Summer 2012 Anime Picks

Another one of those posts where someone you don’t know tells you something you don’t care about – my list of picks for Summer. A little late on my part but hey I wasn’t really able to post about it. I didn’t end up keeping up with anything from this just past (and still going) season, though I do intend on watching a few shows from it (just was never in the mood for them), so who knows how well I’ll keep to this.

Moyashimon Returns – I enjoyed the first season. Not as much as some people (mostly hipsters who pretend it’s better than it is), but quite a bit. Especially thanks to bandaid-moe and the blonde chick, these two girls made the show. The whole trap guy was, and I know a lot of people will get ass pained about me saying this, the worst part of the show. The best things were those two girls, the microbes, and everything else…the crossdressing kid was just fucking out of place and retarded. Anyway, I liked it so I’ll be watching this season too.

Uta Koi – I may drop this pretty fast, but after Chihayafuru I bought a set of Uta-Garuta, the karuta set they use in the series – those based on the 100 poems. This show is about them so I figure it might – at the VERY least help me memorizing the cards, and maybe be entertaining on top of that.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous – Don’t know anything about it aside the summary, but it sounds interesting and it’s going to be on noitamina, so I’ll definitely be checking it out at the very least.

Rinne no Lagrange 2 – I haven’t yet gotten around to season 1 but if it’s any good I’ll watch season 2 when i get around to it as well.

Joshiraku – Nice character designs and sounds like it could be fun, or funny, or both.

Chitose Get You!! – Looks cute and I enjoy 4koma adaptations, hopefully it won’t be one of those 5~12 minute episode series though.

Kokoro Connect – Nevermind. Reading more about it it sounds fucking amazingly stupid. I didn’t realize it was a retarded body switch bullshit thing I thought that was just like a one episode thing, not the whole fucking show.

Arve Rezzle – As long as this doesn’t end up as some retarded romance shit (especially not with his sister) then it sounds like it could be kind of cool. It will clearly be NOTHING like it – but the setting and main goal of the MC sounds really similar to Zegapain. Just saying.

Tari Tari – I’m hoping the mentioned “he” in this who lives with “his college sister” isn’t either 1. in love with his sister 2. abused by his sister 3. a cause for harem shit. However given he’s not even in the fucking promo art I’m assuming it won’t take that kind of turn, so it looks pretty good.

Sword Art Online – Very stupid and unrealistic story, but still might be interesting for a bit. I hear one of the main girls is a SLUT though.

Horizon 2 – See Lagrange 2

Binbou-gami ga! Originally wrote this off as a no but it sounds like it could be a nice show, it looked like ecchi shit but the information on it makes it sound nothing like that.




Kingdom – Cartoon shit
Kono naka ni hitori, imouto ga iru – A guy wants to find love at his long lost sister’s school, how will he do both?!?!?!?! By ending up with the sister, no shit. Fuck anime.
Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate – More of the same awful club shit that doesn’t do jack shit and then is threatened with being closed.
Hagure Yuusha no Estetica – “In normal RPGs the hero defeats the satan king and wins”. Are the writers of this so old they really think this is how video games are? The story also sounds really amazingly goddamn stupid with psychic power shounen battles.
Dog Days’ – didn’t like season 1, not even for the ecchi as it had a terrible cast and all were unattractive, which made the horribly stupid plot even worse.
Ebiten:Kouritsu Ebisugawa Koukou Tenmon-Bu – revolves around a guy who meant to join the astronomy club but accidentally joined a fujoshi club. Seriously? How stupid do Japanese people like making themselves look? Who the FUCK is dumb enough to mix up ASTRONOMY with IM A GURL AND I LIKE ANIME DONT HIT ON ME SILLY BOYS, let alone who the fuck wouldn’t just switch clubs once they realize the issue? Jesus fucking christ. Another SHIT excuse for a boy surrounded by girls IN A FUCKING CLUB THAT DOES NOTHING IM SURE.
Oda Nobunaga no Yabou – HAHA WE TURNED HISTORICAL FIGURES FROM THE THREE KINGDOMS INTO GIRLS – AGAIN! This time starring even MORE generic character designs!
Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai – Fucking retarded. I’d say more but just look up the synopsis yourself, it’s fucking retarded.
Yuru Yuri with some music notes – SHIT.
Campione – Harem romance with battles? Two of the worst things in anime together, great. Not like that’s a fucking original idea anyway, so I’m not sure why it’s the first line on the summary.
Blood Lad – More like fujoshit.
That mafia otome game – MORE. LIKE. FUJOSHIT.

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