Moyashimon Returns – Episode 1

I was excited, but then this happened;

Welcome to the very lowest priority in my backlog, enjoy never being watched. I don’t care about the art style change, I care about them entirely changing this character in every single way. She was my favorite and now they changed her so drastically that even the air about her is nothing alike to her old personality. It’s one thing to get shittier and cheaper art, which is very obviously the case, but it’s another to completely make up a new character with a new look and personality, give her the same name as an old one, and pretend they are the same person.

I’m otally okay with art style changing due to budget. But there’s NO excuse to have changed her ENTIRE DESIGN so thoroughly. EVERY OTHER CHARACTER looks the same, just like they were done in way cheaper and shittier art – which they were – but she looks like they just made up a new character and replaced her and figured nobody would notice.

Rest in peace, bandaid-moe.

Also, too much focus on the retarded trap bullshit. This isn’t some gender-issues series, fuck off Kei. You were always the worst thing in Moyashimon, you’re even worse now.

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