’t one). However, I think it’s a bit higher quality than them myself. She comes with a bit less than them though in terms of customization (but maybe that’s also part of why she’s such great quality!). She has 3 different faces, two different arm poses, and can be sitting with legs crossed and tails repositioned, or standing up with her tails curving around like a cat.

She’s pretty much perfect for what she is, quality wise there’s no complaints. There are no obvious or ugly seams, no coloring errors, no scratches, etc. I really love the way they painted her, as it’s really reminiscent of the show’s look and she’s pretty vibrant in terms of color for a figure. She pretty much looks exactly like the promo images and then some.

Another thing I really love about this little figure is the attention to detail that for the most part isn’t there on more expensive or bigger ones. For example, her clothes; her top is a different material from anything else. Her pants are as well, the yare kind of slick and shiny, and this material is also used for all her belts on her arms and ear. And then her skin is different material from her hair and tail. Most figures are all just plain unchanged PVC with a slightly more rubbery version used for the clothes, but this has really clear visual and tactile differences everywhere it should.  And then there are other details, like the little lock she has on her belt which is it’s own little part so it can move about (which is mainly so she can sit easier, but it’s a nice touch even when standing) and, while I’m no foot fetishist, they detailed her feet and toes real well too compared to most other figs that just blob them together and put some lines.


Overall, if you liked this show this is a must-get. With the art style in the series this figure not only excels in being a great quality buy all on it’s own – but it ALSO looks like it’s straight from the anime because the simple style, blob hair, vibrant colors and so on are all depicted perfectly as in the series. And in general this little figure is extremely well done, I only would ask that people not into the series don’t buy her simply because merchandise for Nekogami is kind of limited. The anime, due to VERY poorly done marketing and misinformation pre-airing that made a lot of people not interested or come in with amazingly stupidly wrong expectations, flopped in Japan albeit being a really wonderful show. So there’s simply not that much merchandise for it, and I think it’s best if the fans get it rather than just a collector of shit they don’t know.

And if you aren’t a fan of Nekogami Yaoyorozu, I highly recommend giving it a watch. It was by far my top favorite series in 2011, with Chihayafuru, S;G, and some others trailing close behind. It’s a really amazingly charming little show about a cat god (no matter how much I can’t stop seeing her as a mix of Ran and Chen) and is overall really worth a watch; no matter what your tastes are I’d say you should at least give it a shot.

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