Recorder to Randoseru (S.1+S.2) Review

I originally picked this up back when it started airing but forgot to download more episodes after the first one somehow, but I just got around to marathoning both seasons – which is easy as each episode is only 3 minutes long. I originally went into it expecting some cute stuff and a lot of morita cameos, and I got a lot of cute stuff, a lot of actually-funny comedy, and some morita cameos.

The show was way more funny than I expected, and they re-use a lot of jokes yet they don’t get stale and even by the end are still as funny as the first time. It’s very light hearted and easy to watch and while the episodes are so short they did a pretty good job making all the characters have personality to them, including both Atsushi and Atsumi’s school friends, a female cop duo, and a 32 year old unemployed neighbor.

My favorites were Atsushi and Atsumi, and for friends probably Hina as she was really cute especially in interactions with Atsushi. She was also the root cause of half his arrests. Yeah, arrests. This fucker gets taken by the cops so many damn times because they think he’s a pedophile, it’s hilarious.

Atsushi is the best part of the show and gives it a fresh comedic yet nostalgic feeling to it, he’s in an adult body but he’s only in 5th grade and they really made him act like such a little kid. It’s sweet at times and at others it’s hilarious because of how much SHIT it gets him into, almost anything and everything he does has people getting the wrong idea, and his sister’s best friend even falls for him before she realizes who he is. There’s a lot of parts you can just see what’s coming too in a “oh god it’s gonna happen isnt it” way and then THERE’S THE TRAINING WHEELS and it just makes it that much more funny.He manages to really be the best character because he’s just so¬† retarded like a little kid would be and all the misunderstandings it causes, it’s just great watching this guy.

Atsumi is Atsushi’s older sister, but she’s extremely tiny for her age and everyone thinks she’s a child even though she’s in highschool. She’s really cute and voiced by an entirely different sounding Kugimiya Rie than what you’re probably used to. She takes real good care of her brother and is a sweet person who always makes sure he’s happy and doing alright. She’s probably so coddling towards him due to the shit he has to put up with, without her he’d probably hate everything and everyone, but she makes sure to always brighten his mood when his apparently retarded neighborhood that never figures out he’s a kid keeps fucking him over for it. She’s pretty moe.

Atsumi is worth singling out a bit more also abecause she’s voiced by Kugimiya Rie – but very much NOT in the voice most people are used to hearing (not to mention a role you’re not used to seeing her in). If anything, this sounds a lot like her normal real voice that she never gets to use in anime and sounds nothing like the voice you’ll hear in almost any of her roles. However, I recall her using it in the final episode of Gintama’ and it sounded a lot like this. Actually, at first it was really hard to even tell it was her at all, only a few times it peeks through and then you realize – oh shit – this is TEH RIE. This is a role anyone who thinks she has no talent or range needs to hear, it shows she really does have talent and can really use her voice well – but gets pidgeonholed into the same shitty roles and using the same one voice thanks to animation studios forcing her, not because she’s untalented. Another good role to check out would be Kagura, or at least Al Elric. I really liked the way she sounded in this though, definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of her simply for that – and far from a reason to avoid it if you dislike her.

Anyway, the show is hilarious, cute, and short. You should watch it.

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