Inami Mahiru Nendo Arrived!

I don’t have a real camera, so aside that first image which I took myself, the rest are from MFC. Speaking of which, you can add me if you want, I forgot to put this in my About before:

Anyway, I just wanted to lightly touch on this since I clearly can’t do pics, but it’s a great little nendo. She comes with a total of three faces, 9 arms/hands, 3 legs, and four other little parts. I don’t buy many nendos so I’m not sure how normal it is, but she also came with not just a normal little stand, but another one that looks much more ‘clean’ in that it’s a lot smaller overall.

I put her in that pose because I didn’t want to have her eyes closed, but also found this face to be a lot cuter, so I put the hands to be like she’s being her nervous and shy self. You can put her into a normal pose, punching pose, another punching pose with a little guy going flying, or have her holding the ‘claw’ that Takanashi uses to “hold hands” with her. I think I’ll put the punching little guy one later. I actually own two other Inami figures and she’s normal in one and kinda shy but normal in the other, so I wanted to make this go along with them.

My only complaint is that they should have given more hair selections, because she changes her hairpin so often in the show it would have been cute to be able to switch hers at least between a few. Oh well.

Anyway, it’s extremely cute and if you like her at all I’d say it’s worth it. Now that I think about it, she’s my first real nendo, I’ve bought plenty for other people as gifts and have some stuff LIKE them but no ACTUAL “Nendoroid”s until now that I can think of. Anyway, this was only 50 bucks even with EMS, so if you get SAL it’d be much cheaper, worth it either way I think.

REALLY wish I could get my hands on the little set piece of the kitchen or the front, but both are sold out I believe. One day! And now I just have to wait for them to make a nendo for Kyoko the manager.

Speaking of Inami, because I’ve told some people I would and because it’d make it easier on me anyway in the future, I’ll post at some point in time a probably two part very annoyingly long entry about her, going through and disproving all the negative shit haters like to say about her again and again (though if you just dislike her because you do, that’s fine). But I have no idea when that’ll be.

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