Chihayafuru Season 2!

Apparently (as you can see in the linked article or in the picture below), the newest volume of the manga came with a notice of a season 2!

Chihayafuru was by far my anime of the year of 2011, or at least second to Nekogami, or third if you include continued Gintama’. But it’s up there! It’s an amazingly good josei sports series that shouldn’t be missed. Karuta is actually pretty damn cool (at least in anime form) and the cast is great. Chihaya is amazingly beautiful herself and the art is outstanding throughout – and consistently. It had low sales so this is extremely unexpected – but great.

Hopefully season 2 will follow in it’s footsteps. Definitely pick up the first season if you haven’t.

EXTREMELY happy to see it getting a season 2 especially with how much nobody expected one.

As a side note, I own my own set of Karuta as well as the first two bilingual volumes of the manga. Pretty cool.

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