Anime Expo 2012 Swag

-To get it out of the way first, the clock there is pretty awesome. It’s a Sora no Woto clock, but there’s more to it – it’s also holographic and goes through two images but it fades between them in multiple ways constantly, not like once a minute or something, but always. It’s really pretty cool, here’s a little video of it I took for this post;

-The two things on the bottom left and right corners are those pencil-board type promotional materials, bigger than pencil boards but the same material and all that. One for Gintama, one for Vesperia, both pretty cool and inexpensive. Gintama is my favorite show, and Vesperia is one of my favorite anime films, so it was nice to find them. Also, Vesperia and Tales in general has very few merch available so I was glad to find something at all.

-The artbook in the very center is a massive collection of art from the three games in the Alchemist of Arland trilogy of the Atelier franchise. Ranging from promo art and game CG to the early versions of characters and things. It also made me able to find out Esty and Filly’s real last names. One thing about NISA that pisses me off is them butchering these two for one stupid joke, calling Esty “Esty Dee” as in STD. However, her real name is Esty Erhard. Sounds much better, cooler, and more fitting. Filly Erhard is also better.

-The plate in the very center kind of on the artbook is a Wagnaria plate from Working!! and is pretty cool and kinda rare. These promo plates for any shows tend to be hard to find, like that Miyako one from HidaSketch. But anyway, I really like this little plate, it’s extra cool because the show is about a family restaurant, so while they obviously wouldn’t have plates with their faces on them it’s still “relevant” to the series. They had a LOT of working stuff this year, but I only got this and 4 posters, I really wanted this Alter Yamada that was out but she was around 100~110 and I didn’t have the money anymore by the time I found it.

-As for Working!! stuff, theres a box on the left with Poplar on it. In that box is 4 Working!! posters. They are those wide or tall ones (the ones shaped like rectangles) and are all pretty nice. Here’s what they look like (games just random black lines to show I didn’t buy those at AX and the bright things on the left are just my light reflecting on the posters, duh);

-On the left there is a figure of Mikoto Misaka who many probably know is my favorite girl. It’s not one of the high quality ones (I have most of those already!) but it was still cute and nice, it’s Biribiri in her favorite Gekota pajamas getting ready to sleep holding her pillow and rubbing her eyes. Very cute.

-On the topic of BiriBiri, a keychain of her looking angry! It’s not normal though, it also WIGGLES, yes her little body goes to and fro. I wore her on my badge this year after I got her. It doubled as a way of keeping the badge turned backwards, but I did it because she’s so moe.

-Next to the Poplar box and the clock is a figure of Noel Kannagi from Sora no Woto in her uniform. She’s my favorite character in the series and the figure was pretty nice and really made the poofiness of their clothes in the art really look like it should. Here’s another picture,  sorry it’s bad;

-Oh yeah, beneath her is Manga Moods Too, I forgot it in the main pic. I don’t know why but I buy all those cute books from Manga University, below is another copy I got for my mom.

-On the right side we’ve got Elizabeth from Gintama, Zura’s pet and who knows what else. It’s just a plushie but what else can you really do for Elizabeth merchandise? I had to get it.

-Beneath Elizabeth is the Nekogami Yaoyorozu OP Single. Nekogami is a very under appreciated gem from 2011. It suffered VERY badly from terrible marketing before it even aired, and this caused it to basically completely flop. However, those who did watch it loved it – me being one of those people. When I saw this, I had to get it, Nekogami stuff – because of how bad it sold – is pretty hard to find as it mostly just does not EXIST in the first place. With this, the long towel I have on my couch, and the figure of Mayu-sama coming soon, I now will basically have everything there is.

-And last but far from least, a very rare and usually very expensive figure – Ryoko Kaminagi from Zegapain. She’s basically impossible to find and the few you can are usually around or more than 250 dollars or fakes. I got the real deal, and for a good price. Kaminagi is from a show I’ll write a review for in the future – I did enjoy it greatly and think I gave it a 9 or 10 out of 10. She’s also very worth mentioning HanaKana’s very first role and also one of her very best – and not just first ‘main’ role, no, aside ONE other side character in something else this was her first EVER role. So okay, second ever role, first main role. But I’ll keep the fanboying over Zegapain for another time. I know Hana Kana has a lot of fans out there, so I just felt like mentioning it in case you’re one and never heard of the show. Very good show, and a wonderful character. Her HD Camera is very detailed as well, this figure is great and probably already one of my favorites and definitely likely to be my favorite purchase from AX this year. Here’s another (shitty thanks to me) pic;


Well, I think that’s everything. Personally, I’m pretty happy with this.

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