New URL, Same Crap

Recently the blog (and all of 2DComplex) has been down, apparently my brother forgot to pay the hosting, after he was able to finally check it turns out the hosting company (godaddy) deletes all your stuff if you’re late to pay after ONE WEEK. Not a month, not a year, a week. The only option they give you after that week is to pay a 250 dollar fee for them to “get it out of the archives”, which is just complete bullshit and they don’t even try to pretend it’s not. So it’s all gone again, that’s another several years of posts down the drain… So from now on I’ll be here. It’s 30 bucks a year to make the layout look not like SHIT and probably some other costs, but it works.

Oh and if you get any ads – just use adblocker like everyone else. Oh – and now you’ll be able to click pictures to enlarge them. Well, unless I make them the right size, but otherwise they will be thumbnails you can click that are whatever size. The above isn’t such an example, but keep it in mind in the future.

As a note though – WILL be working at some point, and it will just be a page to redirect you to my blog or whatever other site(s) bro wants to put on it. So if you forget the URL to here you can always just go to then click the banner for the blog. Or, you know, just bookmark this one and put it in your feed reader like a good person would.


Remember to re-subscribe or whatever to the feed as it’s a new one now and not the same as before (no idea how to get the old one back). I’ll also be updating with Anime Blogger so that this will show up on their antenna again, hopefully when they check they understand it’s the same blog (as clearly I don’t have much here right now) and that I do actively blog, just had to move sites, and then accept it into the antenna again.

OH one more new thing – clicking on images will enlarge them if they are bigger than they look here. I never was able to make that work on the old blog, but it works here! So keep that in mind or you’ll miss out on pictures! However it still doesn’t make them full size for some reason sometimes, but still much bigger than the preview you’ll see in posts most of the time.

Anyway, that’s that. Trying to make the layout nicer but it’s a pain, maybe I’ll find a new theme in the coming days.

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