BD/DVD Combo Releases

Have you ever gone into a store and seen a video game being sold in one box with both the PS3 disc and the PS2 disc(s) in it? I’m going to assume the answer is no. And why? Because, that’s retarded and even too stupid for someone like Activision or EA. If you have a PS3, you’ll be playing the PS3 version. If you don’t, you’d buy the PS2 version and play that (if it exists). There is no reason in the world you would EVER need both. These DVD+Bluray combos are doing exactly that, and it’s just stupid. To make matters worse, it ends up with BD releases being put into DVD size cases, which messes up anyone who collects a lot of anime and will want the BD releases to all be together and looking nice in their BD cases, and DVDs to be the same as well.

I never understood the idea behind the combo releases anyway. There’s no excuse for them, they save nobody money, they aren’t a smart purchase, they are ugly, and they don’t even help company make money – if anything they LOSE sales over these. At the very least, both my brother and I have avoided purchases we usually would have bought because of this shit, so it is losing sales (I doubt we are the ONLY ones), and on the other side of things, the company isn’t saving money by throwing more discs in a box. They aren’t all that pricy, but from the point of view of someone wanting both for whatever fucked up reason that they clearly believe happens, they’d make more by selling them separately anyway.

Basically, it’s ugly and stupid and it needs to never happen again.

If I have a BD player – I will buy the BD version. If I don’t have a BD player – I will buy the DVD version. There is no reason ever that I want or need both.

And you know what else? Stop releasing the BD a month or two after you release the DVDs, it just pisses people off. If it’s due to the Japanese wanting to avoid reverse importation, okay, but at least warn the consumers you WILL be releasing the blu-ray on x or y date or “in the near future” rather than making us guess if it’s worth buying the DVD now or waiting six months to see if you randomly throw the BD into the mix later on.

One response to “BD/DVD Combo Releases

  1. Somewhat relevant example of why this shit sucks happened to me recently. I bought the DVD Box for one show last year. Then the second season dropped and when I ordered it I forgot to check which format I had the first season on and I ended up buying the wrong one (BD) for Season 2.

    It keeps me up at night.


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